Seriously …


Here’s to a great Thursday!  I hope everyone is going well – I drifted back to my childhood when I came up with my little note, above, to Santa! 🙂

My heart, thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the victims, families, friends and people of Newtown, CT. 😦




These children are our children


Photo from Newtown Bee

I’ve had an entire evening to process the events of yesterday and everything is still a blur.

I’m still numb this morning – awake way earlier than normal and I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to speak about the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT yesterday.  It seems so simple to me: life is fragile and precious – why can’t the human race get that? Understand that? Know that? Feel that? Experience that? I’m so shaken by all of this death as of late.

Young children wait outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting in Newtown

Photo from Reuters News

The idea of life being precious escapes many in our world today, mainly those who have no conscience — whether it be the gunman yesterday at Sandy Hook Elementary School or “leaders” like President Bashar Hafez al-Assad in Syria who has waged a war against his own people — human beings — for the sake of remaining in power when the people want him out … violence has become the answer to anger, rage, fame and fear — and you know the gates of hell are wide open when another human being – mental or not – can go into a school and massacre five-year-olds for no acceptable, explainable reason.


It’s interesting how the world reacts in different ways to tragedies like these … in countries where life is valued — people react with horror and grief; in countries where life is not valued — things move forward without a single thought and the next stage of violence is set into motion.  I don’t think most civilised nations know how to act when senseless tragedies such as this occur … because we cannot fathom it nor can we quantify it.

Image: Obama wipes a tear

And then there’s President Obama.  No matter what your political ties might be … President Obama spoke with absolute sincerity and conviction about our tragedy in Connecticut yesterday. His tears, emotional sighs and sometimes wavering voice represented the shock and grief … “Our hearts are broken today … These children are our children.”

I think he summed it up … “these children are our children” — in short: When human beings on this planet begin to see every child as their own and let’s that sink in — violence, as we know it at this juncture in time, would cease to exist.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Newtown, CT … especially to those families who will never again be able to see, hug and whisper, “I love you” to their loved ones.

Godspeed to all those whose souls were taken from all of us yesterday. And may God’s angels bring comfort to those left behind. 😦

And I’ve no heart to write anything else today.