The day I dreaded has arrived.


5 May 2000 – 24 September 2013

My beautiful and precious Nica left me earlier today.  My heart has shattered into a million pieces.  I’m so thankful to God for taking her in her sleep and before she was in any pain.  For those of you who’ve reached out via email or by calling – thanks so much.  I’m afraid that I won’t be of much use to anyone for a few weeks — so, if I don’t contact you back — please, do not think anything bad about it – I just need time to grieve and mourn my little angel.

I think I have a really good eye…

The past week has been one of the better weeks I’ve had in a long time and I really feel like it’s going to keep heading in that direction.  One of the most important parts of getting back to my happiness  is being able to think without your mind racing and dragging you back into that dark place.

One of my new obsessions is BBC’s Sherlock … I had seen promos for the show, but blew past them. Then I watched and got hooked.  And I’m officially all caught up — just waiting for Season 3 now.  I said all of that to say — the quote you’re seeing, above, is from Sherlock.  It’s what he does when he really needs to sort things out and well, I totally understand that mindset.  I love my ‘me time’ because it allows me to clear my mind and that’s a healthy thing to do.

I’ve been busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger with updating/adding pages and exporting my blog content to my new Blogger account — it’s nothing more than a double press — I want a bigger audience and I’ll eventually connect both of those blogs to my own personal website … The Big Pixture — which I’ve been working on to update! 🙂  All of this kinda stuff takes me one step closer to my happiness … it’s the creative side of me that has been buried for months and it’s starting to push its way back … to the front! 🙂

I’ve started to really get into interior design — several of my friends have solicited my opinions and then did the work — and it turned out great. It’s really easy to design when it’s not your money being spent!!!   I think I have a really good eye and love figuring that kind of stuff out … if you have a creative thread in your soul — it shines through in all areas: art, cooking, graphics, design, et al.  It’s kind of amazing to know that being a creative person helps jump start the journey back into the light!

Today is the Wimbledon Men’s Championship and alas, my favourite – Rafa Nadal, is not there. 😦  He never truly even got out of the gate.  I wonder if the entire hype regarding making history at the French Open kinda rattled his mindset?  And with him out, I didn’t even really get into Wimbledon this year – and I always watch every single match live or TiVOed.  I am glad that Serena won her 5th title — I like her a lot now; however, I didn’t care for her that much in the earlier part of her career because of the attitude (which she still has, but she handles it so MUCH better now).   So, hopefully Rafa settles down and focuses on the tourneys left for this year – including the US Open in NY!

Nica poking out from under the bed covers this morning …

So, yesterday was a ‘day for the dogs’ … literally.  I bought a new bed and lots of goodies for Nica.  The two things she loved more than any of the other things were her new bed and the new lining for her ‘house’ (that’s what I call her crate and it’s the only word she knows for her crate).  She rooted around in her new bed and then promptly found a t-shirt of mine lying in the bedroom and proudly carried it to her new bed … and then did the same with a pair of socks to her ‘house’ … it’s amazing, to me, how my scent provides her with comfort when I’m not around … I’ve had to be really careful about what I drop on the floor – clothing wise – because she’ll drag ANYTHING to her bed or ‘house’ … if you have a dog, you know exactly what I’m talking about! 🙂

So, I’m ready to get my day underway … lots of little things I need to do and I cannot procrastinate today! 🙂  Here’s to a great Sunday and what’s left of the weekend!


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You have to laugh … and wonder. Gulp.


Yet another reason why I love Seinfeld! 🙂

The one, the only - Miss Lauren Cooper 🙂

Need I say anything else?Let's get it on!

DJ Bryce in da Haus!

It only took 107 shots to get this ONE! 🙂

I miss Will&Grace 😦


Diana, Princess of Wales - truly the Queen of Hearts

It’s Game Day People!

It’s game day … we’re enroute to Tallahassee right now … there’s nothing better than being in a HUGE RV with all the luxuries … the group that started out as six has now grown to 18 … there are two RVs now and well, just lots of fun!  Start time for the game changed once ABC picked up the game … it’s been moved to 3.30 — so, we’ll head to Publix off of North Monroe to pick up the food … lots of mouths to feed!  Today it’s going to be grilled chicken, sausage and burgers — and the weather … it’s supposed to stay right around 83°F — so, hopefully, it won’t be too bad today. 

FSU is taking on Wake Forest — who have embarrassed the ‘Noles a few times in the past few years — last year, they didn’t have that chance in Winston-Salem as they were routed 41-28.  I’m glad that we have some of our tougher games at home this year …. the only game we don’t have at home is Miami, but they slipped and fell hard (like FSU did) against Ohio State – the same day FSU lost miserably to Oklahoma.

Nica is also with us — in fact, she goes to every single game — she won’t sit still long enough for me to get a picture of her with her FSU gear on … Friends often ask if she goes into the games with us — they know I’m good at getting her into places I want her to go, but she’d not be “safe” inside the stadium unless I held her the entire time and well, needless to say, I do not sit still during a football game … I’d compare my up & down to being in mass. 🙂

This week went extremely well … a bit tired and looking at the looming stretch before I have some time off in November.  However, I’m not complaining in the least — things are so much better for me since I’ve moved into this new position.  I miss some of the people I worked with — I hope they are doing well. 🙂

Well, it’s time for me to sign off … we are Publix now and it looks busy (like it does EVERY game day in Tallahassee)!  I hope everyone has a great week … Until then … GO ‘NOLES!



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Bryce & Miss Nica … LIVE from Tallahassee, FL USA 🙂

‘this is my house and you’re not welcome.’

Life has been absolutely incredible the last few days … I’ve had the chance to catch-up with former students — who are all ‘grown-up’ now and in university.  I find it a huge honour when any of my former students (who’ve graduated) seek me out … I’m learning that I’ve made an impact with my ‘life speeches’ and that means – every once in a while – it’s okay when I talk about life.  Had a four-hour lunch with Clare — who I had the privilege of teaching in both 5th & 7th grade.  An extremely articulate and bright young lady — who now attends the University of Florida (blah). 😛  Apparently, her family and boyfriend tried ringing her many times during our lunch/catch-up meeting — I felt bad about it.  Hopefully, I’m not on some wanted poster now!

I’ve had a rescue puppy — a black pug — named Charlie this weekend (he just left about 30 minutes ago 😦 ) … my dog, Nica – Jack Russell Terrier – did not play nice – at all – over the course of the weekend.  This makes me absolutely sad – because she really needs a playmate.  She was selfish and mean all weekend — she didn’t hurt Charlie — she was just like ‘this is my house and you’re not welcome.’  I guess, I’ll have to get puppy that’s just being separated from its mum and clings to Nica.  So, it’s back to square one.  She does get along with my sister’s Daschund, Brody – they play and sleep together when they get to hang out!  I absolutely love Brody — he’s adorable!  I’ll have to check it out once I transition to my new job in the next week. 🙂

That’s it for now … nothing else exciting to report! 🙂



Have a great week …