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I had such a long week, but I survived it and it’s all because of passion and intensity for making sure Hillary Clinton gets back to the White House in January 2017.  Effectively, the nomination is hers because Bernie Sanders doesn’t have any way – especially mathematical – for acquiring the number of delegates required.  Yet, he continues to believe that it’s possible but … 


As expected, he did ‘win’ Indiana; however, not in the fashion in which he has been accustomed to in caucuses.  As we analyzed polled data coming in and looked at specific regions, we knew this was going to be close.  By all statistical conclusions, Hillary won Indiana because she took his edge.

And then, Guam.  Hillary won Guam by an incredible margin … 59.8% – 39.2% … and I enjoyed it because of Sanders advocate Tim Robbins equating Guam to South Carolina:


I had basically moved on from Sanders until all of the hate-filled BSers were in Los Angeles spewing hateful, curse laden words at Hillary supporters headed to her rally in East LA.  What set me off was the fact that BSers yelled, screamed at children and even ripped pro-Hillary signs from their hands (well documented) … that was a line that should have NEVER been crossed.  Any tolerance I had for BS and his supporters fizzled weeks ago; however, my patience for any of them has flamed out as well.  There was one incredible moment at those protests that just sent Hillary’s message of LOVE AND KINDNESS through the ‘roof’ … 


And then of course the now dead #DropOutHillary attempt by the remaining BSers … 


And of course, Donald Trump just couldn’t help himself when he called Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) ‘goofy’ after she was calling out for his racist, hate-filled speeches after winning Tuesday in Indiana.  But what he didn’t expect, as usual, was to be schooled by the Senator via Twitter:


Trump truly has no idea what’s ahead for him.  His anti-Hillary comments and his lack of knowledge of how things actually work politically, economically, policy-wise and diplomatically will be his downfall and Hillary will school him in every debate.  And when he attacks Hillary, he’s just kicking the hornets nest of Democrats who’ve already dealt with Bernie Sanders and his cronies.

And this cartoon pretty much sums up how a good number of Republicans feel about Trump being the presumptive nominee:

Source:  Moudakis  |  Lincoln  |  Political  |  2016

Lincoln out.

I, along with Team Hillary, are NEVER going to allow Donald Trump anywhere near the Oval Office … and anyone around me being apathetic toward the political process and voting better not have ONE WORD to say about my intensity!

Jews were forced to wear to wear these stars in Germany to identify them publicly.

The 2016 Days of Remembrance started earlier this week – a time to remember what happens when a government enacts intolerance into law.  It’s hard to believe that its been 71 years since the liberation of the Nazi death camps and the discovery of the world that over 12.5M human lives were lost at the hands of these murderous thugs – with 6M being Jews.  As individuals we must always remember the stories of survivors and then we must make sure that The Holocaust is never forgotten:





As I said at the start, it was a really bloody long week, but the weekend has really made things better albeit not being able to set my mum as originally planned; however, that’ll happen sooner than later! 🙂 I’m hooked on several series on Netflix … because my favourites aren’t on right now!  The one that is ‘killing’ me waiting for is THE WALKING DEAD … that series final still plays over and over in my head! 


And we’ve only two episodes left of THE ORIGINALS … this season has been intense! Usually I’ve nothing nice to say about Nicklaus, but right now – I’m liking him!  I hate that Davina had to die and now Marcel … the writers have done a good job of keeping most of us on our toes and right now, I don’t know what to expect!

I’ve been watching EuroVision 2016 and there are so many great acts this year; however, I am partial to Joe and Jake from the United Kingdom … I love, love, love, love, love, love their song:

Even if they don’t win it outright, they’ve already won over the UK! 🙂 I cannot wait for them to release a few more songs … 

And a few of you who were so happy to see me back asked for quotes, current music I’m into and pictures of my recent travels / excursions  … and so, I give you some of my favourites:

Currently, I’m really into Frou Frou – you’ll recognise Imogene Heap’s beautiful voice … and their catchy little tune, MUST BE DREAMING:

I recommend their entire album … it’s a MUST listen and if you’re like me, you’ll end up buying it outright!  It’s melodic … it always picks me up and makes me dance across the floor! 🙂

Some moments this week that make me smile:


 Seoul, South Korea – Two boys shave their heads to celebrate Buddha’s birthday.


It’s always a good thing to have your camera handy for shots just like this!
I love sunflowers!

Coronado Office Space

My desk at work…


My Easter basket stash … Deutsch Schokolade, ja wohl!


Today’s treat (although I wanted a burger from Hodad’s) but this did the trick … 


I miss this little girl … I cannot believe this September will be three years she’s gone. 😦


And this is HRH Princess Alexa, who has brought much joy to our house since 2/2014.

