ordinary people can cook extraordinary meals…

Blake Jenner wins The Glee Project S2

Gleeks Anonymous (GA): Hi, my name is Bryce and I’m Gleek.  :::: Hi Bryce::::

So, I’m a Gleek. Yes, you heard it hear … I’m a Gleek.  I took a break from Glee for a bit because … well, it was too outrageous and I got sick of seeing it tweeted & tumblr-ed before I could catch up with it on TiVO.  So, I just walked away …

However, I came back … and I own way too many tracks from way too many Glee episodes.  And then, somehow I missed it, someone said, “Do you watch The Glee Project?”  :::cue the little tag phrase — “The Gleeeee Pro-ject” 🙂  And well, I started watching it — and well, got addicted!

I had this core group I wanted to see make it to the end … Michael, Blake, Nellie and yes, even Lily – even when she is annoying.  So, last night was the S2 Finale and only one of my favourites made it … Blake.  Everyone else knew last night that he won, but I found out tonight when I caught up with the finale via TiVO and I was excited for Blake to win!   So, so happy for Blake to win it and cannot wait to see him on his seven eps … it’ll be interesting to see how they incorporate him into the show!

I am sure some of you were (are) expecting to read my take on The Closer finale … I’m still mourning the fact that it’s over, but I do have thoughts that I’ll share really soon … I promise!

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.

And today, would have been Julia Childs 100th birthday … I love catching all of her old cooking shows and her ever constant message that even ordinary people can cook extraordinary meals for themselves and the ones they love.  In particular, I rekindled my ‘love affair’ with her after the movie Julie & Julia … If you’ve not seen the movie — it’s worth renting — of course, if you want to learn how Julia Childs became Julia Childs.  Next to Paula Deen’s recipes, I love Julia Childs’ recipes the next! 🙂

This week has been really tiring, but I’m happy to be working with a new team … there’s been nothing but: click-click-click-click-click-click.  I miss the beautiful people I used to work with, but they’ve moved on and I’m nothing but happy for them!  The next two days are going to be extremely hectic as I try to have everything in place so that the ‘stress’ of preparing is done, over and finished.  So, shout-outs to my former team mates — Laura and Caroline and shout-outs to my new team mates … Jessica and Donna!  We’re going to have a blast! 🙂

And just in case you’ve not caught on … my journey to happiness is going quite well, thank you!  Learning how to deal with stress and not allowing it to dominate every aspect of my life has been the key to moving forward.  I am extremely pleased that I’ve not allowed a disappointment to just throw me into a tailspin — that’s a HUGE accomplishment for me! 🙂  I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say at weekend … so, stay tuned! 🙂  I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! 🙂