One foot in front of the other …

Wow, what a week. I’m glad it’s over and I can finally say it two days after the fact! Not a lot to say right now … so, I’m sharing these little quote jewels with you all:

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And that’s it … hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.  I’ve a list of nothing to do and I’m going to tackle it with great zest!

Hugs –


never over-think a situation

Thinking is a good thing … most of the time.  The real problem with thinking is that you wrap yourself around a thought, idea, moment, et al. and then you forget to let go of it.  And before you know it – you’ve done more than what you should have done with that little morsel … thought about it.

Most fights and/or arguments are the result of just that: over-thinking.  I’ve done my fair share of this over last 18 months — not just over-thinking, but over-analysing.  Therapy has many important points, but one of its golden ones is to never over-think a situation, statement, gesture, note … by turning something over and over in the mind, we’re creating a scenario that will most certainly never come true and if it does … does it happen because we pushed that thought there and turned it into a situation that we’re likely to regret when all is said and done.  Perhaps, the best thing any of us can do is let those nagging and stray thoughts that bring us down … go.

Today was a busy, busy day — lots of planning for next week and working with people to help them understand what they can and cannot do within a work environment.  This current generation truly scares the hell out of me.  As a whole, they seem to have no true focus (or at least the ability to harness their focus for a small bit of time), want instantaneous gratification and satisfaction without putting in any hard work, expect to be paid insane amounts of money because they’re “here” (you know, at work)  and just doing what they think is important and productive.

I think they’ve anthemed the ideas of  “It’s easier to seek forgiveness than ask for permission” and “YOLO” just a little too much.  The ultimate issue is that they’ve hijacked two phrases that – well, were never meant to be translated as — “do what you want and you’ll be successful even if you piss off people in the process.”   Unfortunately, in the real world … the whole “free-spirit” thing and “I didn’t mean it” … well, you just won’t get  that far unless you own the business.

So, anyone watch The Closer last night?  Okay, before I go any further — please understand that when I really like a show — I just get involved in the most ridiculous ways — you know, talking like I know the character — need I go any further? 🙂  Anyway, I got so aggravated last night … I thought Brenda was a little too outrageous — yeah, we all hate Phil – the rapist lawyer and we want to see him burned at the stake — yes, that smug look on his face … good acting on both their parts! 🙂  I’m still sad that we’re down to five episodes now.  Caught up with my one bad vice … RH0NYC … glad to see that Lu Ann, Heather, Sonja and the less-than-significant Carole are having a great time whilst delusional Ramona stews! 🙂

I’ve not even begun to wash clothes or pack … I almost just want to not go on holiday and just hide in my house for a week. 🙂  But, I do have a conference to attend for a couple of days and so, I must go … the only way it would have been better was if it were somewhere nice — without any of the heat current wrapping itself around the US.

Hope everyone’s week is still on a good path …