they walk among us.

You’re all in trouble now. Yes, I re-discovered a folder of gifs I had … and I’ve got them now and not afraid to use them. 🙂 Sometimes if they’re not moving – you just gotta click on them and they’ll wake up!

I was raised by two incredible parents – TRUE story.  And they continue to raise me indirectly to this very day and I’m not the least bit offended by their attempts to guide me even still.

I don’t think it matters how old you are … you could be 27 or 77 and if you’ve got the wisdom, common sense and ability to listen — you can still learn.

Thus the point of this entire rant.

I was raised to be nice, kind, humble, tolerant, et al.  But I’ve learned that – I’m sorry to say this out loud [as if some of you will mind] – but there truly are stupid people roaming the world.

Yes, I said it.  But you were thinking it!  Now, I’m not one to not give people a chance – even a second one – to make good with something they’re saying or doing; however, there has to be a line drawn somewhere.

This all came about today as I was listening to someone trying to justify why they thought – yes, thought – they were right.

The problem is they were wrong, wrong, wrong — WRONG. Period. Dead wrong.  I love :::sarcasm::: hearing people who talk to hear themselves talk and whilst doing so actually convince themselves of what they’re saying.  I must admit, I’ve been in denial about the stupid people.

The hard part is when you have to pretend to care and be nice in order to say, “I’m sorry but you’re wrong.” Not just wrong with part of it or even half of it, but ALL of it.  And the problem is they won’t LISTEN to reality. Okay, so the gif is over the top, but you KNOW it’s true.

My friend Joan, God rest her soul, talked about them.  Even Forrest Gump talked about them — “stupid is as stupid does.”  Where have I been? Seriously. Therefore, I submit to you that stupid people: They walk among us. 

And although I want to be nice, I’m not sure I can be nice to people who just don’t think before they say or do something — well, stupid.

And no matter what, I still try – very hard – to be nice without actually saying, “You’re stupid.”

If that rant made no sense – well … :::sigh::: 🙂


Today was such a bittersweet day.  We planted a tree in honour of our beautiful Joan for Earth Day 2013 .

We lost her on 6 October 2011 and that day is etched in my mind.

Joan retired in February 2011 to spend the rest of her life in retirement — spoiling her grandbabies and enjoying the time she had earned.  She discovered that she had stomach cancer in May and by October, well, she was gone.

She protected those closest to her until mid-July and then she called to tell each of us.

I still have her phone number in my phone and I cannot delete it.  I have three voicemails from her and I cannot erase any of them.  My precious, sweet Joan – I miss your hugs, smiles, laughter, wisdom and most of all your comfort when my world has become dark.

I still think of you often and miss you more than words can express. 😦

I think that’s all I can muster for today … I hope everyone has a great week!




the future is looking better and better

One of my shelves devoted to many of my favourite things …

I’m feeling really good today … I took the time to vent to my friend, Lauren, yesterday (my therapist said it’s good to communicate with people that I trust) because she knows what I’ve been going through.  I’m thankful for having a handful of people that I know that I can trust in my life – it’s a part of the process and the road hasn’t been as bumpy as of late.  A lot of people simply get bogged down – they forget to keep moving forward, but thank God that I’ve always been a ‘keep going no matter how bad I feel’ person.  I have a driving spirit and I am eternally grateful! 🙂

So, one of my “happy places” is watching the ole telly … yes, God gave someone the infinite wisdom to invent TiVO. 🙂 So, if you’ve looked at my links, to the right – to the right — now dip baby dip — hee hee … Anyway, yes — links to some of my favourite shows on telly … you’ll see The Nate Berkus Show … 🙂 I love, love, love Nate Berkus.  In fact, he’s the inspiration behind a lot of the design in my house … I love his entire ‘mix-n-match’ approach to design.  It has, in fact, rubbed off in my house!

Photo booth pictures of my Dad and I … Hardy Boys … London Call box … Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock … Tigger as the devil … these are a few of my favourite things!

