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Hocus Pocus - Whaaaaat

Tis’ October … and yes, it’s been a while.  And no, Halloween isn’t my favourite holiday, but it’s second.  I’ve already watched Hocus Pocus — uhmmm, three times. Yes, three and it will happen more. 🙂  And whilst I’ve been gone, WordPress has upgraded itself and wow, I can post gifs … without my Photobucket account! 🙂

Will & Grace -- Jack & Karen Jumping up & down

When you’re not well – you have way too much time on your hands to think about things, people and places.  You can let that consume you or work through it — and move forward from things, people and places that just aren’t for you anymore.  I’ve been on this journey, actually, since May 2014.  And honestly, it was rough for a while, but now … well, now things are settling down … and I’m starting to be back in a good place. 🙂


Let me just start off by saying, I need to belong to NA.  Wait for it … I know what you’re thinking, but you’re not right … I’m talking about Netflix Anonymous. I get a huge Vizio Smart TV — and now, I’m insane with Netflix and Amazon Prime … I’m not even going to touch Hulu!  Right now my obsession on Netflix is THE ORIGINALS.  Just started S2 — and I just watch and watch and watch and watch … you, get the picture, right?


I’m glad college football season is back and I’m glad to be back in Tallahassee for one of our first big games this season … we play Miami tomorrow night.  It doesn’t matter if any of our arch rivals are ranked or unranked, losing or winning … these games are ALWAYS hard fought … just glad we’re at Doak Campbell this year!  We have a young, young team on both sides of the ball and well, Golson hasn’t really impressed me completely … hoping Sean gets a chance to throw the ball tomorrow night. 🙂

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivers her "official launch speech" at a campaign kick off rally in Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York City, June 13, 2015. REUTERS/Brendan McDermidREUTERS/Brendan McDermid

So, the Republicans have done everything they can to destroy Hillary, but their repeated attempts have failed – miserably.  They forget that Hillary has had to fight her entire life and has been dinged constantly from all sides … she’s a survivor, a fighter and tells it like it is … I’m so proud to be a part of her campaign!  The Grand Old Party .. ain’t so grand anymore!

And, that’s about all I’m good for tonight … I’ve missed scribbling down my thoughts – so, my goal is to be back at least once per week — yes, I know, I know – you’ve heard that all before, but truth is — this little bit of scribbling has lit the fire again!

Everyone have a great weekend … and GO SEMINOLES!

Hugs –


Will & Grace ... ATM 1

Will & Grace ... ATM 2

Will & Grace ... ATM 3

Because everyone can always use a little Jack and Karen … 🙂

Bittersweet Lessons in Life


Yes, yes … ahhhh, yes. I know, I know. It’s been a day and forever since I scribbled.  I’ve been thinking, working and contemplating many things … I tend to withdraw from most things when I’m in this mode and thus, my lack of wordpressing … and for those of you who have taken the time to email – thanks for that! 🙂  

As I get older, I realise that just when you think (believe) that you’ve figured out some things, you’re thrown for a loop.  I am able to deal with the loops much more now than in the past because once you’ve been hurt, you approach people (even those you’ve known a long time and those you’ve just met) with the same caution – so, that you’re not shocked when something happens.

I am, in no way, not a perfect person – I make mistakes and I know that I take responsibility for those mistakes – and I know there are some people who don’t care for me … and that’s their deal – not mine.  In fact, the older I get, those instances become the bittersweet lessons in life.  What you thought ends up not being what you thought at all … for a bit you miss those people, but when you embrace the reality of what and who they are – you just file it away as a lesson learned.

