…demand my money back because you’re delusional.

Florida State 30 Maryland 16 - Christian Ponder alludes Maryland defenders and gains a first down on FSU's last touchdown drive.

Once again, Florida State took it to the end of a game — at least this time it was Maryland fighting to stay in the game.   These are growing pains … they are necessary, but I hate them and the stress it brings.  Of course, reading some boards today, I found this comment from a Gator fan posted on an article about the FSU win over Maryland … the background:  The Seminoles are ‘happy’ with their current 8-3 record:

What, exactly, is this Gator fan smoking?  I can guarantee you that it’s not legal.  Granted, the ACC hasn’t had the best year in football; however, to suggest that “If FSU doesn’t beat the Gators this year, they quite possibly never will” – Really?  gatorman2k1 step away from the pipe slowly.   As a Seminole, I’m happy with FSU’s record this season … 8-3, 6-2  is much better than our past records over the last few years and it’s sure a hell of a lot better than UF’s 6-4, 4-4 … I love the arrogance Gator fans still flout … UF doesn’t have Tebow …  UF doesn’t have a quarterback …   UF doesn’t have the team they had the past four years.  So, if FSU doesn’t beat UF this year, we’ll quite possibly never will beat UF again?  SERIOUSLY?  gatorman2k1: apparently you booked the year long acid trip.  A bit of advice, I’d cancel the remainder of that trip and demand my money back because you’re delusional.  Thank God I know some real Gator fans who understand the game of football and the rivalry who’ve not swallowed the hype pill.

I am much more relaxed since I know that I have the next week off … it helps to know that I’ll be somewhere that I love: NYC! 🙂   Of course, I’m not packed — not even close, but that’ll all happen by tonight … I’ve got some errands to run and some house chores to take care of — so, I better get myself to working now!  Hope everyone has a great week … I’ll try to post stuff whilst on holiday!

Bryce & Miss Nica