Godspeed to all those on the Eastern Seaboard

Two whole weeks without a post. At least that’s what I’m thinking … anyway!  I’ve been extremely busy with many projects — the majority personal and well, a couple that are “work-related” and I made it a point to slow down today.

I stayed put all weekend – no trips anywhere – albeit my regular 9.30 AM standing appointment on Saturdays and little-to-no communication with the “outside” world.  I decided that I needed a break and staying away … well, that provided much needed clarity.  I’ve three weeks until a much needed week-long holiday!

Flood Zone A evacuations for NYC.

However, it’s not all good — I’m worried for the Eastern US and especially for those on the coast and of course, those in NYC.

After Irene last year, New Yorkers laughed about all the warnings; however, Hurricane Sandy is nothing to laugh at – she’s one big storm and she’s going to hook-up with a cousin coming in from the west — the areas of the city you’d expect to be evacuated are not optional, but now mandatory.

Whole Foods in Manhattan filled to capacity because of Hurricane Sandy.

In Manhattan, the mandatory evacuations are:  Battery Park City, Chelsea, Clinton, East Village, Financial District, Governors Island, Kips Bay, Lincoln Square, Lower East Side, West Village waterfront and Yorkville.  Unlike Irene, those areas are already — according to my friends  — beginning to get water incursions.

I am worried about my friends there and when I first started hearing about the storm heading that way back on late Tuesday, I called and told all of them to go buy water, storm supplies and food.  There aren’t massive grocery stores in NYC … and those shelves probably are empty now or close to it.  Many people will probably be heading to the subway stations as the MTA halts all public transit – subways, trains and buses in the city by 7.00 PM EST.

The storm off the coast of New York approaching Coney Island.

So, needless to say, my prayers and thoughts are with all those being affected by this massive storm and especially to those in NYC who will be greatly impacted if the full force of Sandy hits them. 😦

Chief Osceola begins the traditional pre-game with a ride around the field with the flaming spear. It was Homecoming weekend and the boys in Garnet & Gold didn’t disappoint!

With that depressing news aside, the best news of the weekend was that FSU took control of the ACC with their 48-7 romp over Duke and UNC’s last second victory over NC State!  Although the boys in Garnet & Gold won handily, it was sloppy with some turnovers that will cost us in the future if we don’t get it fixed!

And of course, I must talk about the Gator’s loss to Georgia.  I’m sure there are a lot of FSU fans — well, okay – SEC fans, too — cheering for the fact that Florida lost to Georgia in their annual rivalry in Jacksonville (FL). I, for one, am not one of those cheering.  You see, I have two sets of Gator friends — those who know better than to talk smack and well, those who just don’t get that you shouldn’t smack talk until your little Gators hatchlings … well, hatch.

I’d much rather Florida have been undefeated coming into Doak Campbell.  What makes me laugh is all the talk about how “we’re back” and “we’re coming to Tallahassee to get the Seminoles” — you know the typical smack talk from many – not all – Gator fans.

Doak Campbell has never been kind to Florida – ever.  In fact, it was really only kind for a short while in the last decade when Tim Tebow was at the helm.

I warned my Gator friends then that once he was gone – along with Percy Harvin — well, things would change dramatically.  And they did … the smug Urban Meyer abandoned the Gators with a “serious illness” and well, as I predicted, mysteriously became cured a year later and is now at Ohio State.

The Gators played a fresh out of the gate Texas A&M at the start of the season — I have a serious feeling that game wouldn’t go their way if they played the Aggies now;  played a less-than-stellar LSU at the Swamp and their only real “challenge” came in the form of South Carolina – on paper – because the old ball coach, Steve Spurrier,  has a way of not winning games that matter (even when he was at Florida).

Georgia’s Malcolm Mitchell dashes 45-yards with the game winning TD in their 17-9 win over the unbeaten Florida Gators.

And then came, Georgia.  The under-DAWG showed they still had fight in them and took it to that — what did the ESPN analysts call Florida’s Defence … one of the “elite in the nation”?  Uhmmm, not exactly.  Is this smack talk?  Not in the least.  The Gators could come to Tallahassee at the end of November and beat my Seminoles, but it won’t happen. This loss for the Gators is just as tough as FSU’s 17-16 loss to NC State — I even hate typing it!

This, unfortunately ( 😉 ), won’t be a long post … as I still have an entire list of things to accomplish today! I hope everyone has a good week and Godspeed to all those on the Eastern Seaboard — especially to all my friends in NYC … please stay safe!


Time for the Big Hokie Beatdown!

It’s been a LONG five years, but FSU is headed in the right direction — a strong finish is needed and it all started with the beatdown of our obnoxious arch rival Florida 31-7 last weekend.  I don’t care how “down” a program is — you play your hearts out and never admit that you didn’t stand a chance.  Period.

So, tonight, here in Charlotte is the first big test (yes, another test this season!) … we play a Hokie team that started out roughly, but emerged from those early fires to enter this game.  Frank Beamer has acknowledged and told his team that FSU’s record is 9-3 by a total of 6 points — that’s the number of points FSU lost to NC State (4)  and North Carolina (2) … and that in the last 14 meetings between FSU and VaTech — FSU leads 13-1.  The single loss — Christian Ponder’s first game as the leader when Drew Weatherford suffered a concussion — and the Seminoles — leading early in the 4th Quarter suffered a bashing defeat, 40-21. 

The Christian Ponder that was at that game isn’t the one showing up tonight in the 2010 ACC Championship game.  Christian has played all season – albeit one game – with nagging injuries dating back to the beatdown FSU took at the hands of Oklahoma — a game that, I believe, redefined FSU and this season.  Virginia Tech looks good on paper, but how do they look in their hearts and souls?  Do they believe they can beat FSU?  Do they believe they stand a chance?  That’s one thing FSU has right now … belief.  Especially after owning Florida last weekend after settling down — that’s the key for FSU tonight — settling down and then focusing.  When FSU does that … it’s going to be a long night for VaTech.

FSU is ready for the game tonight.  My friends and I are ready for the game tonight.  Are the Hokies ready for the game tonight?  Somehow, I believe that VaTech already knows how much FSU wants this game and it will play out like that on the field … GO SEMINOLES SCALP THE HOKIES! Gobble-Gobble!

Sidenotes … what a great week – it zipppppppppppppppppped by quickly; prayers for my family are greatly appreciated right now; I’m starting, finally, to get the Christmas spirit — I need to go buy a tree once things calm down (I’m using the FSU game tonight as a way to stay focused)!  I hope everyone has a great weekend! Hugs!

Bleeding Garnet & Gold, I am