One of my favourite shelves includes items from my childhood … You can see the top shelf one of my best Home Goods finds ever … the word ‘Dream’ — it was on clearance for $6 — I found it on eBay selling, at its lowest price, at $40 … so, score!  You’ll also see a photo frame to the left — that’s holding photo booth pictures of my Dad and I — it’s the one featured as my LOGO … I love that it’s in black & white!  There’s a small Hardy Boys book, a Disney flip book (circa 1974), a London Call Box bank ( I love, love, love that piece), pins from London, a Mickey Mouse wind-up clock (circa 1967) and Tigger in a devil costume!  That shelf also houses a wood sculpture, one of my bow ties from my childhood and two Lego men pins from Lego Mindstorms.

The next shelf holds copies of first edition Hardy Boys books … they’re hard to find, but I buy them when I find them! It also has an original Tigger (the one that actually looks like a Tiger) from my Papa Ross and another Tigger dressed as Indiana Jones.  The small metal box is like a mini ‘locker’ of sorts — I found it at a flea market and talked the price down from $20 to $10.  The next shelf holds more Tigger beanies and all of the books left from childhood … some of my favourites include Charlie Brown!

Some of my photography, art and stitched ‘stuff’ hanging in my living room.

When I moved into my first house, I remember being worried that all of the frames on pictures had to match … and I did that for a very, very long time, but when I discovered Nate, I learned that you could mix-n-match EVERYTHING … photos, art, furniture!  I’ve used that mantra since seeing him on Oprah and when I’ve found a piece I really liked and could get it for what I wanted to pay – it has become a part of my ever growing collection of ‘stuff’ — I try to keep everything organised, but it does get a bit crazy at times!

My cousin Heather, who I love, love, love 🙂 introduced a money trap to me when I visited her back in 2011 … it’s called Hobby Lobby and I was hooked immediately.  It’s full of great stuff – at reasonable prices – to spice up just about any place you want to add a flair of design too!  I’ve been pretty good about not going into debt because I’m all about sales and finding more for less!  There are a couple of pieces I want from Hobby Lobby right now, but I’m saving up for them — they’re card catalogues one is a 12-drawer and a 15-drawer … I hope they’ll be around since I live about 39 miles from the nearest store!  Heather is a stitcher (I don’t know what else to call it) and she made me some of the cutest Ziggy patterns — which I’m having framed and they’ll hang in my office in the fall!

I’ve rambled enough … I’m really starting to feel like I’m getting back on the right path and that makes me know that the future is looking better and better every single day! 🙂

Happy 4th,

‘this is my house and you’re not welcome.’

Life has been absolutely incredible the last few days … I’ve had the chance to catch-up with former students — who are all ‘grown-up’ now and in university.  I find it a huge honour when any of my former students (who’ve graduated) seek me out … I’m learning that I’ve made an impact with my ‘life speeches’ and that means – every once in a while – it’s okay when I talk about life.  Had a four-hour lunch with Clare — who I had the privilege of teaching in both 5th & 7th grade.  An extremely articulate and bright young lady — who now attends the University of Florida (blah). 😛  Apparently, her family and boyfriend tried ringing her many times during our lunch/catch-up meeting — I felt bad about it.  Hopefully, I’m not on some wanted poster now!

I’ve had a rescue puppy — a black pug — named Charlie this weekend (he just left about 30 minutes ago 😦 ) … my dog, Nica – Jack Russell Terrier – did not play nice – at all – over the course of the weekend.  This makes me absolutely sad – because she really needs a playmate.  She was selfish and mean all weekend — she didn’t hurt Charlie — she was just like ‘this is my house and you’re not welcome.’  I guess, I’ll have to get puppy that’s just being separated from its mum and clings to Nica.  So, it’s back to square one.  She does get along with my sister’s Daschund, Brody – they play and sleep together when they get to hang out!  I absolutely love Brody — he’s adorable!  I’ll have to check it out once I transition to my new job in the next week. 🙂

