I feel fortunate to have been able to experience a great number of things in my life.

There has been a lot of good and even some bad; however, the bad experiences we have in life only make us stronger – if we allow them to do so. There have been times when I felt like giving up, but I didn’t and here I am now – living life to the fullest!

I’m very blunt and honest about who I am as an individual. I am a very deliberate person because I always contemplate what I do, say, think and feel before acting upon it. I am me – nothing more and nothing less.

I expect more from myself than you or anyone else, for that matter, could ever expect of me. I am continually working on myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

will not accept blatant hate, disrespect, discrimination and the mistreatment of other people! Although we may all have our prejudices toward individuals because of their past actions and deeds — it does not give you nor I the right to generalise or classify all people into one category and judge them based upon the actions of one or even a minority of that group!

Quite frankly, I’m tired of people judging me based upon the colour of my skin … I was raised to respect all of humankind no matter the color of their skin, their religion, upbringing, class, et al.  So, if you judge people based upon the colour of their skin first … feel free to move along because I have ZERO tolerance for people like YOU.

I try to believe in the good of all people (unfortunately some people just do not have an ounce of good in them) — and to that end, I attempt to live my life in such a manner that accepts everyone for who they are and were meant to be in this life. I hope that you can understand, appreciate and embrace my philosophy on life and diversity! Celebrate who you are and all those around you!

Life iaeverydaadventure … be a part oiall!! 


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