Hillary: Victory is in Sight!

The BSers are grasping at everything to justify their attacks and failing miserably


It’s been way too long since I blogged.  Life has been chaotic, uncertain and busy – but now things have settled down (well, not the busy part -but the chaos and uncertainty are gone). I’ve been busy working my two jobs – the later being for #TeamHillary.  And nothing was sweeter than watching NYers giver Hillary a victory that sends a clear message that she’s who we want!  And in Hillary’s very own words … 2016-04-23_1010

If you’re a Hillary Clinton supporter, you know that we’ve had to work hard from the start. We knew we would be working hard because of the simple fact that Hillary is a woman. And we knew we’d have some challenger(s) for the Democratic nomination and that’s always work; however, we didn’t know that would be dealing with fire-breathing, acid-spitting, vitriol, lying and hateful Bernie Sanders supporters.

As this contest has moved forward it has progressively become worse with the attacks from not only the BSers, but now the Trumpers and Cruzers.  Which, ironically, there isn’t any difference in their attacks. Each of these campaigns has tried to say and do things that they have hoped would bring Hillary Clinton down and they’ve FAILED miserably.  Their lies vetted quickly and factually.

On Twitter, I’ve told BSers not to waste their time with me and if they were coming for me to bring more than their opinion, but alas – they still cling to the lies they’ve been fed consistently by the BS campaign and even when you destroy those lies – they still embrace them.  And what is really evident now is that this isn’t just about Hillary, but it’s about Sanders and his supporters attempting to destroy the Democratic Party.  This particular part of an interview in the LA Times says a lot about their character:

LA Times

You see, I’m past the point of being angry about these attacks made by people drinking the BS KoolAid. Anyone who is a true blue Democrat has known since very close to the start of BS announcing that we’ve known he wasn’t a Democrat – in fact, he’s even said it more since January.  But this idea that this election is being stolen from Bernie is nothing more than throwing gasoline on a fire that has made #TeamHillary step up and work EVEN harder than RoseAnn DeMoro could ever imagine working to get the truth out there about Hillary’s message.

And DeMoro is correct that “this isn’t Kumbaya time” – it’s actually much more than that – it’s a “come to reality meeting time” for people who are riding the fence or who have been drinking in the steady stream of lies that is the only source of attack the BS campaign can muster since he’s not winning and well, won’t be winning.  For those claiming to be Democrats supporting the BS, his message was interesting at first, but now his continued attacks  on Hillary (via himself, his wife, staff, surrogates, paid tweeters and many of his vitriol supporters) speaks volumes about ALL of their integrity.  So, this continued notion of the closed primaries being stolen from the Bern — RIDICULOUS!

Let’s talk about stealing … 

  • Sanders campaign steals Clinton data from the DNC and calls it an “accident”.
  • Busing people into caucus states to vote for BS > and it being caught on hidden camera
  • The attempts to change state voting laws in closed primary states because you don’t like that your non-Democrat followers can’t vote for you because you’re an independent – perhaps you should have run as an independent if you wanted all of their votes.
  • The misleading email sent out by a BS organiser in Nevada (Clark County) telling Hillary supporters they didn’t need to show up — and BSers took those empty seats giving BS more delegates, but not the win as they hoped.  – lying so that your BSers could take their seats.
  • That’s called STEALING RoseAnn – vetted cases of stealing and there are so many more, but those are the ones that show the lengths at which BSers are willing to go to win. It’s sad and pathetic.

Let’s talk about the reality:

VOTES as of 20 April

You see, RoseAnn – nothing is being stolen. Had BSers in New York actually been registered to vote in the NY Primary, they would have received a notification in the mail about the deadlines for switching parties by the October deadline.  Of course, lots of people tweeted me saying they were registered before that date, but for some reason their names not on the roll books.  The bottom line is – where was your voter paperwork?  There were judges in NY issuing voter status paperwork to those who could prove they were actual New York residents and had been registered to vote. The passion for cheating has been evident for months in the BS camp.  New York just wasn’t going to be bought.

And for the argument of BS won 7 contests (caucuses) before NY.  Adam Smith puts it into proper perspective for that line of thinking … 


Caucasuses aren’t TRUE democratic principles in action … they limit when people can vote and the lack of proper voting vetting is evident through the many hidden cameras showing BS polling workers telling non-residents how they can vote for Bernie. Of course, there are rotten apples in all campaigns and there were some overzealous Hillary supporters doing the same thing, but not consistently like the Sanders campaign state after state. Period.

The only thing being stolen is the integrity and character of people who maintain their sense of loyalty to a campaign that has tried everything it can to win a nomination through any means necessary.  I, like many Hillary supporters, have no patience left for the ugliness that is presented via Twitter (pop-up Twitter accounts especially) and newly created “news websites” that favour Bernie.  Sanders lack of political sportsmanship is clearly evident as well …

BS the Loser

And let’s not forget the threats made by many BSers … “you need our votes, but you’re not going to get them because if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination, I’m voting for Trump.” You see, that’s not a threat really … because you never intended on supporting Hillary from the get go.  So, those threats are met with a common message: Take your handful of votes and walk away because you weren’t a Democrat or progressive to begin with.

