Days like these …

Sushi!!!!!!! This is one of my favourites … Dragon Roll!

One of my favourite people in all the world … Countess Lu Ann!

This is part of my journey back to my happiness …

Love Moschino Spring 2011 Collection

Positano, Italy

NYC Rainy Days.


Nothin’ could be finer …


Stylin’ and profilin’ …

London from the air …

1 September 2012.

Can you?

Random. :-)

You have to laugh … and wonder. Gulp.


Yet another reason why I love Seinfeld! 🙂

The one, the only - Miss Lauren Cooper 🙂

Need I say anything else?Let's get it on!

DJ Bryce in da Haus!

It only took 107 shots to get this ONE! 🙂

I miss Will&Grace 😦


Diana, Princess of Wales - truly the Queen of Hearts