Mittwochstag …


Scribbles galore … and on Mittwochstag no less!  My week has been all about being a part of the judicial system — as a juror!  Who didn’t even get to deliberate … no, I was the stealth alternate (even I didn’t know!) and when the jury was to go and begin the process, I was told to sit … and then thanked. 🙂  In all honesty, that was going to be a very tough verdict … and I’ll be interested to know what it ends up being.

When you’re not doing what you love to do … you get tired a lot faster! I’m tired and ready to just relax now, but — here is a Christmas favourite from the Catherine Tate Show … Oh, gimme strength … it’s Nan and the Ghost of Christmas Present … 

Just think, in two days – I’m officially on holiday until 5 January … so, Happy Christmas to me! 🙂

xoxo – 


100% Christmas

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