And then the surrogates of Bernie — I’m not even going to post Rosario’s utter nonsense because she’s dug herself into oblivion, but this one and his continued string of failed campaign backing for the last 20+ years is just fun … 


Thanks for playing Michael Moore, but we have no parting gifts for you. Buh-bye Mikey. And of course, the most notorious of all Sanders surrogates and her latest foot-in-mouth-and-ass comment:


You don’t really have to say much about Sarandon anymore. She’s never supported a winning president in the last 20+ years … And now she’s turned many off to the point that I doubt they’d go see any movie she might be cast in and L’oreal will prolly regret having her as spokesperson for their product(s).

Of all of the things I’ve seen posted in support of the Bern, this one made me laugh the hardest because of the fact that it was shared as TRUTH for a very, very long time …

Bernie Lies

Uhmm, Julie – just in case you weren’t aware – that’s actually the REAL Arc de Triomphe in the back as seen from the eastern end of the Champs-Élysées in Paris NOT Washington Square in NYC. This one still makes me laugh.  There was another one showing the crowds outside Charlie Hebron in Paris and it was tweeted as being in NYC … you see, the KoolAid is strong in many BSers.

The hard, cold reality for the BS campaign is that the beginning of the end has begun with his resounding loss in NY (of course, they point out all of the counties he won versus Hillary, but the bulk of the population of NY is based in and around New York City:


One of my Twitter friends stated it perfectly when BSers started touting they had won more counties … 


Hillary dominated in NY where the bulk of the population is located … 

And the bigger picture … 


And now we move forward to this coming week in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island — where the polls have shifted in key contests in PA, CT and MD firmly in support of Hillary!   


And then on to the West with the largest prize remaining …CA_Loves_H

and our Katy has been behind Hillary from the start … 


And my favourite meme is so telling even more so since Hillary doused the Bern in NY …


And with all that I had to say being said … I’m off to start my weekend!  Here’s to my Hillary family! 🙂

Peace – 








Slowly, but surely …


I’m finally starting to be healthy again … completely, healthy!  I’m thankful for family and friends who’ve encouraged and supported me without even knowing – completely, all the details – I feel so much better and I hope my body is experiencing the release it has needed in a long while.  🙂

I don’t even know if anyone’s even following or reading me now, but I just didn’t have the energy to blog, but now – I want to get back on track and scribble my thoughts out on any and everything I’m inspired by … 

For now, here are some quotes … because many of you seem to love my collected quotes!

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And on that note, this West Coast ‘boy’ must try to sleep again — because even though it’s Friday still – I do have a lot of sleep to wrestle with … Happy Friday! 🙂

xo – 


A Guide to Reality


I’m turning out to be a WordPress Monthly Blogger … I truly, truly am trying — most days I am just too tired to even contemplate writing my thoughts out and at weekend – I’m so busy clearing my mind from the previous week that I just get 1000% lazy – well, aside from doing my weekend chores!   

I’m amazed – and not in a good way – with Mr Obama’s behaviour related to PM Netanyahu’s visit to the US – a visit called for by the US Congress.  His words and lack of action with regard to the most recent Hamas attacks on Israel that lasted weeks just made it clearer that this Democrat was correct in never supporting him (nor his opponents) in the presidential elections.  It’s absurd and basically childish how he’s acting. It just makes me even more Ready for Hillary!

And while I’m talking politics, I had someone tell me that because I vote Democrat I have blood on my hands.  Of course, I asked what they meant and they said because of abortion.  And I was like, let me get this straight – because I don’t vote Republican I have blood on my hands?  Of course, they also said that no respectable Christian would ever vote Democrat either. 


And in a split second, I reminded that person that the US Congress had been controlled by Republicans – with the required two-thirds veto override – since Roe v. Wade, but they never even broached the subject and the responce I received was, “I could say more, but these political talks never turn out good.”  You’re right, you could say more, but I’d destroy everything you say point-by-point.  Another reason that I have no use for Republicans who think God is a card-carrying member — have these people EVEN read the Bible?  Do they think Jesus was hanging out with all the self-righteous, holier-than-thou people?  What a bunch of absolutely ridiculous, non-thinking, FOX News watching, believing, programmable, propaganda robots! SERIOUSLY!

Devil Wears Prada ... Miranda Priestly, seriously

278741-1I thought for a nanosecond that I was going to have to stop watching How To Get Away With Murder after the overly dramatic mid-season return.  I grow tired of watching shows that use drama constantly with no single moment of pure joy albeit the end of the show – for example: The Fosters.  I love this show; however, lately every single episode has been drama, conflict — I know it’s not a sitcom, but seriously with the stress I have in my life due to work right now, I really don’t need to be stressed out watching a show (weird, yes – I know). 

One show that I really, really love is The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce – it’s BRILLIANT with its mix of drama, comedy and realistic look at life (you can say it isn’t, but I’ve seen some of this stuff personally and it’s – at least to me – the real deal).  I’m not sure if this show is just a one run show or not — I hope they’re thinking about it returning for another season — the writing is awesome and I hate when the show comes to an end.

