life as we know it

The last two weeks have been incredibly insane and very exhausting. Yes, it’s been a “Karen Walker chugging Belvedere Vodka” kinda last two weeks; however, things will slow down and even out – finally. 🙂

So, this weekend has been nothing more than … house chores, blogging, tumblring, pinning and being lazy.  Today, I’ve decided will be a Will & Grace day. I do miss the that show and wish they’d bring it back.

That means I’ll be ordering Chinese and sushi to sustain me throughout the day!  Of course, I’ve still got the other little things to do this morning, but I’ll get them done pretty quickly!

When I watch it now, I always love being able to watch Megan Mullally transform her character – Karen Walker – into the one we all fell in love with!  That sarcastic, high pitched, in-your-face voice!  There’s only one other character from telly that I love as much and that’s Lauren Cooper from The Catherine Tate Show.

So, one of the things that I loved about Oprah was the favourites show — you know, the one where every audience member got Oprah’s favourite things!  Well, I’m not Oprah and I’m not giving you any of these things, but I figured if Oprah can share her favourite things, I can do the same!  🙂

So, here are a few of my favourite things! 🙂 By clicking on the images, you’ll learn more about them!


Alfred Sung's Hei

I love Hei by Alfred Sung … I still love Obsession, Aqua Herra and Chrome as well, but Hei is always my standby!


I’ve never really liked popcorn because of the hulls, but Pipcorn is extremely different and the flavours are out of this world!


This scrub is the BOMB … it comes from Sabon (NYC) and my favourite one is the Patchouli one!


The Hotel Collection at Macy’s … these linens are awesome!  This is my favourite design, but it’s currently on closeout, but there are lots of other designs!


Zirh is the BEST face care system for men … I love all of their products!  You can pick them up online or at Macy’s – Saks – Neimans – Dillards.


What is there really to say?  I love my iPhone 5 – everything. 🙂


The Tag Heuer Monaco V4 is just as cool as it looks!  I just like Tag Heuer watches in general.


There’s nothing like a Range Rover. Period. Although, I must admit my next favourite comes really close, but not close enough! 🙂


The Mercedes Benz ML550 … it’s pretty awesome!  So, there you go … just a few of my favourite things! 🙂

And with that being said, here’s to the rest of the weekend! 🙂  Until next time …