I don’t need ChapStick


Take me or leave me. It’s really that simple. I think it’s funny or perhaps pathetic when people give you ultimatums.  Really? And you think because you’re older than me that I’m going to just compromise?  Because – you have more life experience than I do? 

Let me help you out with that little idea of yours … 

I’ve learned – in my life experience – that when you are at peace with yourself – you don’t have to make unnecessary compromises within your life.  You know the compromises I’m talking about … the ones that you do in order to ‘have something’ or ‘have someone’ in your life.

Bottom line is that I’m true to myself.  You know, following Willie Shakespeare’s timeless advice: 


I don’t need to do anything less than follow my heart. After all, nobody else is doing my living for me and if anyone wants to — I’ll send you my monthly bills. 🙂

As for people thinking that I’ll “come around” to compromising who I am to keep a ‘friendship’ — let me assure you, I don’t need ChapStick because my lips aren’t chapped from kissing anyone’s butt now or ever.  You can keep your “friendship” because I don’t need friends like that in my life.


My week was sorta-kinda fast, but not really … but it’s over and now I’m on holiday.  Alexa and I are taking our first trip away from home — we’re jetting to West Palm Beach for a little sun and fun (like we don’t get enough of that at home, but it’s a totally different experience in Palm Beach!).  I’m interested to see how she travels … I’ve a travel tranquillizer just in case I need she needs it!

I’m going to be so glad to be away for a few days and of course, having some of my good friends over once I return … they’ll be meeting Alexa for the first time and I’m actually happy about that!

Speaking of the little angel, here are a couple of her latest pixtures … 

2014-02-15_1016 2014-02-15_1020_002

I am hopelessly head-over-heels in love with her … still working on the things you work on with a three month old puppy and I love hearing the pitter-patter of feet throughout my house again … I still miss Nica terribly and there isn’t a day that I don’t think of her and cry, but that’s part of the entire process of being a pet parent … we don’t get to keep them very long, but for the time we have them — they do so much for us and with us!

So, I get emails once in a while about my telly watching … I don’t know why, but I do and I often get asked about what shows I watch.  I don’t always talk about them all here, but here they are … 



39160 Once Upon a Time--Craig Sjodin 138485757261746422_Sy3ydw1t_c 2014-02-02_1024 2014-02-01_2204


the-exes-12 2013-07-15_1117 Being Human media-1506916986383851004-TVL_KIRSTIE_1_H2_1385153098026_640_320 2013-07-15_1132 Broadchurch Major_Crimes 2013-08-09_1106

And there are others, but I think that’s enough for now – right?  As for Will & Grace – I’m sorry, but I’ll watch that show over and over again — and well, Sex and the City and QAF, too!  And to Tony, yes – as you guessed, I rarely watch a show the same night it airs — that’s why I have my TiVO! 🙂 And I never watch my Twitter feed either … too many people trying to spoil it for others!

And little did I know that when I started posting some of my favourite quotes — there would be requests for more … so, just in case you don’t get your needs met here — you can visit my tumblr quote page — Quote-a-Topia to get more! 🙂 

And you didn’t think I wouldn’t post any before I take my little holiday did you?  

tumblr_mx3o6k4dl11qz8rpeo1_500 96353ad9f18a93849f17b1194e01b8de 92dea37fb1a607bff824b0cc765817b5 35bd924f38956eb680e104c1a139ca7a 4c0947a4bc120c869b7089d7221c3c32 2ecb4ad980d569a09439284ae7be32c2 01a9b076f644311ed39ed3846bf54bbe

And with that … I’m off to crawl in my bed so I can be up “early” to pack for my quick trip and run some errands later!  I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll post once I’m back next Thursday! 🙂





Life is a funny thing.


Life can toss you about like you’re a can on a ship in the midst of a horrific storm for a while and then – without any warning … things calm down. Calm to the point where you wonder when the other shoe is going to drop.  But I have no fear of that … I have peace with many things but most importantly with myself. Life is a funny thing.

I think a huge part of that is that my house is no longer filled with silence (and well, sadness all the time) … this little angel, below, arrived on 24 January and has helped me a great deal … those of you who follow know that I lost my precious Nica on 24 September 2013.  And while Alexa hasn’t nor will she ever take Nica’s place — she has certainly brought peace, laughter and energy.

1 Feb 14_12

1 Feb 14_7

1 Feb 14_5

1 Feb 14_10

She’s quickly stolen my heart … and the fact that I know that Nica would love her just as much as I do … makes me smile.  Someone recently asked me why I never said that I owned a pet.  That’s an easy one … when you have a dog, you’re invested with and in them.  When you own a pet – well, there’s very little investment.  Of course, my angels are the children I will never have … my only regret in life (thus far).

So, here we are in February and my goal of writing weekly – in January – fell far short; however, I’m committed to this blog and here we are … plus, I return to therapy this week in my quest to regain my footing on the path of return to my complete happiness. 🙂  Life doesn’t have to be complicated – that’s why there is therapy.

