knocking it out of the ball park

When you’re on the road back to happiness … you can certainly learn a lot about yourself – if you allow yourself to do so! ūüôā ¬†I’ve always been fairly tolerant, patient and well, a whole list of things one might expect of themselves. ¬†And for the record, that’s not me saying that — it’s my core group of friends who say that to me here and there.

More and more, I’m hearing them tell me that the “old Bryce” is back. ¬†Of course, who is the “old Bryce” I ask them. ¬†And for this, they had a list yesterday whilst we tailgated before the FSU-Clemson game:

  1. You’re laid back again … thank God!
  2. Silly, silly, silly … it’s the best part about you!
  3. Laughing more than you have in a long time!
  4. Eyes are peaceful.
  5. You’re singing again and it’s awesome to hear you sing.
  6. I don’t dread seeing you. :::WOW::: [honesty is always a hard medicine to swallow]
  7. Giggles, giggles and more giggles.
  8. Spontaneous and not so uptight.

Sometimes, your friends are the best therapy and well, therapists out there. ¬†I guess #6 caught me off guard, but I get it. ¬†When you’re miserable — well, your good friends know it and they can sense it.

Even if your trying to fake it through a smile and laughter — apparently, the eyes are the dead give away that things aren’t all they appear to be. ¬†It’s always nice to know that people recognise what you’ve been working on and that you’re knocking it out of the ball park. ūüôā ¬†And so the journey continues …

“I face the day again. ¬†Against the window pane. I remain your closest friend and wish you back again. ¬†But still the days drag on. ¬†Why did you decide to go? ¬†Did you only need to see what only time can show? ¬† I’ll be waiting. I may be young or old and gray … counting the days. ¬†But I’ll be waiting and when I finally see you come, I’ll run when I see you …” – Amy Grant, The Prodigal

So, there was this game in Tallahassee yesterday. ¬†Holy cow, FSU is seemingly on the road back to being the ‘old FSU’ … and I have to say, I’m loving the maturity of the entire FSU football team … from the coaches to the players.

This year, there isn’t this one-track mind of the National Championship – instead it’s a ‘one game at a time’ mentality and that, for the record, brings about the best FOCUS!! ūüôā ¬†And I must say that it was nice to see Doak Campbell packed beyond capacity for the game. I can only imagine that the team completely feed off the energy of the crowd from start to finish.

I never doubted that we wouldn’t win the game, but I’ll just say that I’ve no fingernails left (I tear them off — no biting) because I “ripped” the ends of them off during the entire first half. ¬†I was anxious beyond words, but knew the game wasn’t out of reach so long as the original plan wasn’t abandoned.

My friend Jeff and I were talking about how Chad Morris, Clemson’s¬†offensive¬†coordinator, ¬†would eventually run out of different looks for Florida State’s defensive line. ¬†And that breakdown occurred in the early part of the 3rd Quarter. ¬†And Mark Stoops, stepped it up after the half.

I think we saw EJ Manuel grow up a lot during the second half of the game and of course, I think a confidence — not arrogance — has been vested now by the entire coaching staff and the team. ¬†I truly am excited about what the future – beyond this season – holds for FSU! ūüėČ

Needless to say, once EJ & Co. got rolling, the Seminoles … well,¬†¬†five touchdowns later, with 0:00 and FSU 49 ¬†Clemson 37 ¬†blaring on the scoreboard … ¬†the fireworks whizzed high above Doak Campbell and the Marching Chiefs went ‘crazy’ with the War Chant! ¬†And if you’ve yet to figure it out¬†… this ‘boy’ bleeds Garnet & Gold, baby!

The next three weeks are going to be absolutely, undeniably insane and although I don’t think I’m ready for everything that’s going to happen (not that any of it is bad, mind you!) ¬†… I know that it’ll all be okay because a higher power sustains me! ūüôā

And with that being said, it’s time for me to get myself on task before my night completely slips away!

Hope everyone has a great, great week …