Things I’m just … over.

Christian has had better games … at least he’ll have 11 days to heal.

On my way home from the Florida State – Boston College game which we won 24-19 — was a tough, tough game and now we learned that Christian Ponder played injured — a ruptured Bursa sac in his throwing elbow … he says it didn’t have anything to do with his poor showing today; however, I beg to differ.  And to hear fans of other teams mouth off about this game AS IF they’ve never had a trap game – as we did today – after a HUGE and very emotional win last week over Miami.   Nothing like watching cars zip past the 44′ Seminole Express RV — technology has come SO FAR.  Okay, I digress — just happy with our win today and now on to the things I’m just … over.

Smokers with attitudes.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s not my place to tell anyone that wants to smoke that they cannot do so; however, what pushes me over the edge with smokers are those with attitudes.   I’m just over not being able to walk into or out of  a store without having to walk through a cloud of noxious smoke … why should my health be affected because of a nasty habit someone else chooses??   I think if you want to smoke you should do it in the privacy of your own home &  in your car with the windows ROLLED UP.  In fact, I think if the police would start handing out tickets for littering — the #1 receivers of those tickets would be SMOKERS for throwing their still smoking cigarettes out onto our roads.

Smack-talking Gator and Bull fans.  Granted, not all of my Gator friends are obnoxious (there are some – though) … I’m talking about the people who just run their mouths until they need a gravy boat to pour over their feet.  If you lose – you lose. Deal.  Don’t blame the refs, conditions, fans, et al.  If you’re team loses … OWN IT.  If you’re going to run your mouth about Florida State — then OWN the losses of your OWN team.  My boys are getting the job done … and just like Christian Ponder did today — he owned his performance and said the ruptured bursa sac in his elbow had nothing to do with it (he was definitely in pain).   Stop talking *@#%+ … cause you’re just going to get covered in it later.

Loyal – until the bitter end – Obama supporters. I’m a Democrat, but I didn’t vote for Mr Obama nor did I vote for his opponent.  I think it’s safe for me and every Hillary Clinton supporter to say, “We told you that experience matters.”  This country is in 3x more debt than when he took office … he has blundered his way through domestic policy like a bull in a china shop … he’s making the health care industry extremely nervous (which means health care costs are about to go through the roof despite his ‘universal health care plan’) … he cannot talk without a teleprompter (we saw that during the campaign) … he talks in circles about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I’m over listening to all of his loyal supporters talk about how white people are holding him back … Republicans are playing politics (as if Democrats aren’t??) … everything was in bad shape when he took office (then why did he spend $863B dollars on a s0-called stimulus plan that has added $1.3T to the debt of this country?) … Confuse me?  Seriously … get over the notion that Mr Obama was the messiah.  He wasn’t and he isn’t.  He is a charasmatic speaker who can sway people into believing that change was something he could bring.  He hasn’t and he won’t.  I’m a bitter Democrat now … we’re looking at possibly the worst possible scenario with Republicans (not all of them are ‘bad’ – I vote for whomever is going to take care of me) taking control over Congress because of the bumbling and idiotic policies of a man who is making George W. Bush look not-so-bad now.  Is this where I just throw my hands up in the air and raise the flag of surrender (didn’t want to say white — because I’m sure some loyal Obama supporter would dub-ya me as a racist – which, I’m not.).  Like I’ve told the ex-Obama followers I call my friends — so glad you’re back from the dark  other side.  Did you bring  your Obama check with you?  I’d love a new pair of Doc Martens. 😛

Other than that … I’m doing well — enjoying life!  I’ve released my rant … now, I’m good. 🙂  Hope everyone has a great weekend – I know I am!

On the warpath (literally),

Bryce & Miss Nica


… absolute RANDOM moments of weirdness …

It’s official … Life is, in fact, good (click on the logo above to be taken to the actual Life is Good site to buy their way cool stuff) … it’s better … it’s back to normal and I couldn’t be happier … its been a long, long while since I haven’t felt like I was constantly having to walk on egg shells in my professional life.  And it’s apparent to my family and friends that I’ve turned the corner back to being the “old, but great, Bryce” … so, that makes me 🙂  a lot lately!  Other than regaining my passion about education, I’ve done nothing even remotely exciting, but that will all change soon enough!

Okay, let’s jabber about two of my fav reality shows … RHoNJ — loved the fact that Caroline met with Danielle (hereto forthwith known as “The Staubster”) and tried to bring reality to her little dream world – unfortunately, you just cannot help crazy people.  Of course, I’ve heard – from an extremely realiable source that The Staubster was released from her contract … even though she was good for stirring the pot (not that I like crazy people drama) and it was good for ratings — she’s a loose canon with her past, current association with felons and well, delusional thoughts of gradeur.  I’m betting that Dina comes back (wink-wink) and it’s either Kim “G” or Kim D filling the spot of the certifiable, delusional Danielle. 🙂

Real World: New Orleans … I said it a while ago — Ryan is Trouble – yes, with a capital “T” … And his whacked out behaviour has NOTHING to do w/ any OCD — I can speak confidently about that since I do, in fact, have a background in psychology.  If I had to guess … I’d say he is bi-polar.  He’s had too many “I’m a happy guy” to “I’m the Devil himself” moments and just absolute RANDOM moments of weirdness — that’s classic bi-polarism. Hands down.  And he’s heading home … sources plus clips of the next episode point to that fact.  I think the house will be a much better place without him there.  If it doesn’t happen, Bunim-Murray Productions and MTV should be ashamed of not getting him out of the house for some serious help.

I’m totally ready for college football season  — GO SEMINOLES — SCALP’EM!  And of course, the US Open … so ready for Rafa Nadal to conquer the hard courts in Flushing Meadows and bring home the US Open Men’s Single Crown!  So ready for my sport season to kick back into high gear!!!!!!!  Can I get a woot-woot!

Okay, now I have to go get brekkie with friends … maybe I’ll post more later this weekend! 🙂  Hope everyone has a great time at weekend!



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