Black Ribbon


Still, I can make no sense of this tragedy.  Perhaps many might say, “What tragedies can be understood?”  Some can be understood, but many – such as this one – cannot be understood and I think even if they find answers — none of them will ever suffice as to why anyone would murder innocent children.

Some religions and cultures around the world have no problem doing this on a daily basis; however, this is – after all – the United States. And this doesn’t happen here on a daily basis.

The stories of how the administrators and teachers reacted are perhaps the most courageous of this tragedy — six of them giving their lives for the children in their school and classrooms.  There is no greater definition of love and selflessness than the acts of heroism displayed by those who lost their lives.

My heart, prayers and thoughts continue to go to the families of those who lost their loved ones in this senseless tragedy and to the entire Newtown community who will struggle for a long time with this unspeakable moment in their 300-year history.  😦