knocking it out of the ball park

When you’re on the road back to happiness … you can certainly learn a lot about yourself – if you allow yourself to do so! 🙂  I’ve always been fairly tolerant, patient and well, a whole list of things one might expect of themselves.  And for the record, that’s not me saying that — it’s my core group of friends who say that to me here and there.

More and more, I’m hearing them tell me that the “old Bryce” is back.  Of course, who is the “old Bryce” I ask them.  And for this, they had a list yesterday whilst we tailgated before the FSU-Clemson game:

  1. You’re laid back again … thank God!
  2. Silly, silly, silly … it’s the best part about you!
  3. Laughing more than you have in a long time!
  4. Eyes are peaceful.
  5. You’re singing again and it’s awesome to hear you sing.
  6. I don’t dread seeing you. :::WOW::: [honesty is always a hard medicine to swallow]
  7. Giggles, giggles and more giggles.
  8. Spontaneous and not so uptight.

Sometimes, your friends are the best therapy and well, therapists out there.  I guess #6 caught me off guard, but I get it.  When you’re miserable — well, your good friends know it and they can sense it.

Even if your trying to fake it through a smile and laughter — apparently, the eyes are the dead give away that things aren’t all they appear to be.  It’s always nice to know that people recognise what you’ve been working on and that you’re knocking it out of the ball park. 🙂  And so the journey continues …

“I face the day again.  Against the window pane. I remain your closest friend and wish you back again.  But still the days drag on.  Why did you decide to go?  Did you only need to see what only time can show?   I’ll be waiting. I may be young or old and gray … counting the days.  But I’ll be waiting and when I finally see you come, I’ll run when I see you …” – Amy Grant, The Prodigal

So, there was this game in Tallahassee yesterday.  Holy cow, FSU is seemingly on the road back to being the ‘old FSU’ … and I have to say, I’m loving the maturity of the entire FSU football team … from the coaches to the players.

This year, there isn’t this one-track mind of the National Championship – instead it’s a ‘one game at a time’ mentality and that, for the record, brings about the best FOCUS!! 🙂  And I must say that it was nice to see Doak Campbell packed beyond capacity for the game. I can only imagine that the team completely feed off the energy of the crowd from start to finish.

I never doubted that we wouldn’t win the game, but I’ll just say that I’ve no fingernails left (I tear them off — no biting) because I “ripped” the ends of them off during the entire first half.  I was anxious beyond words, but knew the game wasn’t out of reach so long as the original plan wasn’t abandoned.

My friend Jeff and I were talking about how Chad Morris, Clemson’s offensive coordinator,  would eventually run out of different looks for Florida State’s defensive line.  And that breakdown occurred in the early part of the 3rd Quarter.  And Mark Stoops, stepped it up after the half.

I think we saw EJ Manuel grow up a lot during the second half of the game and of course, I think a confidence — not arrogance — has been vested now by the entire coaching staff and the team.  I truly am excited about what the future – beyond this season – holds for FSU! 😉

Needless to say, once EJ & Co. got rolling, the Seminoles … well,  five touchdowns later, with 0:00 and FSU 49  Clemson 37  blaring on the scoreboard …  the fireworks whizzed high above Doak Campbell and the Marching Chiefs went ‘crazy’ with the War Chant!  And if you’ve yet to figure it out … this ‘boy’ bleeds Garnet & Gold, baby!

The next three weeks are going to be absolutely, undeniably insane and although I don’t think I’m ready for everything that’s going to happen (not that any of it is bad, mind you!)  … I know that it’ll all be okay because a higher power sustains me! 🙂

And with that being said, it’s time for me to get myself on task before my night completely slips away!

Hope everyone has a great, great week …


You wanna dance? Bring it.

Therapy is a good thing.  I think during the tough times it’s what keeps me level-headed.  No, I’m not violent by any stretch of the imagination; however, I can go from nice to DEFCON 5 in 1.5 milliseconds. Period.

It’s probably a very good thing I’m not in charge of the button for the nukes … but I’m nice 99.7% of the time unless you give me a reason not to be nice. Scouts honour.

I’ve been dealing with someone who annoys me beyond measure. Dr Kim has told me that I need to “box-out” people who bring about stress in my life, but unfortunately — you just cannot box everyone out because you have to see them way too often.  I’ve made a really good effort, but I’ve not been successful. And now, they’ve crossed a line that should have never been crossed.

I’ve tried to play nice, but I don’t think it’s in this persons nature to be nice – you know, go above and beyond for anyone else besides themselves.  I think there’s an attempt to make me “look bad” in front of people … it’ll never happen. I’m not the person with the cracks forming in the façade of a ‘world’ they’ve crafted to appear real.  And if that’s the way they want it … I say: You wanna dance? Bring it.

It’s like the old adage goes … If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned.  Consider me the fire.

And that’s about all I have to say about that.

So, there was a remake of the 1978 thriller Coma by Ridley Scott and his late brother, Tony Scott.  I admire the various titles in their long careers and so, I was excited and I TiVOed it — so, I could watch the four hours without any and all  interruption.

I was beyond disappointed because for all of the technology and heavy hitters in the movie — it flat lined almost immediately and put me straight into a coma. 😦  Disappointed doesn’t even cover the movie and I’ve no motivation to talk about it anymore.  For the record, the 1978 release is much better … in my – humble – opinion.