Quite frankly, the two biggest lessons I’ve learned this year is that people who hurt you and think they’ve done nothing wrong and those who make assumptions without even talking to you before they say or write something — aren’t worth your time and have no place in your life.  People say they don’t like getting older — getting older has so many advantages and the most important one to me is: clarity.  And there is NOTHING like clarity! 🙂  And with that being said … I am no longer allowing or giving power to anyone who thinks it’s okay to do or say things that can hurt me. 243898136040565377_PJYF4uLE_cAnd yes, it’s my favourite time of the year … I love the Christmas season because I love giving gifts to my family and friends … I love watching them light up when they open up the gift(s) I buy them … that’s the BEST part of Christmas for me!!!  The early start to the cold weather across the country has seemingly put the majority of people in a good mood.  If I did have at least one wish that could be honoured it would be that all of the hate, violence, jealousy and stupidity would disappear from our entire planet. 


Tonight my Seminoles play for the ACC title in Charlotte, NC — I’m happy that they’ve returned for the title and of course, it’s amazing that they are ranked #4 in the CFP rankings even though they are the ONLY team undefeated at 12-0.  I keep hearing about Strength of Schedule (SOS), Conferences, quality wins … what I don’t hear about is how FSU has managed to still win games when they lost a good number of players on both sides of the ball after winning the 2013 National Championship, have had huge distractions courtesy of Jameis Winston and have had to come back in more games this year than any other team in the FBS — and still manage to WIN despite every team coming to take them down.  

As I’ve told my friends – it’s good to be the underdog … if FSU plays the way we know they are capable of playing the rest of the season, we’ll be watching them hoist that new, UGLY National Championship trophy – if they don’t play the way they are capable of playing, they’ll end their winning streak and not repeat.  Of course, nothing – to date – has convinced me that they’ll lose the rest of the season.  Nothing would give me great pleasure than to watch my Seminoles win it all again and be able to smile and laugh at ESPN, the CFP Committee and the haters!  So, let’s get to it NoleNation!

So – telly has been pretty good this fall season … Major Crimes, Elementary, The Exes, The Game, Once Upon a Time, Resurrection and Sleepy Hollow … I’ve not watched Gracepoint because it’s nothing more than than the American version of Broadchurch — and according to my friends watching it to compare it — it has been the same exact show — so, if the killer ends up being who it was in Broadchurch, I get the great pleasure of telling a smug Tweeter … I told you, so! 🙂  If not — I’ll be interested in the twist of how it is someone different!

Flag Of Israel

The political climate of the country is going to be interesting over the next two years … And sadly, we’ve seen the lack of experience shine brighter than any accomplishment that the current administration can beat a drum to.  The biggest issue for me — the absolute and utter lack of support for Israel in the Israeli-Hamas conflict.  I refuse to hold the Palestinian people (albeit those who are a part of Hamas or jihadist groups) responsible for the actions of these hate-filled, murderous, less than human animals.  

Even recently, the concrete purchased to rebuild Gaza has been sold on the black market — this concrete was purchased with monies from the US and other countries.  When will those chained to political correctness learn that hatred NEVER brings about peace and providing anything to that region controlled by Hamas will never really go to help the people who were living there long before Hamas seized control.  Hamas doesn’t give a damn about the Palestinian people.  

I am consistently amazed at the arguments people use to attack Israel and the labeling of Israel as Nazis.  You cannot unprogramme the brainwashed … the anti-Israeli Arabs, Muslims and others are taught to systematically hate Israel and all Jews over and over and over until they believe it is the absolute truth. These people cannot be saved from their ideology because it is permanently embedded in their brains. I have no pity or empathy for any of them … their day is coming and it’s not going to be worth 70 virgins.


And in 2016 – well, for me – even now – I’m making it very clear that I’ll be throwing my time, energy and money behind Hillary Clinton becoming the next POTUS!  I still feel she was robbed of the nomination in 2008 — and like I said then, it had nothing to do with race, but all to do with experience.  And I think the lack of experience has shined through quite clearly.

So, on that note, I have some Amazomin’ and Grouponin’ to do to finalise my Christmas shopping … I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I’ll make no promises to start scribbling again, but I am going to make a concerted effort because I always enjoy getting my thoughts down on this “digital paper” … 




Taking the first step with a running start …


Life has two basic tenets: take me or leave me. And isn’t it always interesting how complicated life becomes when put in a position of having to choose one or the other.  As for me, I’ve reached a fork in the road and I’ve opted to move forward and let go of situations that I’ve allowed to consume and hold me back. And that’s that!

