that’s definitely some pocket change…

Sushi @ Origami Sushi

Well, my week long holiday is almost over … I’m holding on to the very last bit of it even as I sit here to type.  It all started off  last Sunday when I took my good friend Mary out for her birthday … she LOVES sushi and so, we went to Origami Sushi — it’s a well kept secret and she LOVED it!  You can see, we had a great sushi selection — we had the Tampa Roll – grouper, red onion; Japanese Tempura Bagel Roll – smoked salmon, cream cheese; Rainbow Roll – Red Tuna, White Tuna, Fatty Tuna, Salmon, Eel … cream cheese, chives and Boston Roll – salmon, cream cheese & avocado.  We had a great time!  I look forward to having sushi with her again sometime! 

This is my child - Nica 🙂

The love of my life – aside from my family – is my Jack Russell Terrier – Dominique “Nica” McCleoud.  This is one the common interests that Mary and I have because she has two JRTs!  I’ve come full circle with Nica’s diet since I decided that I want her to be around for a lot longer … I’ve been feeding her Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe since I found out that Blue Buffalo is by far the best natural dog food you can purchase.  I use to have to order it because it wasn’t carried locally and when I did find it — it was outrageously priced (cheaper to buy direct!), but now PetSmart carries it and yes, it’s expencive, but well worth the benefits!    

A lot of people truly don’t realise that the bulk of ingredients in dog food are the by products … which includes a lot of fat and unhealthy ‘stuff’ … the label on dog food – dry or wet – is just as important as the labels on the food we buy to eat.  I’ve also been mixing her dry food with some of the wet foods from Blue Buffalo … her favourites are Chicken Dinner and Wilderness Turkey & Chicken Grill.  I’ve bought some reuseable lids so that I can put the opened cans in the refrigerator since I only mix a couple of spoonfuls into her dry food.  I made the mistake of just giving her the wet one time and well, let’s just say — it’s very rich and her little system couldn’t deal with it … enough said!

I still have a ton of stuff to watch on TiVO — I did watch Little People, Big World, Selling New York and Glee.  Still have RHNYC, Millionaire Matchmaker and some other stuff to watch.  You know – all I need to do is WIN the PowerBall and I’ll be on JetBlue and in NYC in a New York minute to buy an awesome apartment  … I saw some of the coolest digs on Selling New York … there are some areas in the city that there is absolutely no bargaining when looking for real estate; however, there were some pretty amazing spaces I saw on the episode.  I loved the apartment in Brooklyn Heights and the one featured near Times Square … I also like Tribeca & the UES … one day!  🙂 

It’s been cool watching the Little People, Big World tour of Europe — Jeremy & Zach have been to Scotland, London, Germany and are enroute to Paris — now Amy, Molly & Jake are in Rome and they’ll meet the twins in France soon!  And of course, Glee returned … since I’ve not watched it from the start — not sure if this was the season premiere or not, but I do know I cannot wait for the Madonna episode on Tuesday!  Speaking of music …

It’s time for music … musik … música … ceol … musique … מוסיקה … hudba … muziek 🙂

This is by far one of my favourite songs of all time … Break My Fall – DJ Tiësto ft BT

And of course, I couldn’t possibly forget … Sonambulist (Simply Being Loved) – BT

And while I’m at it … this song makes me sing, dance, whistle and want to fly away …

So, I’m not really ready to go back to work … no luck w/ my PowerBall tix this week … but it’s up to $252M … that’s definitely some pocket change to keep me on permanent Bryce holiday! 🙂  I guess I should get back to TiVO … lots to watch and I need to keep on procrastinating!

Hope everyone has a great week … I’m sure some adventure will pop-up this week! 🙂



Hugs, kisses and fondles (for a select few!) –

Bryce & Miss Nica

Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.  – David McCullough