Monday Musings … Get Oan Wae It!


Scotland. Thursday, 18 September 2014.

I cannot imagine having to go the polls on Thursday morning to cast a vote in one of the biggest votes for independence in modern times.  There are pros to each side. There are cons to each side.

I’ve heard if you’re voting “Yes” your sending Scotland into a dark abyss.  I’ve heard if you’re voting “No” your not patriotic. Thank God I’m in the states and I don’t have to vote on an issue so important such as this one.  Sending my prayers and thoughts to the Scottish as they make this historic decision.

And, this week is off to a roaring start … seriously – I’m here. Posting on a Monday night. Of course, it won’t be some long and laboured post as this is it right now at this very moment leaving you with these thoughts … 

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And with that, I am out of here – 




Saturday Sayings …

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Here’s to a stupendous Saturday … I’m now going to ride like the wind and get all of my errands completed – TODAY!  Here’s wishing all of you the best of today … 




Days like these …

Sushi!!!!!!! This is one of my favourites … Dragon Roll!

One of my favourite people in all the world … Countess Lu Ann!

This is part of my journey back to my happiness …

Love Moschino Spring 2011 Collection

Positano, Italy

NYC Rainy Days.


Nothin’ could be finer …


Stylin’ and profilin’ …

London from the air …

1 September 2012.

Can you?