My Alma-mater did a number on Murray State last weekend.  Was I happy?  Yes, but I hate it when your team really has no choice but to score if it’s there.  Are your eyebrows scrunched up in the questioning look?  I just hate that the final score was such a blow-out 69-3, but it does seem to signal that my Seminoles are seemingly back to their old ways.

And this weekend will be no different with Savannah State. Not that Wake Forest should be overlooked, but I’m waiting for Clemson to come to Doak Campbell. I’m ready to watch my Noles unleash their full potential on the Tigers.  The first two games are mere scrimmages – testing out our lines and everything we’ve got, but not really bringing out the heavy artillery until we have to let it show. This boy bleeds GARNET & GOLD baby! SCALP’EM NOLES!

Speaking of heavy artillery, I finally caught up with the movie Battleship.  It started out a little slow, but once it got going – it got going.  I can understand why it didn’t completely dominate the box office though.  Although the action was there – it wasn’t as intense as I had hoped it would be — in other words: it wasn’t on pace for a movie like this one.  I liked the storyline and well, I didn’t hate it … because I did enjoy the battle sequences and genius of using ‘Mighty-Mo’ toward the end. 🙂

29 December 2010 is a day that I’ll never forget.  It’s the day we lost Little Rob to a shooting. It was ruled an accidental death within 36 hours, but our family never felt like it was correctly or fully investigated.

Yesterday, after 20 long months, a judge ruled that the case would be re-opened and investigated.  My cousin Rob and his wife, Veronica have had to go through what no parents should have to go through and finally a judge agreed that the case needs to be investigated further.

All I can say is that there should be a law in every, single state that holds parents accountable for their weapons not being locked up and kept out of the hands of children under the age of 18.  Of course anyone who has lost a family member is biased about them; however, Little Rob was an absolutely incredible young man — he was loved by his many friends, his family — he just was an incredible kid.

We miss him more than words can express, but I’m hopeful that this investigation will hold his ‘friend’ responsible for his death. If you pray — please pray for our family – especially Little Rob’s parents, his grandparents, siblings, Aunts and Uncles, cousins … we truly need it.

And now, it’s time for my weekend to officially begin … I’ve got a ton of things I need to accomplish and well, I’m going to get to it! I hope that everyone has an absolutely fantastic weekend! 🙂


Lessons Learned

I will ALWAYS bleed Garnet & Gold!!!!!!  There were definitely lessons learned last night by FSU – hopefully.  The game was stressful for EVERYONE involved — from the sidelines to those in the stadium to those watching at home.  Of course the news — an hour before kickoff — that Christian Ponder wouldn’t play … with no real explanation did not go over well with anyone.  Of course, we got the information this morning from an ESPN report and I can say that I’m glad Christian didn’t play … nobody would want him to get an infection from the elbow issues he’s been having.  So, at least that call from Fisher was a good one …

Lesson #1 = FSU was in the ACC Championship because of the brilliant play of Maryland a week beforehand.  I felt that FSU was ready to be in the championship game because our losses to NC State and North Carolina were so close (and as we all know close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades).  Did FSU deserve to be there … I can argue both sides of that and prolly win both.

Lesson #2 = FSU’s offensive line was incredible — EJ played a pretty well-balanced game; however, the play calling from the coaches really was not the best we’ve seen. Stick to what FSU does best and stop trying to outguess the other sideline.  In my mind, Jimbo Fisher and Mark Stoops are on probation — yes, FSU had a better year, but you have to play smart football and overall, our “O” or “D”  didn’t play smart consistently last night.  They didn’t have the focus … and I said they needed that to win the game.

Lesson #3 = FSU is on the road to recovery and moving back into the BCS Championship circle of contention — of course, our arch rivals in Florida and outside are saying this year was a fluke, but in reality it wasn’t.  I could care less if Miami (Duh U) or Florida (WhoF) are down or not — both of those teams played their hearts out against FSU and still got BEATDOWN.  Those beatdowns serve as notice that FSU is on their way back and those beatdowns give FSU a huge advantage/edge in the recruiting battle for players who have no “blood connections” to either of those programmes.

Lesson #4 = When it seems to be too good to be true … that is probably the case.  Exhibits:  A 9-3 regular season record; soundly defeating your two-instate rivals and beating your conference rivalry (Clemson) at home in a close one; showing signs that the football recession at FSU is almost over.  Point in Case:  It was too good to be true that FSU could win the ACC title without Christian Ponder.  I’m not taking anything away from EJ Manuel — he’s going to be an incredible force to be dealt with for the next few years for opposing teams; however, Christian would have done a better job last night – in my opinion – with moving the ball around to different receivers and causing VaTech to think about who to cover … FSU has had an incredible season and it’s not over yet! 

Lesson #5 = IT’S GREAT TO BE A PART OF THE SEMINOLE NATION!  I’ve never been a bandwagon or fairweather FSU fan … I’ve stood with my team through the good, the bad and the ugly.  I think I have the right to share my views since I’ve stood by my team; however, people who only like or cheer for FSU when things are good — should keep their MOUTHS SHUT.  It’s like voting … if you voted, you can badmouth anyone you want (especially if you’ve learned that you WASTED your vote for the president during the 2008 election — yeah, I told everyone Hillary was a better choice — I digress, back to football); however, if you didn’t vote — SHUT UP.  You have NO right to complain if you didn’t vote … and likewise, if you are only a Seminole during the good times — you have no right to be ugly during the bad times! PERIOD.

And that’s all I have to say about that!

Now, on to the tasks at hand today … everyone enjoy your Sunday!