you see, TiVO is my friend

One of the most important things I’ve learned during my journey back to being happy is that you cannot allow anyone to – even for a moment – detour you.  The negativity I’ve experienced over last 18 months prior to June — has and continues to affect my health, but I must say that things are starting to get better, but it’s a day-by-day process.

I’ve found myself, for the last few days, saying, “I can not be a part of this negativity.”  That’s something that I used to say after I’d been a part of the conversation for a while and suddenly would become overwhelmed.  Now, I’m finding that I’m saying it almost immediately when a conversation shifts to something negative.

My therapist said that this means that I’ve reached a point where I’m no longer willing to keep myself in a situation where a conversation or an event is rapidly approaching negativity.  Last week,  I found myself in a conversation about someone that, apparently, is pissing people off left and right.  And I, of course, added my tw0-cents worth.

I literally could feel the impact of this conversation on my body physically – my neck and shoulders began to hurt from the tension.   It’s amazing once you’ve begun to feel so much better that you can instantly realise when you need to say, “I understand what’s going on and I feel bad about; however, I cannot deal with all this negativity right now and I’m going to step away.”   And what I appreciate more than anything … the people in my life – my friends, family and colleagues understanding where I’m working to get and respecting me when I pull away. 🙂

This past week was extremely tiring … meetings and supposedly well thought out designs — that had to be adjusted repeatedly in order to accommodate the space I was working on … a classroom.  Yes, even classrooms need exceptional design to enhance the environment for the teacher and students who’ll be living there for the year.  My work there is not complete, but it’s really close! 🙂  I’ll be glad when I finish that little project and move on to bigger and better things!

I know that I talk about my TiVO a great deal and yes, I’m going to talk about it again … you see, TiVO is my friend because he lets me watch my shows without commercials.  Why is that so important?  Because I don’t have to watch any of the political nonsense being spewed by both sides.  I rarely engage in political discussions debates with people who have their minds made up before they even initiate or join a conversation.

My voting method is simple: I vote against anyone who believes it’s okay to put the burden of the economy on the backs of the middle class; the dismantling of environmental protection; bash public servants (teachers, police, fire fighters, paramedics, social workers, et al.) on a regular, on-going basis and when they do not pay their fair share of taxes based upon their income (in and outside the US). End of story!

So, tonight – another of my favourite shows comes to an end for the season … Falling Skies has been better than I imagined it would be and I love the fact that Wil Wheaton hosts an after-show panel.

The second season has been better and apparently, tonight the last five minutes are touted as being sensational and setting the stage for an upswing in S3.  Although, I’ve liked the show, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop — you know, Steven Spielberg’s name is on this show and so, I’m expecting things to shoot to the next level really quickly!

Speaking of shows … several of you have emailed about The Closer and well, I’ve had time to digest the final episode from last week … We all knew it would go out with a bang, but it literally did.

I figured that it would have to be related to someone from her past and I had thought about the rapist-lawyer, but I thought the bang would be that Brenda Leigh Johnson would be named as the Chief of Police.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who thought that would be the end of the show – right?  It was bad enough that her mother died — that was a huge shock, but when she walked into the bedroom with the cup of coffee and was rambling without a response from her mother — well, I think that caught everyone off guard.

My guess was that she’d make guest appearances on Major Crimes as the Chief and she could focus on other acting projects.  I did watch Major Crimes, but I’m not sold on it yet and maybe I’ll never be sold on it 100% … but I’m giving the show the benefit-of-doubt for a while.

I am sad that Rafa has withdrawn from the US Open, but I can certainly understand why … his knee has to be given the time to heal properly if he’s going to continue his career.  It will be weird to watch without him playing, but if I’m pulling for anybody in this tourney, I’m pulling for Andy Murray now.  I think his finally winning at Wimbledon — well, the Olympics, but on the Wimbledon grounds mind you — will give him a boost.  Hopefully, Rafa recovers fully and returns in January for the Australian Open.

I continue to be saddened by the slaughter of the innocent people of Syria who want nothing more than freedom.  If there were peace in the Middle East, the US and the EU would have already gone in to stop this bloodshed; however, because of the hostilities and threats made daily to Israel by various anti-Israeli militant and terrorist groups  – it is impossible to step in for fear of attacks on Israel.

I believe that the continued defections of top Syrian leaders and military leaders will bring about the fall of Bashar Hafez al-Assad and his regime — and I hope it’s soon.  It’s a shame that religion and politics play such a deadly role in the lives of human beings across this planet every single day.  My prayers and thoughts go out to the people of Syria.

Okay, I have a bajillion things to do today and I’ve procrastinated long enough at this point!

