Disappointment has a name, it’s heartbreak warfare…

:::Take One:::

Rant: I’m back … And no, it’s not a “good thing” …  I think I deserve an additional two days because of constant interruptions I had to endure on the first two days of my holiday (Monday and Tuesday) at the hands of people who must think, apparently,  it’s okay to call and text whilst I’m on HOLIDAY.  Yes, I’m still pissed off about it. An absolute lack of consideration for my PERSONAL TIME. And needless to say … SELFISH INDIVIDUALS!

<end rant>

:::Take Two:::

With all of that nonsense you’d prolly think I didn’t have a good holiday, but it turned out to be really good! 🙂  I had a good time with family — my cousin Heather let me crash with her and her signifcant other, Greg — aka Gregums … we had loads of fun!  I got to spend time with my cousin – like a brother – Rob and his wife Veronica (Lil’ Rob’s parents – who we lost to gun violence on 29 Dec 2010) along with Leann, Isis, Isabel and Rashid … and my other cousin – like a brother, too – Christopher and his family as well.

Had a great sushi lunch with Veronica, Erika and Monique … it was great to see everyone — plus, I got to be around one of my favourite aunts — my Aunt Bobbie and of course, the prankster himself – Uncle Robert. 🙂  I always enjoy myself when I visit with them!  The rest of the time, I spent time with my Grandmother and enjoyed being with her (my Mom’s mother) — she had a stroke back in February and is still recovering.  She’s getting much better every single day! 🙂

Then I spent two days at a Holocaust conference in Chattanooga and Whitwell, Tennessee.  As many of you may or may not know, I wrote my minor thesis on the Holocaust — with particular focus on the European Jews (6M) murdered – along with 6M others (i.e. Political prisoners, religions, sexual orientation, mental health, et al.).  So, this conference deals with the brilliant documentary (that won some serious awards) called Paper Clips.

The second day was so incredible as we were transported to Whitwell Middle School where the Children’s Holocaust Memorial stands now.  We had an awesome opportunity to hear Linda Hooper, the principal at Whitwell Middle from 1994-2010, speak about the original project, the movie and its current status (which, I might add is ALIVE and doing extremely well!!).  I had the chance to discuss and learn more from many educators from around the US and Canada.  These are people I now consider friends — we experienced a lot during the conference! I am glad that I attended it … I learned a great deal more than I already knew.

So, I’ve missed three weeks of therapy … but I’ll be glad to be back there this coming Friday.  Of course, I will prolly need it once I spend the next few days back at my little job … Of course, I’m determined to ignore the drama and just plow through it all — and just keep driving toward my happiness at full-speed.

Aside from the crap of people seemingly going out of their way to ruin my holiday, I am generally more happy now than I have been in a long while — and we can thank Dr Kim and her “boxing people” out of my life.  I have listened to tons and tons of music whilst on this little trek — and one song I love more than ever is Heartbreak Warfare (John Mayer) and in those lyrics are a gem … “Disappointment has a name, it’s heartbreak warfare” and is that spot on or what?

And after feeling so much better in the past few weeks and anticipating that I’m going to keep moving in that direction, I can say – without any doubt – that I’m going to be able to ‘box-out’ people who do nothing but engage in sucking the happiness out of the world with their drama and negativity – whether it’s at work or in my personal life.  Dr Kim said that once I began to find the ‘old Bryce’ … I’d do anything, necessary, to get it all back. And she’s right about that … nothing, nobody is going to stand in my way of being happy. Period.

Needless to say … TiVO got a ‘work-out’ today … I caught up with everything I’ve missed for a week … The Closer – hopefully this was the bust episode of the six-episode finale; The Exes was an absolute riot — it was reminiscent of the Will & Grace wonder bra ep; HousewivesNYC = me definitely not liking Carole even more – she’s a smug bitch and it’s not the least bit attractive and of course, the Ramona theatrics continue; NJ = Team Caroline & Team Jacqueline even more and more and more … plus, Kathy & Melissa are smart – they know WHY the Guidice is back in their lives … cannot wait for the other shoe to drop and way too many eps of The Nate Berkus Show to even talk about!  For that matter — way too many other shows to talk about!