I’ve been filling my time with reading, photography and telly as of late (oh, and work, too – but it’s not really work when you love it – right? 🙂 ) … So, here are some books and shows on my radar right now …


This show. THIS SHOW. Sleepy Hollow has been the biggest surprise for me since Major Crimes.  I wasn’t too sure this show could capture my attention, but its tie in with the American Revolutionary War and its twists and turns — well, it’s only gotten better episode by episode.  The season finale was a HUGE SURPRISE ( I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it)!  It returns later this year, but you can catch up with it on Fox.


I love Reign (CW) … it’s a glimpse at one of the most turbulent times in history, but its historical accuracy is far from the truth; however, it makes for a good watch.  It is, however, a glance at how alliances were forged across Europe by royals always trying to ‘one-up’ each other — and those who had money buying their way into the palaces of Europe.  I’m hoping it isn’t cut from the line up … the CW is known for doing that all too frequently.


Then there’s Sherlock on BBCone … FINALLY.  And I must say … it’s been brilliant thus far … of course, I cannot talk about it too much since I’m already one episode ahead of its showing in the states and I’m not one to spoil a good show!  Episode #2 (The Wedding) … wow.  It could be my favourite, but the season has only just begun!  I always find it amazing that the writers are still able to outdo themselves and so far, so good!


And you didn’t think I’d leave out Downton Abbey did you? So far … I’m engaged, but if it gets crazy again with death — I don’t know if I can hang in there.  Way too much death last season.  And I’m very interested in knowing what Barrow is up to … they’re tempting us, but keeping is quiet; however, you can tell he’s up to something (and of course, I know a little more because I’ve seen a couple of episodes more than you PBS Masterpiecers have seen).  


This little gem – unexpected, but greatly welcomed.  It’s purportedly based on the real-life Ian Fleming’s life — I guess we’ll see how closely it follows the line.  Dominic Cooper (more recently known for his role in Captain America: The First Avenger) stars as the womanising Ian Fleming, but full of imagination and ideas.  I must say, I’m hooked already.  It’s a made for BBCAmerica series … I wonder if they’re testing the waters for an audience back in the UK as well?  I guess we’ll see … but for now, I’m intrigued.


These are the books currently on my reading list … unlike some avid readers, I cannot read multiple books at once — I find it doesn’t allow me to immerse myself fully into the purpose of a book.   Alison Weir’s look at The Life of Elizabeth I … well, it’s a good read.  And 1776, I’m looking forward to reading this one because of its theme and the trailer for book-turned-movie The Book Thief caught my eye and I decided that I had to read it before I watched it.

I’ve decided that I’ll do my main posts at weekend and at midweek, I’ll be posting quotes because – as you’ll learn – I love words that are not always my own!

And now, off to start my Sunday … Alexa is fast asleep, in her bed under my desk, and we’re going on a driving adventure later because today looks to be promising!  I hope everyone has a great ‘what’s left of the weekend’ and a great week ahead.  I’m ever so thankful for the happiness that 2014 has brought and will bring … and on that note –

I am,



I wanted off the roller coaster.



The finality of my grandmum’s death arrived last week. The emotions I had but could not express completely when she passed – came in the form of an emotional hurricane.

The human mind is incredibly complex as I’m sure most people are well aware.  My mind, in an effort to protect me, subdued me at that most vulnerable time and I’m not sure I’m thankful or not … it seems irrational for me to have had my complete and utter meltdown two months since her passing.

2013-05-11_1011Dr Carolle says that when we have a healthy emotional state, but our mental state is hazy — our psyche can do a great deal in order to protect us from having a complete breakdown. And this is just one example of that.

I don’t mind being emotional, but last week … oh, last week I knew that I wanted off the roller coaster.

I can report that the skies are blue and things are now calm … acceptance brings about great change. I’m still emotional when I think about her no longer being here, but it’s easier now than before.

So, although things have slowed from the previous weeks – things are still on fast-pace and I’m looking forward to the end of this month — I transition to summer and I’ll be able to make me a priority. 🙂

1elementaryI am absolutely, totally addicted to ELEMENTARY now.  I am absolutely loving how different writers perceive Sherlock Holmes in the modern world.  My other obsession is SHERLOCK on BBC.

I cannot get enough of either, but SHERLOCK is on hiatus whilst the two leading actors do other projects, but we’re being tempted with its return late this year or early 2014.

If you’ve not watched ELEMENTARY – it’s on CBS on Thursdays at 10 o’clock.  Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are ideal for the roles, but I love the placement of Dr. Watson as a female character … innovative and quite brilliant if you ask me.

We’ve reached the point where Moriarty has arrived to unsettle Sherlock.  And of course, that means the end of the season … but fear not … MAJOR CRIMES, RIZZOLI & ISLES and FALLING SKIES return in a few weeks! 🙂

2012-07-08_0727Last Sunday was Nica’s birthday … she’s 13 now.  Which according to some people means that she’s actually 91.

I’d really love to know who or why someone or some group decided to sit down and debate that idea of 1 dog year = 7 human years. Seriously.

