In the end, love is ALL that really matters


This week … Sheesh – so much hate running rampant across this planet. It’s sad and well, heart breaking. ¬†I don’t think I can ever truly understand why people choose to hate. ¬†Quite frankly, it takes more time to hate than it does to love or be tolerant of those you might not like or agree with in this world.¬†

So, let me get two things off my chest first …¬†

Flag Of Israel

On Wednesday, the news reported that a division of the Presbyterian Church (USA) had issued a rabid, anti-Israel and anti-Jewish report.  I was shocked, momentarily, until I remembered that the radical elements that had rooted themselves in the hierarchy of the PC (USA) was the reason that I left the Presbyterian Church in 2007.  

By Thursday, the mainstream media had picked up the story and Israel, of course, was already standing firmly in defence of their state.  And by midday, the people of the Presbyterian Church had become incredibly vocal in their denouncement of the report.

And although the leadership of the PC (USA) issued a statement that the committee was a ‘branch’ — they still had their anti-Israel information on their main site. ¬†Then, we began to hear how various Synods and Presbyteries began to firmly denounce the actions of the committee and leadership for sanctioning the report and the hate.

If the people find a way to usher the hate mongers out — then the PC (USA) might just be saved from the radical elements that tend to invade the more open reformed faiths. ¬†If they’re not able to push them out — then I’d expect there to be a major split in the PC (USA). ¬†So, long as the hate spurred by this radical element is smashed – that’s all that will matter in the end.

6a00d8341c730253ef01a5117280e1970cThis picture sums up the entire situation in Arizona. ¬†I love how Republicans think they have a special relationship with God because they support hate. ¬†Apparently, their Bible was printed by Satan because – let’s face it — what they’re doing in the name of ¬†their god is HATE and well, the God most people recognise and believe in — was all about LOVE.

I say let them have their ignorant, silly little law. ¬†What needs to happen is every person living in Arizona who vehemently opposes this proposed law — stops spending their money at any business that proudly supports the law and any business that actually throws anyone out. ¬†When their cash flow dries up — let’s see how long they stand on their religious beliefs — and let’s be clear: religion and faith are NOT one in the same.¬†

I think they should replace their little phrase “Welcome to the Grand Canyon State” with “Welcome to the Racist and Hate Mongering State” … and I’m done with this nonsense because it’s typical Republican trash. And quite frankly, I’m tired of so-called Christians using the names of God and Jesus to spew their hate and bigotry.

This song by Hillsong United sum up my ideas …¬†Everyone needs compassion. A love that’s never failing. ¬†Let mercy fall on me. Everyone needs forgiveness.¬†From the pretenders at Westboro Baptist Church to those who enact hatred into law — they need the exact opposite of what they’re dealing – love. ¬†In the end, love is ALL that really matters — and whether you chose to love instead of hate determines a great deal about you and your character.

And that’s all I have to say about all of that hate …¬†


The rest of my week was simply awesome because the weather finally decided to stop freaking out between cold and warm … but the pollen – seriously, the pollen. I’ll be glad when I’m allowed to take my allergy shots again.¬†


So, through the grapevine, I’ve heard a few tv shows have been axed – so far, only one I was watching got canned — The Carrie Diaries. ¬†At the start of the second season, I was really into the show and hopeful, but now … well, it started dragging. ¬†And dragging. And :::thump::: died three episodes from the end.

What it lacked, in the end, was speed and good writing – bottom line. ¬†It really had a chance at its inception and mid way through it’s second season; however, I think when it began to totter, they should have found a way to bring in some of the original writers of Sex and the City … it would have perhaps survived.


I was so intent with Sherlock being back on and now, I find out … they only filmed three episodes for the third season? REALLY? Not feeling this – at all. ¬†I will say the entire mini-season was epic and quite¬†brilliant! For those who haven’t yet seen this season – I’m not a spoiler¬†… so, you needn’t worry about getting any details. But seriously, BBC … don’t make any of us wait quite so long this time for the next season.

As of late, I’ve been receiving lots of emails regarding my posting of quotes as of late (it would be okay for you click the “like” for those posts and send email ūüėČ ) and so, I’ve decided I’ll share a few each time I scribble down my thoughts as well …¬†





c33f5844d35b214fd873f5b4b1da093dAnd on that note, I’m off to enjoy my Sunday … I’ve chores, errands and a little cutie to play with all arvo long! ¬†I hope everyone has a great week … and just think – in two weeks I’m on holiday! ūüôā

Much love,



We are all Bostonians.


I was so shocked last night as I watched coverage on BBC and just couldn’t fathom what had¬†happened.

Today brought a fresh face to all of it and I realised that we are all Bostonians Рno matter where we live Рbecause it could have been anywhere Рthis cold and calculated barbaric act.

I, for one, do not believe in mercy for those who carry out deliberate plans to murder innocent people for any reason whatsoever — and especially in the name of any god worshipped on this planet.

My heart, thoughts, love, prayers and hope pour out for Boston and all of those affected by this senseless tragedy.

Peace to all who seek comfort –



we’re able to breathe again

113082640614257112_EiVN25An_cAre there really any words that one can say to a parent who loses their only child? I think that silence, tears and hugs are probably the best thing in situations such as this … A very dear, dear sweet friend of mine lost her only son – 19 – last week. ¬†I admire her strength through this moment, but I know the journey is just beginning …

Thus, my lack of being here … death rattles my world when it affects the people I love and care for deeply.

I think believe that when you love someone Рyou love all parts of them and that includes their family.  The news hit me incredibly hard and I, who rarely am speechless, was utterly speechless.


I promise – what I want and need to say won’t take long – so: sit back, listen and contemplate.

For so many death is final; however, I don’t believe it to be final in any way shape or form. ¬†Against “popular” opinion of there being no heaven, I disagree with ounce of my being – every single fibre.

What I imagine after death is … beyond description, but I will tell you it is beautiful and it inspires me beyond measure. ¬†And no, I don’t believe everyone gets to go there. ¬†There are far too many evil, self-serving and hateful people – who habitually live to reign their own brand of terror upon a few or many – ¬†on this spinning planet.

And we never really lose those that go on before us … if we remember them as we knew them — their love continues to grow and protects us whilst we continue our journeys through life. And eventually, although not completely healed, we’re able to breathe again …


And it’s night four of Hanukkah … counting my blessings and those of my friends and family.

Much love,