My created family …

Starbucks Christmas 2This is the time of the year that old friends reconnect under the typical holiday traditions of parties for the purpose of catching up and the like; however, I reconnected with two of my dearest friends – Caroline and Laura over the passing of a loved one.  As I sat in the service listening to the words spoken about Laura’s Dad, I made a decision that the people we love the most and keep closest to our hearts – aside from family – deserve the very same attention on a regular, full-time basis. The eulogy warmed my heart as we heard stories from the past, the lives touched and this message made me understand even more just how very precious life is and how we should never let any time escape us – because in the blink of an eye — time passes so very quickly.


And that’s what I – we – plan on doing from this point forward. Even with our insanely busy lives, we’re going to sketch out a plan and then – stick to it!  These two bellas are like sisters to me and I love them both beyond measure!  I am so very thankful for both of them and for everything they’ve ever done for me … these two are just another part of the family I’ve created for myself! 🙂

This song … so appropriate … cause we are gonna be forever you and me (us) … 

That’s all I can muster for today … I’ve much to do and so, I’ll settle in tomorrow with more scribbles, quotes and Christmas pictures! 🙂

Happy Saturday!

Peace – 



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