Anyway, she had her traditional birthday fare … a yellow cupcake with vanilla frosting, a plain hamburger from MickeyD’s, some french fries and a few ‘sips’ of Coke.  I raided PetSmart last week and bought her 15 new toys – which I might add were immediately strewn around the house and remain so. 🙂

People who don’t have dogs have no clue – they laugh at things such as this; however, aside from my parents, my cousin Heather, a few friends — Nica has been a constant source of unconditional love and she makes me smile and laugh frequently. 🙂

I’ve a few things to accomplish today and so, I’m cutting this short … I hope everyone reading has a great weekend! 🙂  And don’t forget to hold tight to yer mum’s — you’ve only got one and hopefully,  you’ve a great relationship! 🙂

xoxo –




Cause baby, I’m a firework …


I’ve been away. Oh, you noticed. 🙂 As ‘witnessed’ by the number of emails I’ve received from many of you. I think I was able to post everyone back … life has a funny of way of throwing you for a loop. My journey back to my own, personal happiness … derailed for a bit, but I’m back on track albeit the sadness surrounding my grandmother.

I’m lucky, among few, to still have living grandparents … and this grandmum — she’s 92. Of course, so many people say, “Wow. At least she’s lived a good life.” Is that supposed to be some sort of consolation? This world scares me too death … the lack of humanity that exudes from the youngest generation makes me want to run away screaming like I’m on fire. ::: SMH :::

So, my grandmum has congestive heart failure — which means … it could come at any moment. We’ve had those “gather everyone together” moments … several times, but she has always managed to fight it off and defy the odds. I don’t know if I’m being selfish because I still want her here with us; however, I don’t want her to suffer and want her to go in her own time and on her own terms.

Therapy has – obviously – been quadrupled up because this isn’t something I’m ready to deal with – now or well, frankly: EVER. Yes, I’m one of those people. I know that the people that matter most to us have to go one day. That’s what my head says, but my heart – well, it feels differently. Thanks to my lovely therapist … this moment I’m going through right now is ‘easier’ because of clarity.

Today was one of my visits. She remembered me. She smiled at me. She told me that she loved me. And she waved at me whilst we were sitting in the silence … I waved back and smiled. Today had to be one of my most precious moments with her that I’ve ever had despite her barely speaking. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. There aren’t enough words in the English language to express what she means to me … how much I love her. So, for now … we wait for the inevitable. 😦

Aside from that, I’ve been going pretty well … just extremely busy with work and yes, it has simply become work. Whenever others think something is a good idea, but don’t have to do it themselves … well, it becomes work. Of course, I’ve decided that I’ll not be working outside the confines of my work day anymore. Period. And this makes me smile, smile, smile … all the time because it’s the best kind of ‘revenge’!


So, I just watched Katy Perry – Part of Me … it reaffirmed why I love this girl so much. We’re totally on the same page … in utterly a bajillion ways. And her lyrics … well, they breathe life into me … and make me contemplate life on a broader scope.

And what I didn’t know was that during the filming of this project was when Russell Brand filed for divorce. He was: heartless, thoughtless, selfish and well, an asshole.

Probably the song I love the best – and let’s face it that’s a hard choice to make – is FIREWORK … if you’ve not heard it — take a listen below and if you’ve heard it — listen again — it NEVER gets old … right now this is my theme song – it’s helping me remember that no matter what might be going on … I’m a firework. 🙂


And of course, you might be wondering what I’m watching on telly now …

the-carrie-diaries-13-1024x768Yes, I am watching it … why wouldn’t I give it a chance? I’m a certified Sex and the City (SATC) fan and I have to say that it’s more than I expected. Plus, if you’re a Doctor Who or Torchwood fan — you have to watch it to just see what Freema Agyeman brings to the show.

So far, I’m not disappointed. Of course, there’s one annoying character and that’s Carrie’s little sister … who, thankfully, we never had to see or endure in SATC. 🙂


And well, where have I been … I got sucked into Downton Abbey during the middle of S2 via PBS. So far, I’ve enjoyed every single millisecond of the show — and Maggie Smith — well, she’s not the nicest character and it’s nice to see her … snippy side.

Of course, just like any show — it has its tear-jerking moments and of course the attempts of bring the 21st Century back a century to explore issues that were – most definitely – not acceptable … at all.

Arrow-Tv-Series-Main-Character-HD-Wallpaper_Vvallpaper.NetAnd then, there’s Arrow. I’m still hanging in there with this one … although, I think it might not survive — just The Secret Circle didn’t survive last year. 😦 The premise of the show is great, but I’m not sure the writers are always able to pull it off. Some of the casting is brilliant whilst some of it — well, makes you wonder — how did that person land the role. I’m hoping it survives.

And that’s it for now … yes, I’m back at least once a week … if not more. 🙂 I’ve always got something to say – like it or not. I hope everyone has a great week … in two weeks I’ll be on another holiday — yes, you heard it — another holiday! 😉