So, I’ve decided to push my Bali trip to 2016 … I want to make sure that I plan it out completely so that it’s everything that I want it to be.  Instead, I’m going to St Thomas in the Virgin Islands and I’m excited to be there!  I’ve been doing tons of research on the island and the split sides — it sounds like I’ll have a blast! 🙂  I just helped a couple of friends plan their trip to Italy — I’d consider myself a semi-expert since it’s one of my favourite places on this planet! 🙂

And here at my house, the colours of the month are …


Of course, they’re out of the reach of a certain little dog who thinks EVERYTHING belongs to her …

I’ve a billion things to do today — so, I’m going to go have morning playtime with Princess Alexa and then, get some errands done! I hope everyone has a great weekend … and yes, I’ll try to be better with scribbling … a few of you seem to like my “all over the place” entries! 🙂

xoxo –




A blast from the ‘past’ but one that I love … I’ve listened to it so much for so long that it’s now a part of my soul. Take a listen whilst you read, I promise it’ll make you start tapping your toes and prolly moving your body. 🙂

I’ve been so hit and miss – like you regulars didn’t realise that already – over the past few year.  The slide downward began after I lost my beautiful little Nica.  I knew her death would hit me hard, but I didn’t know the full impact of losing my one constant – the one living thing that had absolute and unconditional love for me.  I miss her terribly – even with the new puppy (who I might add I love beyond measure) – and I think of her often.


This quote just fits me over the last year or so … I am happy on a regular basis, but there is a tinge of sadness that isn’t solely related to Nica’s passing, but to other things that I cannot put my finger on.  In fact, Dr. C has said that I just need to move forward and overcome those instantaneous moments of sadness that engulf me quickly and move on just as quickly.  It’s weird how a tv show, song or movie can absolutely push me over the edge and then, I’m fine.  I guess I should be thankful that I’m not a walking ball of emotions that can erupt at any moment.

So, I think the people of Florida who voted for Rick Scott – you know the super honest Republican who bested former Governor Charlie Crist for the top post …well, they are getting what they voted for and I think before it’s all over he will have demolished the state — and sadly, nobody can do anything about it now that the “voters” have spoken … and when everything is in shambles — you get what you deserve.


And of course, my Seminoles lost to the Oregon Ducks in their semifinal of the inaugural CFP … of course, the truth as we know it now is that the Ducks – who could have still won – capatilised on five turnovers to win the game – much like the Ohio State Buckeyes did — and yes, for one night and one night only I was cheering for Ohio State … it was very satisfying watching Oregon go home EMPTY HANDED.  That was the ultimate karma for a bunch of trash-talking, in-the-clouds Duck fans who needed that reality call.  Mock the War Chant again bitches – mock it and see where it lands you.

All eyes on are on Washington, D.C. as the Republicans have seized control over Congress and who’ve all but declared war on the President.  Of course, I think President Obama won the State of the Union with is ‘in your face’ quips directed to the Republicans who think they are what’s good with the United States — oh, how wrong they are about that.  Perhaps the best moment all night was when the President told them “if you think you can live on $15,000 a year — go ahead and try it yourself.”  That was definitely a slam dunk … Obviously, if you read this little hole in the wall blog of mine – you know I’m not a fan of President Obama on many fronts; however, he seemingly is righted his ship and is focused on the what makes America great: the Middle Class.  Without the Middle Class this country will fall harder than the Roman Empire.


My eyes are on the 2016 elections and of course, we’ve already begun the movement to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.  America is ready for the leadership of Hillary Clinton.  Of course, there are the Elizabeth Warren people out there, but – once again – we come to that — EXPERIENCE MATTERS ideology.  We see where President Obama’s lack of experience got us in some areas like foreign policy.  Frankly, it’s time people.

I cannot make promises that I’ll be back posting on a regular basis, but I can promise that I’ll try.  I’ve lots of things to accomplish this morning before this afternoon and on that note, I’m out people … 




My created family …

Starbucks Christmas 2This is the time of the year that old friends reconnect under the typical holiday traditions of parties for the purpose of catching up and the like; however, I reconnected with two of my dearest friends – Caroline and Laura over the passing of a loved one.  As I sat in the service listening to the words spoken about Laura’s Dad, I made a decision that the people we love the most and keep closest to our hearts – aside from family – deserve the very same attention on a regular, full-time basis. The eulogy warmed my heart as we heard stories from the past, the lives touched and this message made me understand even more just how very precious life is and how we should never let any time escape us – because in the blink of an eye — time passes so very quickly.


And that’s what I – we – plan on doing from this point forward. Even with our insanely busy lives, we’re going to sketch out a plan and then – stick to it!  These two bellas are like sisters to me and I love them both beyond measure!  I am so very thankful for both of them and for everything they’ve ever done for me … these two are just another part of the family I’ve created for myself! 🙂

This song … so appropriate … cause we are gonna be forever you and me (us) … 

That’s all I can muster for today … I’ve much to do and so, I’ll settle in tomorrow with more scribbles, quotes and Christmas pictures! 🙂

Happy Saturday!

Peace –