That’s it for now … nothing else exciting to report! 🙂



Have a great week …


I don’t have to admit anything…

Forgive me bloggees, for I have sinned.  It has been forever-and-a-day since I last posted.  I’m going to really try to start scribbling more often … I think once I make a big transition next week … I’ll get myself on track.  Am I absolved? 🙂

I’ve not seen DESPICABLE ME yet, but I’m going to find a way to go see it soon.  I’ve heard from a good number of my friends that it’s really funny.  I saw this picture and it kind of reminded me of what it’s like when you’ve got things tugging at yer mind … you know, all kinds of things that can be either good or bad, but just a little too much at times.  Make sense?  I’m going through that right now, but by end of the day on 11 August … my life will certainly calm down.  And I’ll be extremely thankful for that in so many ways and there will be some sadness to not be working with some people on a daily basis, but it’s ALL good in the end! 🙂

I don’t have to admit anything, but I’ll let you in on a secret … if you’ve read my ramblings then you prolly already know this: I love reality tv.  I don’t watch as much of it as I used to, but I do have my favourites … The Real World, Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHoNJ), The Rachel Zoe Project, Kell on Earth, Flipping Out and My Life on the D-List.  Yer prolly saying, “That seems like a lot to me.”  Let me reassure you that this list pales in comparison to the past. 🙂  So, we’ve had our fair share of villains during the 24-year run of The Real World; however, I’ll have to say that Ryan on this season is the Villain of all Villain’s on the show.  I can describe him in one word (a lot of others, but I’m trying to be somewhat appropriate here!): asshole.  He’s the biggest hypocrite and I’m so curious to know if Preston finds out just about ALL of the things Ryan has done to him … I’d be PISSED.  As for my girls on RHoNJ … I’m so hoping that Danielle gets kicked off the show — I’ve NEVER seen anyone LIE as if she cannot be caught in her lies … she’s delusional and doesn’t seem to remember that when she says/does things on camera — people are GOING to see/hear it.  I was happy to see that Kim-G finally saw Danielle for who she has always been.  It was good to see Dina back on for the Christening!  Okay, enough … right? 🙂

Last night I had sushi with one of my former students and her mum.  It was an absolutely wonderful evening — I’d had such a long week @ work and it’s just what I needed.  I’ve aggravated an old pinched nerve and I’ve been dealing with pain … add that to the nonsense I’ve been ‘dealing’ with and it just makes everything tiresome!  And I’m having lunch today with another former student … I’m looking forward to it even though she’s a Gator. Blah.  I get to pick up Charlie this afternoon … we’re making a trial run to see if Nica can share her house with him … I’m hoping it WORKS out because she really needs a playmate for the times when I just need some peace and quiet — don’t get me wrong, I love, love my puppy, but Jack Russell Terriers aren’t — most of the time — the ‘let me lay down and not pester you to play, go for a walk’ kinda dogs!

The oil has stopped gushing into the Gulf; however, the devastation will take decades to deal with … it’s been heart wrenching watching or seeing the animals that have died or suffer because of the oil.  I’ve been watching the show Whale Wars and if I could single-handedly put a stop to Japan’s butchering of endangered Humpback Whales and the slaughter of dolphins, I’d do it no matter what the cost.  I’m so enraged by the lack of understanding the Japanese people have about EXTINCTION and the killing of some of the most prolific and intelligent creatures on the face of this planet.  I’m personally responsible for 11 of my friends doing a Tour of Asia totally cancelling 10 days in Japan … I think people need to boycott Japan completely — screw their “culture of killing whales and dolphins” in the name of “research” … yeah, research my ass.   You can learn more about the atrocities Japan is committing in the name of research by visiting Sea Shepherd — this site focuses on illegal whaling, murder of other ocean life and environmental issues involving our oceans.

