‘Tis the season to do so …

27936460158294784_Q3oHrzXj_cI realise that I’ve been away for a bit, but I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed with a good number of things.  Recently, my therapist asked me to explain it to her.

“Put it into words for me,” she said, “Paint me a picture.”  So, I did with these words:  Think about your worst Christmas shopping experience ever … all of the people, the hustle and bustle, the rudeness, the lack of any happiness from those around you … that’s my overwhelmed, I told her.

I haven’t been spinning out of control nor have I been unhappy, but just overwhelmed by so many things that I have -truly – no control over whatsoever.  The lack of control, for me, is a feeling of helplessness — a feeling I loathe beyond measure.

That helplessness is what overwhelms me; however, throughout my journey back to my full-time happiness, I’ve learned one thing that has helped more than all: KEEP CALM.

Of course, some of you are now rolling your eyes; however, I can tell you — that old World War II British PR campaign — truly, truly is therapy on a poster.  It did help keep London and an entire nation focused — and that’s the most important thing when you’re feeling helpless/overwhelmed – to stay focused.  That’s what, ultimately, brings you through those moments in time.

And so, my advice to everyone, everywhere overwhelmed by situations that just seem to seize control — just remember your happiness and always, always remember to:

keep calm and carry on yellow

Speaking of Christmas … it’s my favourite time of the year because I love lights, decorations and the loads of happiness it brings me.  For the longest time, I was opposed to giving gift cards, but as of late, I’ve discovered the same wide-mouthed “wows” and smiles are brought about by those little plastic, ‘use-it-once’ gifts.

Christmas Packages

So, for some I buy little presents, but for many — it’s the gift card with a note attached that says:  Please post me an email, a card to let me know how you like your present.  I thought, in the past, that there was no thought or meaning behind giving a gift card; however, my niece said to me at some point, “I can buy what I want to buy and that will make me happy.”

That set me to thinking that gift giving is about making one happy … and so, gift cards became a part of my gift giving; however, I always try to purchase at least one gift that I’ve put thought into to go along with the plastic card! 🙂

And now, I intend to shower you all with a collection of Christmas / Hanukkah pictures because ’tis the season to do so and I love pictures … So, put on some Christmas music and enjoy this barrage of happiness covered in lights and maybe even a little tinsel …


The grandest Christmas tree ever at Rockefeller Centre. 🙂

000 - Christmas Penguins

I love Penguins anyway, but seriously — how could anyone NOT love them dressed up as Santa Claus?!?!

Cartier - NYC

This is Cartier, on 5th Avenue, all wrapped up for Christmas! One of my favourite store decorations!



Christmas and Hanukkah … it’s that time of the year! 🙂



Christmas decorations in NYC are always the best … you can feel Christmas everywhere you travel in the city!

Holly Jolly Christmas Candy Cake Inside

It’s official name … Holly Jolly Christmas Candy Cane Cake. 🙂 Present forks!


Good friends make the holidays so much better …

Starbucks Christmas 2

Ahhhhhh, a warm Mocha Latte will life the spirits of all! 🙂


So excited for Hanukkah to start on 8 December … As Adam Sandler calls it … “Eight Crazy Nights” 🙂




Lighting the Menorah … more than the meals and gifts – Hanukkah is a reminder of the miracles bestowed upon the Jewish people.




149392912608820358_KVlrfT2g_c (1)







Sweet treats!

And although we know that the birth of Christ didn’t happen during this time of the year, it’s a symbolic time for Christians who celebrate the greatest gift ever given to humankind …

282741682825695011_eI94GpLy_c (1)

And that’s it at this moment in time … now that things are back to normal – whatever that is – you should expect posts — miraculous posts back on schedule! 🙂  I do hope everyone is going well at this season!  Happy Hanukkah to all as we ready ourselves for Saturday! 🙂