And now, quotes galore …

00299_BG 00452_BG 00820_BG 1430863032 IMG_1273 IMG_1705 IMG_1706 IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1718 IMG_1728 IMG_1734 IMG_1740 IMG_1741 IMG_1743

And that’s it – for now … I’ve decided that a big blog on Sundays is what I can do for now … plus, I’m really relaxed 🙂

Now, for one last little song – this is my shake my ass song at the moment … 

And on that note … everyone have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious week! xo

Peace – 



Ahhhh life …

Hocus Pocus - Whaaaaat

Tis’ October … and yes, it’s been a while.  And no, Halloween isn’t my favourite holiday, but it’s second.  I’ve already watched Hocus Pocus — uhmmm, three times. Yes, three and it will happen more. 🙂  And whilst I’ve been gone, WordPress has upgraded itself and wow, I can post gifs … without my Photobucket account! 🙂

Will & Grace -- Jack & Karen Jumping up & down

When you’re not well – you have way too much time on your hands to think about things, people and places.  You can let that consume you or work through it — and move forward from things, people and places that just aren’t for you anymore.  I’ve been on this journey, actually, since May 2014.  And honestly, it was rough for a while, but now … well, now things are settling down … and I’m starting to be back in a good place. 🙂


Let me just start off by saying, I need to belong to NA.  Wait for it … I know what you’re thinking, but you’re not right … I’m talking about Netflix Anonymous. I get a huge Vizio Smart TV — and now, I’m insane with Netflix and Amazon Prime … I’m not even going to touch Hulu!  Right now my obsession on Netflix is THE ORIGINALS.  Just started S2 — and I just watch and watch and watch and watch … you, get the picture, right?


I’m glad college football season is back and I’m glad to be back in Tallahassee for one of our first big games this season … we play Miami tomorrow night.  It doesn’t matter if any of our arch rivals are ranked or unranked, losing or winning … these games are ALWAYS hard fought … just glad we’re at Doak Campbell this year!  We have a young, young team on both sides of the ball and well, Golson hasn’t really impressed me completely … hoping Sean gets a chance to throw the ball tomorrow night. 🙂

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivers her "official launch speech" at a campaign kick off rally in Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York City, June 13, 2015. REUTERS/Brendan McDermidREUTERS/Brendan McDermid

So, the Republicans have done everything they can to destroy Hillary, but their repeated attempts have failed – miserably.  They forget that Hillary has had to fight her entire life and has been dinged constantly from all sides … she’s a survivor, a fighter and tells it like it is … I’m so proud to be a part of her campaign!  The Grand Old Party .. ain’t so grand anymore!

And, that’s about all I’m good for tonight … I’ve missed scribbling down my thoughts – so, my goal is to be back at least once per week — yes, I know, I know – you’ve heard that all before, but truth is — this little bit of scribbling has lit the fire again!

Everyone have a great weekend … and GO SEMINOLES!

Hugs –


Will & Grace ... ATM 1

Will & Grace ... ATM 2

Will & Grace ... ATM 3

Because everyone can always use a little Jack and Karen … 🙂

A Guide to Reality


I’m turning out to be a WordPress Monthly Blogger … I truly, truly am trying — most days I am just too tired to even contemplate writing my thoughts out and at weekend – I’m so busy clearing my mind from the previous week that I just get 1000% lazy – well, aside from doing my weekend chores!   

I’m amazed – and not in a good way – with Mr Obama’s behaviour related to PM Netanyahu’s visit to the US – a visit called for by the US Congress.  His words and lack of action with regard to the most recent Hamas attacks on Israel that lasted weeks just made it clearer that this Democrat was correct in never supporting him (nor his opponents) in the presidential elections.  It’s absurd and basically childish how he’s acting. It just makes me even more Ready for Hillary!

And while I’m talking politics, I had someone tell me that because I vote Democrat I have blood on my hands.  Of course, I asked what they meant and they said because of abortion.  And I was like, let me get this straight – because I don’t vote Republican I have blood on my hands?  Of course, they also said that no respectable Christian would ever vote Democrat either. 


And in a split second, I reminded that person that the US Congress had been controlled by Republicans – with the required two-thirds veto override – since Roe v. Wade, but they never even broached the subject and the responce I received was, “I could say more, but these political talks never turn out good.”  You’re right, you could say more, but I’d destroy everything you say point-by-point.  Another reason that I have no use for Republicans who think God is a card-carrying member — have these people EVEN read the Bible?  Do they think Jesus was hanging out with all the self-righteous, holier-than-thou people?  What a bunch of absolutely ridiculous, non-thinking, FOX News watching, believing, programmable, propaganda robots! SERIOUSLY!

