A blast from the ‘past’ but one that I love … I’ve listened to it so much for so long that it’s now a part of my soul. Take a listen whilst you read, I promise it’ll make you start tapping your toes and prolly moving your body. 🙂

I’ve been so hit and miss – like you regulars didn’t realise that already – over the past few year.  The slide downward began after I lost my beautiful little Nica.  I knew her death would hit me hard, but I didn’t know the full impact of losing my one constant – the one living thing that had absolute and unconditional love for me.  I miss her terribly – even with the new puppy (who I might add I love beyond measure) – and I think of her often.


This quote just fits me over the last year or so … I am happy on a regular basis, but there is a tinge of sadness that isn’t solely related to Nica’s passing, but to other things that I cannot put my finger on.  In fact, Dr. C has said that I just need to move forward and overcome those instantaneous moments of sadness that engulf me quickly and move on just as quickly.  It’s weird how a tv show, song or movie can absolutely push me over the edge and then, I’m fine.  I guess I should be thankful that I’m not a walking ball of emotions that can erupt at any moment.

So, I think the people of Florida who voted for Rick Scott – you know the super honest Republican who bested former Governor Charlie Crist for the top post …well, they are getting what they voted for and I think before it’s all over he will have demolished the state — and sadly, nobody can do anything about it now that the “voters” have spoken … and when everything is in shambles — you get what you deserve.


And of course, my Seminoles lost to the Oregon Ducks in their semifinal of the inaugural CFP … of course, the truth as we know it now is that the Ducks – who could have still won – capatilised on five turnovers to win the game – much like the Ohio State Buckeyes did — and yes, for one night and one night only I was cheering for Ohio State … it was very satisfying watching Oregon go home EMPTY HANDED.  That was the ultimate karma for a bunch of trash-talking, in-the-clouds Duck fans who needed that reality call.  Mock the War Chant again bitches – mock it and see where it lands you.

All eyes on are on Washington, D.C. as the Republicans have seized control over Congress and who’ve all but declared war on the President.  Of course, I think President Obama won the State of the Union with is ‘in your face’ quips directed to the Republicans who think they are what’s good with the United States — oh, how wrong they are about that.  Perhaps the best moment all night was when the President told them “if you think you can live on $15,000 a year — go ahead and try it yourself.”  That was definitely a slam dunk … Obviously, if you read this little hole in the wall blog of mine – you know I’m not a fan of President Obama on many fronts; however, he seemingly is righted his ship and is focused on the what makes America great: the Middle Class.  Without the Middle Class this country will fall harder than the Roman Empire.


My eyes are on the 2016 elections and of course, we’ve already begun the movement to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.  America is ready for the leadership of Hillary Clinton.  Of course, there are the Elizabeth Warren people out there, but – once again – we come to that — EXPERIENCE MATTERS ideology.  We see where President Obama’s lack of experience got us in some areas like foreign policy.  Frankly, it’s time people.

I cannot make promises that I’ll be back posting on a regular basis, but I can promise that I’ll try.  I’ve lots of things to accomplish this morning before this afternoon and on that note, I’m out people … 




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