Okay … that’s it for me for now … I’m going to make an effort to blog more … I promise. 🙂



Here’s to Friday!




that’s definitely some pocket change…

Sushi @ Origami Sushi

Well, my week long holiday is almost over … I’m holding on to the very last bit of it even as I sit here to type.  It all started off  last Sunday when I took my good friend Mary out for her birthday … she LOVES sushi and so, we went to Origami Sushi — it’s a well kept secret and she LOVED it!  You can see, we had a great sushi selection — we had the Tampa Roll – grouper, red onion; Japanese Tempura Bagel Roll – smoked salmon, cream cheese; Rainbow Roll – Red Tuna, White Tuna, Fatty Tuna, Salmon, Eel … cream cheese, chives and Boston Roll – salmon, cream cheese & avocado.  We had a great time!  I look forward to having sushi with her again sometime! 

This is my child - Nica 🙂

The love of my life – aside from my family – is my Jack Russell Terrier – Dominique “Nica” McCleoud.  This is one the common interests that Mary and I have because she has two JRTs!  I’ve come full circle with Nica’s diet since I decided that I want her to be around for a lot longer … I’ve been feeding her Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe since I found out that Blue Buffalo is by far the best natural dog food you can purchase.  I use to have to order it because it wasn’t carried locally and when I did find it — it was outrageously priced (cheaper to buy direct!), but now PetSmart carries it and yes, it’s expencive, but well worth the benefits!    

A lot of people truly don’t realise that the bulk of ingredients in dog food are the by products … which includes a lot of fat and unhealthy ‘stuff’ … the label on dog food – dry or wet – is just as important as the labels on the food we buy to eat.  I’ve also been mixing her dry food with some of the wet foods from Blue Buffalo … her favourites are Chicken Dinner and Wilderness Turkey & Chicken Grill.  I’ve bought some reuseable lids so that I can put the opened cans in the refrigerator since I only mix a couple of spoonfuls into her dry food.  I made the mistake of just giving her the wet one time and well, let’s just say — it’s very rich and her little system couldn’t deal with it … enough said!

I still have a ton of stuff to watch on TiVO — I did watch Little People, Big World, Selling New York and Glee.  Still have RHNYC, Millionaire Matchmaker and some other stuff to watch.  You know – all I need to do is WIN the PowerBall and I’ll be on JetBlue and in NYC in a New York minute to buy an awesome apartment  … I saw some of the coolest digs on Selling New York … there are some areas in the city that there is absolutely no bargaining when looking for real estate; however, there were some pretty amazing spaces I saw on the episode.  I loved the apartment in Brooklyn Heights and the one featured near Times Square … I also like Tribeca & the UES … one day!  🙂 

It’s been cool watching the Little People, Big World tour of Europe — Jeremy & Zach have been to Scotland, London, Germany and are enroute to Paris — now Amy, Molly & Jake are in Rome and they’ll meet the twins in France soon!  And of course, Glee returned … since I’ve not watched it from the start — not sure if this was the season premiere or not, but I do know I cannot wait for the Madonna episode on Tuesday!  Speaking of music …

It’s time for music … musik … música … ceol … musique … מוסיקה … hudba … muziek 🙂

This is by far one of my favourite songs of all time … Break My Fall – DJ Tiësto ft BT

And of course, I couldn’t possibly forget … Sonambulist (Simply Being Loved) – BT

And while I’m at it … this song makes me sing, dance, whistle and want to fly away …

So, I’m not really ready to go back to work … no luck w/ my PowerBall tix this week … but it’s up to $252M … that’s definitely some pocket change to keep me on permanent Bryce holiday! 🙂  I guess I should get back to TiVO … lots to watch and I need to keep on procrastinating!

Hope everyone has a great week … I’m sure some adventure will pop-up this week! 🙂



Hugs, kisses and fondles (for a select few!) –

Bryce & Miss Nica

Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.  – David McCullough