Devil Wears Prada ... Miranda Priestly, seriously

278741-1I thought for a nanosecond that I was going to have to stop watching How To Get Away With Murder after the overly dramatic mid-season return.  I grow tired of watching shows that use drama constantly with no single moment of pure joy albeit the end of the show – for example: The Fosters.  I love this show; however, lately every single episode has been drama, conflict — I know it’s not a sitcom, but seriously with the stress I have in my life due to work right now, I really don’t need to be stressed out watching a show (weird, yes – I know). 

One show that I really, really love is The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce – it’s BRILLIANT with its mix of drama, comedy and realistic look at life (you can say it isn’t, but I’ve seen some of this stuff personally and it’s – at least to me – the real deal).  I’m not sure if this show is just a one run show or not — I hope they’re thinking about it returning for another season — the writing is awesome and I hate when the show comes to an end.

So, I’ve decided to push my Bali trip to 2016 … I want to make sure that I plan it out completely so that it’s everything that I want it to be.  Instead, I’m going to St Thomas in the Virgin Islands and I’m excited to be there!  I’ve been doing tons of research on the island and the split sides — it sounds like I’ll have a blast! 🙂  I just helped a couple of friends plan their trip to Italy — I’d consider myself a semi-expert since it’s one of my favourite places on this planet! 🙂

And here at my house, the colours of the month are …


Of course, they’re out of the reach of a certain little dog who thinks EVERYTHING belongs to her …

I’ve a billion things to do today — so, I’m going to go have morning playtime with Princess Alexa and then, get some errands done! I hope everyone has a great weekend … and yes, I’ll try to be better with scribbling … a few of you seem to like my “all over the place” entries! 🙂

xoxo –



Taking the first step with a running start …


Life has two basic tenets: take me or leave me. And isn’t it always interesting how complicated life becomes when put in a position of having to choose one or the other.  As for me, I’ve reached a fork in the road and I’ve opted to move forward and let go of situations that I’ve allowed to consume and hold me back. And that’s that!

Take a listen to this song below – it’s one of the songs from my discography that I created for blogging … each song has its own purpose for being in the collection – 


I’m finally starting to feel like a real person again … I’ve never had a battle with my sinuses and allergies like I’ve had since early August. Two antibiotics and a nose spray later … I’ve reached the edge of the storm and now, I’m going to bloody outrun it!  My weekend has been absolutely wonderful because I’ve started on my To Do List … this list shan’t be completed anytime soon, but it’s started … finally.


Anyone who faithfully follows knows how much I love my Florida State Seminoles and well, college football in general.  I must admit I was glad FSU didn’t play yesterday … I desperately needed time to catch up on things.  I did catch glimpses of games as I was endlessly scrolling through my HD channels … lots of upsets yesterday.  It’s going to be an interesting year and hopefully my Garnet & Gold boys are paying attention!

I love how hard FoxTV is pushing their new series … Gracepoint and I took to Twitter to share this with the network:


But, I’ll play nice for anyone who watches it … at least they brought David Tenant over to be the lead for Gracepoint as he was in Broadchurch.


This idea of being tolerant of Islam has officially worn thin on me.  It’s amazing how the majority of Muslims remain silent on all fronts; however, they want the US and other powers to take care of the radical elements within their OWN religion. Why haven’t they spoken up in the hundreds of millions?  Why are groups like ISIS, Hamas and others getting millions upon millions of dollars to support their campaigns of terror?

I can no longer be tolerant of a religion that has over a billion followers and the majority says NOTHING about the murder, terror and hate the minority is carrying out on a regular basis. Let’s be real for a minute – they cannot even get along in their OWN religion — they blow up Mosques of those who don’t share their same view of Islam.

When was the last time you saw a group of Christians blow up another church because they didn’t agree with their theology?  It’s CRAZY that those who say they don’t agree with the jihadists want to say their religion preaches love and peace.  So, where are the millions who are standing up to these Islamic zealots who are stereotyping their religion?

Your silence is speaking volumes about how you REALLY feel about what these small groups are doing.  And one day, your silence is going to bring your religion crashing down because the rest of the world isn’t always going to be tolerant of what you seem to be okay with.

970654_519494374799615_1177278024_nAnd every single day, I am even more ready for Hillary Clinton to step forward, make a run for the White House and become the 45th POTUS.  I am growing weary of the path that President Obama is taking this nation down and the circus atmosphere the Republicans have created in Washington and across this nation.  The Democrats have their share of blame in some of this mess … I said it a long time ago: EXPERIENCE MATTERS and it’s been showing for the last few years in the decisions coming from the White House.  

People might say, “How can you be a Democrat and not support a Democratic President?”  That’s pretty easy … when the decisions of this President have consistently damaged this nation on the inside and the outside … when he and the other top cronies have attempted to affix all the blame on the Republicans without taking a look in the mirror, I can speak out.  I have NEVER been politically correct and I never will – just look at where being PC gets you in this world today. NOWHERE.  

