A Guide to Reality


I’m turning out to be a WordPress Monthly Blogger … I truly, truly am trying — most days I am just too tired to even contemplate writing my thoughts out and at weekend – I’m so busy clearing my mind from the previous week that I just get 1000% lazy – well, aside from doing my weekend chores!   

I’m amazed – and not in a good way – with Mr Obama’s behaviour related to PM Netanyahu’s visit to the US – a visit called for by the US Congress.  His words and lack of action with regard to the most recent Hamas attacks on Israel that lasted weeks just made it clearer that this Democrat was correct in never supporting him (nor his opponents) in the presidential elections.  It’s absurd and basically childish how he’s acting. It just makes me even more Ready for Hillary!

And while I’m talking politics, I had someone tell me that because I vote Democrat I have blood on my hands.  Of course, I asked what they meant and they said because of abortion.  And I was like, let me get this straight – because I don’t vote Republican I have blood on my hands?  Of course, they also said that no respectable Christian would ever vote Democrat either. 


And in a split second, I reminded that person that the US Congress had been controlled by Republicans – with the required two-thirds veto override – since Roe v. Wade, but they never even broached the subject and the responce I received was, “I could say more, but these political talks never turn out good.”  You’re right, you could say more, but I’d destroy everything you say point-by-point.  Another reason that I have no use for Republicans who think God is a card-carrying member — have these people EVEN read the Bible?  Do they think Jesus was hanging out with all the self-righteous, holier-than-thou people?  What a bunch of absolutely ridiculous, non-thinking, FOX News watching, believing, programmable, propaganda robots! SERIOUSLY!

Devil Wears Prada ... Miranda Priestly, seriously

278741-1I thought for a nanosecond that I was going to have to stop watching How To Get Away With Murder after the overly dramatic mid-season return.  I grow tired of watching shows that use drama constantly with no single moment of pure joy albeit the end of the show – for example: The Fosters.  I love this show; however, lately every single episode has been drama, conflict — I know it’s not a sitcom, but seriously with the stress I have in my life due to work right now, I really don’t need to be stressed out watching a show (weird, yes – I know). 

One show that I really, really love is The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce – it’s BRILLIANT with its mix of drama, comedy and realistic look at life (you can say it isn’t, but I’ve seen some of this stuff personally and it’s – at least to me – the real deal).  I’m not sure if this show is just a one run show or not — I hope they’re thinking about it returning for another season — the writing is awesome and I hate when the show comes to an end.

So, I’ve decided to push my Bali trip to 2016 … I want to make sure that I plan it out completely so that it’s everything that I want it to be.  Instead, I’m going to St Thomas in the Virgin Islands and I’m excited to be there!  I’ve been doing tons of research on the island and the split sides — it sounds like I’ll have a blast! 🙂  I just helped a couple of friends plan their trip to Italy — I’d consider myself a semi-expert since it’s one of my favourite places on this planet! 🙂

And here at my house, the colours of the month are …


Of course, they’re out of the reach of a certain little dog who thinks EVERYTHING belongs to her …

I’ve a billion things to do today — so, I’m going to go have morning playtime with Princess Alexa and then, get some errands done! I hope everyone has a great weekend … and yes, I’ll try to be better with scribbling … a few of you seem to like my “all over the place” entries! 🙂

xoxo –