Take a listen to this song below – it’s one of the songs from my discography that I created for blogging … each song has its own purpose for being in the collection – 


I’m finally starting to feel like a real person again … I’ve never had a battle with my sinuses and allergies like I’ve had since early August. Two antibiotics and a nose spray later … I’ve reached the edge of the storm and now, I’m going to bloody outrun it!  My weekend has been absolutely wonderful because I’ve started on my To Do List … this list shan’t be completed anytime soon, but it’s started … finally.


Anyone who faithfully follows knows how much I love my Florida State Seminoles and well, college football in general.  I must admit I was glad FSU didn’t play yesterday … I desperately needed time to catch up on things.  I did catch glimpses of games as I was endlessly scrolling through my HD channels … lots of upsets yesterday.  It’s going to be an interesting year and hopefully my Garnet & Gold boys are paying attention!

I love how hard FoxTV is pushing their new series … Gracepoint and I took to Twitter to share this with the network:


But, I’ll play nice for anyone who watches it … at least they brought David Tenant over to be the lead for Gracepoint as he was in Broadchurch.


This idea of being tolerant of Islam has officially worn thin on me.  It’s amazing how the majority of Muslims remain silent on all fronts; however, they want the US and other powers to take care of the radical elements within their OWN religion. Why haven’t they spoken up in the hundreds of millions?  Why are groups like ISIS, Hamas and others getting millions upon millions of dollars to support their campaigns of terror?

I can no longer be tolerant of a religion that has over a billion followers and the majority says NOTHING about the murder, terror and hate the minority is carrying out on a regular basis. Let’s be real for a minute – they cannot even get along in their OWN religion — they blow up Mosques of those who don’t share their same view of Islam.

When was the last time you saw a group of Christians blow up another church because they didn’t agree with their theology?  It’s CRAZY that those who say they don’t agree with the jihadists want to say their religion preaches love and peace.  So, where are the millions who are standing up to these Islamic zealots who are stereotyping their religion?

Your silence is speaking volumes about how you REALLY feel about what these small groups are doing.  And one day, your silence is going to bring your religion crashing down because the rest of the world isn’t always going to be tolerant of what you seem to be okay with.

970654_519494374799615_1177278024_nAnd every single day, I am even more ready for Hillary Clinton to step forward, make a run for the White House and become the 45th POTUS.  I am growing weary of the path that President Obama is taking this nation down and the circus atmosphere the Republicans have created in Washington and across this nation.  The Democrats have their share of blame in some of this mess … I said it a long time ago: EXPERIENCE MATTERS and it’s been showing for the last few years in the decisions coming from the White House.  

People might say, “How can you be a Democrat and not support a Democratic President?”  That’s pretty easy … when the decisions of this President have consistently damaged this nation on the inside and the outside … when he and the other top cronies have attempted to affix all the blame on the Republicans without taking a look in the mirror, I can speak out.  I have NEVER been politically correct and I never will – just look at where being PC gets you in this world today. NOWHERE.  

I think a lot of good Democrats have lost their way and hopefully, they’ll begin to realise they were lead astray by ideology that was never truly a part of the Democratic platform. Anyone who is in politics should realise that it’s the Middle Class that is the foundation of this nation and when the Middle Class starts to fall apart, so will the United States.  

I know that Hillary Clinton understands that and knows that has to be a priority in order to rescue the US from this current downward spiral – she knew that back in 2008. And Republicans can scream, “Remember Benghazi” all they want … they just need to be reminded that the Republican controlled Congress cut hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for US Embassy, Consulate and Foreign Mission security in 2010.

And on that note … here’s one of my favourite excerpts from the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower:

081f5cd029a1e59cbced51ec49cfe6bcSo, with that in mind … it’s onward and forward for me … because I’ve decided to be infinite in my quest for taking up the challenge of living.

Peace and hugs –