I think a lot of good Democrats have lost their way and hopefully, they’ll begin to realise they were lead astray by ideology that was never truly a part of the Democratic platform. Anyone who is in politics should realise that it’s the Middle Class that is the foundation of this nation and when the Middle Class starts to fall apart, so will the United States.  

I know that Hillary Clinton understands that and knows that has to be a priority in order to rescue the US from this current downward spiral – she knew that back in 2008. And Republicans can scream, “Remember Benghazi” all they want … they just need to be reminded that the Republican controlled Congress cut hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for US Embassy, Consulate and Foreign Mission security in 2010.

And on that note … here’s one of my favourite excerpts from the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower:

081f5cd029a1e59cbced51ec49cfe6bcSo, with that in mind … it’s onward and forward for me … because I’ve decided to be infinite in my quest for taking up the challenge of living.

Peace and hugs – 



I’ve some things to say –


I’ve been busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger the last few weeks – it’s that time of year for me – and no, I don’t do taxes … but it will all calm down at the end of this month. Thank God. And although I love scribbling out my thoughts, ideas and insanity – priorities, you know.

But seriously, I’ve some things to say now … so, grab a drink, sit down and as Bette Davis once said, “Buckle-up, it’s going to be a bit bumpy.”


I’m ready for Hillary because I was ready in 2008 — and I’ve waited (or will have waited) eight long years to campaign for her once again.  I believe in Hillary and I know she was the right choice in 2008, but people opted for the spotlight of Mr Obama and not experience.  

And what a price we’ve paid for that lack of experience – especially in our foreign policy (this incident in the Ukraine would NOT be happening right now), handling of handouts (you know, that $890 Billion stimulus package), the utter disregard for the middle class (but using the name to stir up support) and this train-wreck of a health care reform (yes, Obamacare SUCKS in its purpose – it has hurt more Americans than it has helped) … Experience, no matter what anyone says, matters in the end.  

Many people think every Democrat voted for Mr Obama; however, that’s just not the case. I, myself, voted for Hillary in 2008 & 2012 (write-in) and in just two short years — I’ll be marking her name as my choice for the next President of the United States.  Madame President has a very nice ring to it — and quite frankly, is long overdue.  And before you misguided wacko’s try to call me a racist — don’t. Because I’m not.  


And, not ONE word from me … GO SEE IT.


This one – I  her beyond measure -destroyed her daytime bed (I still can’t even deal with it) Thursday and so she only has a towel for – well, a while. She really is getting better … potty training is at prolly 70% and her teeth – on the top and bottom – betwixt her ‘fangs’ have broken through … This is all a sign that her teething/biting days are now numbered! She definitely keeps the house on alert!! 

All has been quiet on the telly-front … yes, I’m still watching my spring favourites – Once Upon a Time, Reign and Elementary.  I must admit, I’m still bitter over the entirely short seasons of Downton Abbey and Sherlock.  Good tv doesn’t happen often and when one is left wanting more … well, it just pisses me off!

And here we are – many days later and the world has done nothing but place sanctions on Russia.  Granted, the sanctions in place are going to devastate Russia in the near future; however, the Ukraine should not be left alone to fight Russia.  

I’m amazed – and not in a good way – at how the Ukraine’s neighbours have pretty much done nothing to support them in this current crisis.  I know that war isn’t the answer, but sending troops to help Ukraine bolster its defences would be a show of support that would send a clear message to Putin that the region isn’t going to stand for his meddling.  All we can do for now is pray that the Ukraine stands tall and steadfast.


And then there was Saving Mr Banks. I’d heard the good, the bad and ugly about the movie chronicling Walt Disney’s painstaking 20-year journey to acquire the rights to PL Travers’ story Mary Poppins.  So, I let it drag its way to OnDemand — and rented it.

And to my surprise, I loved it.  Granted, it’s not the fast-paced, energetic, suck-you-into-the-story-from-the-very-first-millisecond movie Disney is known for, but it is truly a glimpse into the world of Walt Disney himself. 

Ms. Travers truly did lead a very sad and heartbreaking childhood in Australia — her father an alcoholic and her mother just trying to keep them afloat through hope and that alone — well, it tugged at the heartstrings.  I think for my take on it — I had to realise that it wasn’t a movie to entertain as much as it was to show the world how Walt Disney continued to handle the adversity (even after his success) right up until the very end.

Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks were brilliant in their roles as P L Travers and Walt Disney respectively.  I’m no movie critic nor would I ever pretend to be one, but if you want to see and understand how Mary Poppins came to be on the big screen – this movie is for you.

So, here we are … that moment in which I’m tired of rambling and have decided that this is the end of this post.  I think it more than makes up for my absence as of late!  As always, here are some of my favourite quotes to tide you over until some inspiration sets itself upon me and pushes me to my keyboard … 

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And that’s that … I hope everyone has a great week!  🙂