I need to get started and stop — well, you know, not doing — procrastinating — so, here’s to a great rest of  ‘what’s-left-of-the-weekend’ … 🙂


A lazy Sunday arvo…


The end is nigh. 😦

Go Phelps Go!

The new New York skyline … WTC One.

Gets me every single time.

Here’s to a great week for everyone … “But when the night is falling – you cannot find the light – you feel your dreams are dying – hold tight …  You’ve got the music in you, don’t let go – You’ve got the music in you, one dance left – this world is gonna pull through, don’t give up – you’ve got a reason to live – can’t forget: We only get what we give … ”

xo –

Disappointment has a name, it’s heartbreak warfare…

:::Take One:::

Rant: I’m back … And no, it’s not a “good thing” …  I think I deserve an additional two days because of constant interruptions I had to endure on the first two days of my holiday (Monday and Tuesday) at the hands of people who must think, apparently,  it’s okay to call and text whilst I’m on HOLIDAY.  Yes, I’m still pissed off about it. An absolute lack of consideration for my PERSONAL TIME. And needless to say … SELFISH INDIVIDUALS!

<end rant>

:::Take Two:::

With all of that nonsense you’d prolly think I didn’t have a good holiday, but it turned out to be really good! 🙂  I had a good time with family — my cousin Heather let me crash with her and her signifcant other, Greg — aka Gregums … we had loads of fun!  I got to spend time with my cousin – like a brother – Rob and his wife Veronica (Lil’ Rob’s parents – who we lost to gun violence on 29 Dec 2010) along with Leann, Isis, Isabel and Rashid … and my other cousin – like a brother, too – Christopher and his family as well.

Had a great sushi lunch with Veronica, Erika and Monique … it was great to see everyone — plus, I got to be around one of my favourite aunts — my Aunt Bobbie and of course, the prankster himself – Uncle Robert. 🙂  I always enjoy myself when I visit with them!  The rest of the time, I spent time with my Grandmother and enjoyed being with her (my Mom’s mother) — she had a stroke back in February and is still recovering.  She’s getting much better every single day! 🙂

Then I spent two days at a Holocaust conference in Chattanooga and Whitwell, Tennessee.  As many of you may or may not know, I wrote my minor thesis on the Holocaust — with particular focus on the European Jews (6M) murdered – along with 6M others (i.e. Political prisoners, religions, sexual orientation, mental health, et al.).  So, this conference deals with the brilliant documentary (that won some serious awards) called Paper Clips.

The second day was so incredible as we were transported to Whitwell Middle School where the Children’s Holocaust Memorial stands now.  We had an awesome opportunity to hear Linda Hooper, the principal at Whitwell Middle from 1994-2010, speak about the original project, the movie and its current status (which, I might add is ALIVE and doing extremely well!!).  I had the chance to discuss and learn more from many educators from around the US and Canada.  These are people I now consider friends — we experienced a lot during the conference! I am glad that I attended it … I learned a great deal more than I already knew.

So, I’ve missed three weeks of therapy … but I’ll be glad to be back there this coming Friday.  Of course, I will prolly need it once I spend the next few days back at my little job … Of course, I’m determined to ignore the drama and just plow through it all — and just keep driving toward my happiness at full-speed.

Aside from the crap of people seemingly going out of their way to ruin my holiday, I am generally more happy now than I have been in a long while — and we can thank Dr Kim and her “boxing people” out of my life.  I have listened to tons and tons of music whilst on this little trek — and one song I love more than ever is Heartbreak Warfare (John Mayer) and in those lyrics are a gem … “Disappointment has a name, it’s heartbreak warfare” and is that spot on or what?

And after feeling so much better in the past few weeks and anticipating that I’m going to keep moving in that direction, I can say – without any doubt – that I’m going to be able to ‘box-out’ people who do nothing but engage in sucking the happiness out of the world with their drama and negativity – whether it’s at work or in my personal life.  Dr Kim said that once I began to find the ‘old Bryce’ … I’d do anything, necessary, to get it all back. And she’s right about that … nothing, nobody is going to stand in my way of being happy. Period.

Needless to say … TiVO got a ‘work-out’ today … I caught up with everything I’ve missed for a week … The Closer – hopefully this was the bust episode of the six-episode finale; The Exes was an absolute riot — it was reminiscent of the Will & Grace wonder bra ep; HousewivesNYC = me definitely not liking Carole even more – she’s a smug bitch and it’s not the least bit attractive and of course, the Ramona theatrics continue; NJ = Team Caroline & Team Jacqueline even more and more and more … plus, Kathy & Melissa are smart – they know WHY the Guidice is back in their lives … cannot wait for the other shoe to drop and way too many eps of The Nate Berkus Show to even talk about!  For that matter — way too many other shows to talk about!

