The tests of life … continue.

2013-06-21_1024So, I’ve been away – yet again – for far too long.  Life is so much more complicated than any of us could (can) imagine and my journey back to my happiness is still on-going; however, there have been huge gashes in the road — heartbreaking to say the least.


One of my newest friends – Brando was found murdered five days ago.  We joked about how we hadn’t known each other for very long, but that it felt like we’d known each other forever because of everything we have in common.  There are no clues.  One witness who they cannot find. Too many questions. 😦

Death seems to be everywhere around me as of late – some expected and now – this horrific moment in time with B. 😦  I’m so heartbroken and so confused how any human being could purposefully end the life of another. B was so full of life and had a passion for British telly – yes, that endeared him to me because there have never been many people to talk to about my shows and now, the number dips again. 😦

Please pray for his family as they are so devastated by his death and of course, his core group of friends as well.


Aside from this, I’m going well.  Dealing with some things that I’ve no choice but to deal with … but I’m taking it all in stride.  My faith has been shaken before and I came back stronger.

I’m going to use everything I’ve been dealing with and going through as of late to my advantage as I continue on this journey.  And that includes writing here … about any and everything that has purpose and meaning to me.  Until then …






Gone too soon …

Elizabeth Edwards was a fighter … not just in her own battle with cancer, but in her own life — for her family and for the people of the US.  She stood up for what she believed in, knew and loved.  The world is a bit darker today without her light … Godspeed Elizabeth.