life as we know it

The last two weeks have been incredibly insane and very exhausting. Yes, it’s been a “Karen Walker chugging Belvedere Vodka” kinda last two weeks; however, things will slow down and even out – finally. 🙂

So, this weekend has been nothing more than … house chores, blogging, tumblring, pinning and being lazy.  Today, I’ve decided will be a Will & Grace day. I do miss the that show and wish they’d bring it back.

That means I’ll be ordering Chinese and sushi to sustain me throughout the day!  Of course, I’ve still got the other little things to do this morning, but I’ll get them done pretty quickly!

When I watch it now, I always love being able to watch Megan Mullally transform her character – Karen Walker – into the one we all fell in love with!  That sarcastic, high pitched, in-your-face voice!  There’s only one other character from telly that I love as much and that’s Lauren Cooper from The Catherine Tate Show.

So, one of the things that I loved about Oprah was the favourites show — you know, the one where every audience member got Oprah’s favourite things!  Well, I’m not Oprah and I’m not giving you any of these things, but I figured if Oprah can share her favourite things, I can do the same!  🙂

So, here are a few of my favourite things! 🙂 By clicking on the images, you’ll learn more about them!


Alfred Sung's Hei

I love Hei by Alfred Sung … I still love Obsession, Aqua Herra and Chrome as well, but Hei is always my standby!


I’ve never really liked popcorn because of the hulls, but Pipcorn is extremely different and the flavours are out of this world!


This scrub is the BOMB … it comes from Sabon (NYC) and my favourite one is the Patchouli one!


The Hotel Collection at Macy’s … these linens are awesome!  This is my favourite design, but it’s currently on closeout, but there are lots of other designs!


Zirh is the BEST face care system for men … I love all of their products!  You can pick them up online or at Macy’s – Saks – Neimans – Dillards.


What is there really to say?  I love my iPhone 5 – everything. 🙂


The Tag Heuer Monaco V4 is just as cool as it looks!  I just like Tag Heuer watches in general.


There’s nothing like a Range Rover. Period. Although, I must admit my next favourite comes really close, but not close enough! 🙂


The Mercedes Benz ML550 … it’s pretty awesome!  So, there you go … just a few of my favourite things! 🙂

And with that being said, here’s to the rest of the weekend! 🙂  Until next time …




maybe yer not asking, but…

The question of the year – so far, anyway – is: Why did I wait so long to get an iPhone?  Granted – there are lots of people who prolly don’t like Apple products altogether; however, I’m not one of those individuals … I’m pretty much a tech geek who wants anything that can let me do what I want to do – when I want to do it and where I want to do it.  Thus, the purchase of the iPhone 3G [S].  How technical was this opening paragraph? 🙂

Needless to say … I’ve pretty much wasted the entire weekend doing nothing but playing with my iPhone … adding countless apps and just putting this phone through the test.  It passes with flying colours. 😛  Okay … so, perhaps yer now asking: What are the apps you like the most that you’ve downloaded (maybe yer not asking, but you don’t really have a choice at this point – do you? 😉 ) … I’ve searched through hundreds of apps and actually downloaded 44 … most of them free, but a few I’ve paid for — none over $2 mind you!

My top 5 are …

The Sleep Cycle alarm clock is a bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase. Waking up in the lightest sleep phase feels like waking without an alarm clock – it is a natural way to wake up where you feel rested and relaxed.  You can also post your Sleep Cycle Graphs on Twitter or Facebook … so many people are into the ‘bio-alarm clock movement’ lately … you can buy similar gadgets, but why buy it when you can get it free on your iPhone (at least I didn’t pay for it — it might cost something now!).



Yes, I Twitter and tweet-tweet … this is the BEST app for Twitter for yer iPhone. Seriously.  It’s the best way to tweet … I haven’t completely abandoned logging into Twitter on my computer @ home … if you don’t use Twitter — try it … it can be addictive in the beginning, but it levels off.  Plus, you can follow all kinds of great Twitters … sport, news and if you choose – celebrities!



Sushi lovers should not — CANNOT — live without Sushipedia!!!  This gives detailed info and pictures of commonly created sushi.  Of course, local sushi creations won’t be found on here, but the bulk of popular sushi can be found … it’s great for having at a sushi restaurant or bar …. you can show it (like I did last night!) and you’ll prolly get a big smile and a head nod.  The sushi chef where I ate last night was fascinated with the app!



I love Siri!  Type it or speak it … either way Siri will provide you with the information you want!  It uses the GPS locator in the iPhone to get the information you want.  I really like it … I downloaded three other apps similiar, but Siri does it faster, better and accurately!  You can see Siri in action at … It’s a free a download for iPhones at this moment in time!



And of course, Bump! 🙂  This is the app featured in the latest iPhone commercial … your contact information and that of another can be transferred via a ‘bump’ of yer iPhones … it’s really, really cool! 🙂  It saves so much time in the entire … typing it all in and hoping you actually saved the info!  It’s free for the iPhone!



As for the rest of my weekend … well, I’ve got to get some minor house cleaning done — it cannot wait any longer.  I’m going to eventually create an iPhone Apps page here to go along with all the others at the top … that way, I can share all of the apps I have and why I have them … I’ve downloaded tons, but deleted lots as well! 🙂   Now – on with the housework!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend …





Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. – Albert Einstein


he went completely pre-programmed …

Okay, so … I got sick – again – last Saturday … I went back to work today.  I hate missing work, but when yer sick — yer sick.  So, I’ve been debating forever about leaving Verizon and going to AT&T so I can have an iPhone … then my friend Neida brought her new toy in today … it’s the iPod Touch … it’s basically an iPhone without  phone … I was mesmerized the entire time and was set on going to buy one … then, I started thinking about the Wi-Fi … you have to be at home for a Wi-Fi and then rely on finding a Wi-Fi connection away.  I said all of that to say that I’m going to leave Verizon.

So, I called Verizon – the nickle and dime you to death wireless carrier …. the “I could give a rat’s ass about your “map”  wireless carrier –  I mentioned to the Verizon CSR that I wanted an iPhone in the course of a conversation and he went completely pre-programmed … “their 3G coverage isn’t everywhere …. they can’t even sell the iPhone in NYC anymore … our coverage is better” … blah, blah, blah, blah … guess what big bad ass Verizon?  You DO NOT have the iPhone … you DO NOT have free awesome apps (the cheapest app I could get for my LG Voyager Touch was $12.99 and it was an annual fee) or even kick ass apps that cost next to nothing … so, now, I’m going to AT&T on Saturday to switch carriers — I’ve been told I can keep my same mobile number … and once I know I can switch over completely — I’m done with Verizon. Plus, I can get the iPhone 3G [S] for $99 plus the activation fee … that’s about a bill cheaper than the iPod Touch I want … plus, I’ll always have a “Wi-Fi” signal. 🙂  I am totally stoked.

It sucks when yer recovering … I cannot workout right now … I have to wait until my strength is back. 😦  I was in such a good routine — I’m bummed!  I’ve got some major To-Do’s aside from my trip to AT&T at weekend … time to start the spring cleaning now and just get rid of all the crap I’ve accumulated in the last year.  It’s amazing how much crap builds up … plus, I’m not spending my spring holiday cleaning … I might take a little trip! 

Nothing else to ramble about … plus Real World: DC is on @ 10.00 … Hope everyone is having a great week!


“love life, engage in it, give it all you’ve got. love it with a passion, because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it” ~Maya Angelou