I hear the pitter-patter of little paws and I’m getting the hint that there might be a flood of biblical proportions if I don’t take a walk outside … So, on that note — I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and I’ll scribble some tomorrow or at least do a major picture post of — well, you know — favourite stuff 🙂


as if I didn’t know this from previous experience(s)…

Pollen. My worst enemy at the moment. Seriously.

Those of you who don’t have to deal with allergies … bee thankful. 🙂  Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose.  Everywhere I go – pollen is OUT OF CONTROL!  Of course, it would help if I were to stay on schedule and get my allergy shots every week, but my life pace is faster than a speed bullet train trying to break the world record … I allowed my allergies to get out of control and then – as if I didn’t know this from previous experience(s) – my sinuses decided they’d have a field day – pun intended!  At this point, I am starting to get well … my doctor called in some prescription drug reinforcements.  So, hopefully, within a few days, I’ll be back to being – me. 🙂

So, let me ramble a little bit about … the Real Housewives of NYC (RH0NYC) and the Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHoNJ).  Yes, I know some of you are saying – why do you watch those shows?  No, it’s not because I like drama – I despise it; however, it’s interesting to watch how things play out … For example, I weeble-wobled w/ Jill for a while because I just thought she was overreacting … but I think things are going to play out even further to show that Jill had EVERY RIGHT to be upset w/ the way Bethenny treated her … as for Alex – she’s a complete “I’ve been in the shadow, but now I need all the attention I can get” individual — lost all respect for her; as for Big-Eyed Psycho Ramona – I had her number last year — she’s an instigator and a complete freak; Kelly … the jury is still out on her – although her loyalty is something going for her right now; however, she doesn’t make sense sometimes when she talks; Luann – ahhh the Countess … I am on the fence with her … sometimes I like her and other times, I don’t.  I am definitely for Team Jill right now.

Now, crossing the bridge over to New Jersey … I called it last year – early on – about Danielle Staub – she’s a PSYCHO.  Who organises a luncheon to honour their daughter’s achievement and NOT have her daughter or friends there to celebrate with? Seriously.  That was the biggest self-pity party I’ve ever seen in my life … she’s certifiably a lunatic.  I know that Jacqueline is going to see the light … it won’t take Dina long to be like, “Uhmmm, she’s a lunatic” and well, Caroline never tolerated her for a minute.  If I knew Caroline, I know we’d be good friends — we’re very similar in nature in how we assess people.  There’s no judgement at the beginning — it’s merely taking inventory of someone and getting the vibe(s) about someone … the judgement only comes into play when the individual forces that hand.  Ahhhh, therapist talk! 🙂  This is going to be an interesting season w/ the girls!


Matt Smith is the new Doctor Who

As for other telly … Fringe – as always – kept me engaged, but now it’s off for a while … I’m getting used to the new Doctor Who on Doctor Who – let’s face it – there will NEVER be another Doctor Who like David Tennant – seriously.  As for Glee, I’d say it’s okay for now … the best episode since its return was The Power of Madonna (go figure) … Just waiting now for the summer premieres of The Closer and Leverage … also, Beautiful People is back as well in June!  It seems like I watch lots of tv; however, I don’t … just a select few shows! 

And now, the sad news … my good friend Lee lost her mother this past week. 😦  My heart is so heavy right now.  And, Law & Order has been officially axed – after 20 years – from the NBC line-up.  I’m hoping TNT will pick them up!  We’re in the NBA playoffs … my beloved San Antonio Spurs didn’t make it — they were SWEPT by the boys from Phoenix — so now, I’m throwing my support behind the Orlando Magic — I think they can beat the Celtics in six. 🙂  My Seminoles are going great in baseball … ranked #9 and playing really well here at the end — I’m happy about that!  College football season is just 3.5 months away PEOPLE! I’ll be so glad when Saturdays become a day when I do nothing more than (1) travel to Tallahassee to see my ‘Noles play @ Doak Campbell Stadium | Bobby Bowden Field or (2) watch football ALL DAY LONG on the telly!

Well — nothing else to talk about … well, plenty, but I’d get really upset if I talked about the oil spill in the Gulf and how irresponsible BP and the Obama Administration have been w/ that entire situation … so, since I’m trying to reduce stress in my life and get well faster, I’ll just let you all decide how I feel about that entire situation!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Bryce & Miss Nica

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