I hear the pitter-patter of little paws and I’m getting the hint that there might be a flood of biblical proportions if I don’t take a walk outside … So, on that note — I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and I’ll scribble some tomorrow or at least do a major picture post of — well, you know — favourite stuff 🙂


never over-think a situation

Thinking is a good thing … most of the time.  The real problem with thinking is that you wrap yourself around a thought, idea, moment, et al. and then you forget to let go of it.  And before you know it – you’ve done more than what you should have done with that little morsel … thought about it.

Most fights and/or arguments are the result of just that: over-thinking.  I’ve done my fair share of this over last 18 months — not just over-thinking, but over-analysing.  Therapy has many important points, but one of its golden ones is to never over-think a situation, statement, gesture, note … by turning something over and over in the mind, we’re creating a scenario that will most certainly never come true and if it does … does it happen because we pushed that thought there and turned it into a situation that we’re likely to regret when all is said and done.  Perhaps, the best thing any of us can do is let those nagging and stray thoughts that bring us down … go.

Today was a busy, busy day — lots of planning for next week and working with people to help them understand what they can and cannot do within a work environment.  This current generation truly scares the hell out of me.  As a whole, they seem to have no true focus (or at least the ability to harness their focus for a small bit of time), want instantaneous gratification and satisfaction without putting in any hard work, expect to be paid insane amounts of money because they’re “here” (you know, at work)  and just doing what they think is important and productive.

I think they’ve anthemed the ideas of  “It’s easier to seek forgiveness than ask for permission” and “YOLO” just a little too much.  The ultimate issue is that they’ve hijacked two phrases that – well, were never meant to be translated as — “do what you want and you’ll be successful even if you piss off people in the process.”   Unfortunately, in the real world … the whole “free-spirit” thing and “I didn’t mean it” … well, you just won’t get  that far unless you own the business.

So, anyone watch The Closer last night?  Okay, before I go any further — please understand that when I really like a show — I just get involved in the most ridiculous ways — you know, talking like I know the character — need I go any further? 🙂  Anyway, I got so aggravated last night … I thought Brenda was a little too outrageous — yeah, we all hate Phil – the rapist lawyer and we want to see him burned at the stake — yes, that smug look on his face … good acting on both their parts! 🙂  I’m still sad that we’re down to five episodes now.  Caught up with my one bad vice … RH0NYC … glad to see that Lu Ann, Heather, Sonja and the less-than-significant Carole are having a great time whilst delusional Ramona stews! 🙂

I’ve not even begun to wash clothes or pack … I almost just want to not go on holiday and just hide in my house for a week. 🙂  But, I do have a conference to attend for a couple of days and so, I must go … the only way it would have been better was if it were somewhere nice — without any of the heat current wrapping itself around the US.

Hope everyone’s week is still on a good path …


no matter how harsh that might sound.

So, sometimes you have to deal with the fact that some people just aren’t going to be a part of your ‘new’ life … and I’m okay with that – for the most part.  I’ve decided that it’s just easier to ‘walk away’ from the negative people in my life … I just, honestly, do not believe for one second that they could change.  And since I’m the one working hard to change my life — well, it is what it is … no matter how harsh that might sound.

My day was pretty great … everything ran smoothly, for the most part; however, I have so much that I must accomplish between now and Thursday – then I’ll be on holiday! 🙂  I’m excited about being away from the hustle-n-bustle of what I call my life. 🙂  I am going to a conference, but that will be relaxing and I hope to learn lots and lots and lots! 🙂

I’m really excited because The Closer returns tonight; however, it’s the first of the final six episodes and well, that makes me sad! 😦  I have really loved watching Kyra Sedgwick play ‘Brenda Leigh’ – the southerner from Atlanta … “Thank Yewwwww” really was her catch phrase from the very beginning.

Of course, these last episodes take us to a place where no true fan wants to go … we’ll find out who has been behind the betrayal of Brenda since the last season … something I think will shock us all.  I’m not really sure who it could be — I thought it was Chief Pope for a while, but I think that’s just too obvious — my guess is that it’s Sgt. Gabriel … I mean that would be shocking!?!? Right?

Other than that, I’ve spent the last couple of days going to town on my Pinterest account (you can find it here) … I don’t have a lot of followers, but that’s okay — the few I have, seem to love what I pin … and I love pinning!!! 🙂  So, that’s it for this Monday … I’m going to take a shower and settle down to watch Brenda Leigh and the gang … 🙂

Hope everyone has a great week! 🙂