I don’t need ChapStick


Take me or leave me. It’s really that simple. I think it’s funny or perhaps pathetic when people give you ultimatums.  Really? And you think because you’re older than me that I’m going to just compromise?  Because – you have more life experience than I do? 

Let me help you out with that little idea of yours … 

I’ve learned – in my life experience – that when you are at peace with yourself – you don’t have to make unnecessary compromises within your life.  You know the compromises I’m talking about … the ones that you do in order to ‘have something’ or ‘have someone’ in your life.

Bottom line is that I’m true to myself.  You know, following Willie Shakespeare’s timeless advice: 


I don’t need to do anything less than follow my heart. After all, nobody else is doing my living for me and if anyone wants to — I’ll send you my monthly bills. 🙂

As for people thinking that I’ll “come around” to compromising who I am to keep a ‘friendship’ — let me assure you, I don’t need ChapStick because my lips aren’t chapped from kissing anyone’s butt now or ever.  You can keep your “friendship” because I don’t need friends like that in my life.


My week was sorta-kinda fast, but not really … but it’s over and now I’m on holiday.  Alexa and I are taking our first trip away from home — we’re jetting to West Palm Beach for a little sun and fun (like we don’t get enough of that at home, but it’s a totally different experience in Palm Beach!).  I’m interested to see how she travels … I’ve a travel tranquillizer just in case I need she needs it!

I’m going to be so glad to be away for a few days and of course, having some of my good friends over once I return … they’ll be meeting Alexa for the first time and I’m actually happy about that!

Speaking of the little angel, here are a couple of her latest pixtures … 

2014-02-15_1016 2014-02-15_1020_002

I am hopelessly head-over-heels in love with her … still working on the things you work on with a three month old puppy and I love hearing the pitter-patter of feet throughout my house again … I still miss Nica terribly and there isn’t a day that I don’t think of her and cry, but that’s part of the entire process of being a pet parent … we don’t get to keep them very long, but for the time we have them — they do so much for us and with us!

So, I get emails once in a while about my telly watching … I don’t know why, but I do and I often get asked about what shows I watch.  I don’t always talk about them all here, but here they are … 



39160 Once Upon a Time--Craig Sjodin 138485757261746422_Sy3ydw1t_c 2014-02-02_1024 2014-02-01_2204


the-exes-12 2013-07-15_1117 Being Human media-1506916986383851004-TVL_KIRSTIE_1_H2_1385153098026_640_320 2013-07-15_1132 Broadchurch Major_Crimes 2013-08-09_1106

And there are others, but I think that’s enough for now – right?  As for Will & Grace – I’m sorry, but I’ll watch that show over and over again — and well, Sex and the City and QAF, too!  And to Tony, yes – as you guessed, I rarely watch a show the same night it airs — that’s why I have my TiVO! 🙂 And I never watch my Twitter feed either … too many people trying to spoil it for others!

And little did I know that when I started posting some of my favourite quotes — there would be requests for more … so, just in case you don’t get your needs met here — you can visit my tumblr quote page — Quote-a-Topia to get more! 🙂 

And you didn’t think I wouldn’t post any before I take my little holiday did you?  

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And with that … I’m off to crawl in my bed so I can be up “early” to pack for my quick trip and run some errands later!  I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll post once I’m back next Thursday! 🙂