Taking the first step with a running start …


Life has two basic tenets: take me or leave me. And isn’t it always interesting how complicated life becomes when put in a position of having to choose one or the other.  As for me, I’ve reached a fork in the road and I’ve opted to move forward and let go of situations that I’ve allowed to consume and hold me back. And that’s that!

Take a listen to this song below – it’s one of the songs from my discography that I created for blogging … each song has its own purpose for being in the collection – 


I’m finally starting to feel like a real person again … I’ve never had a battle with my sinuses and allergies like I’ve had since early August. Two antibiotics and a nose spray later … I’ve reached the edge of the storm and now, I’m going to bloody outrun it!  My weekend has been absolutely wonderful because I’ve started on my To Do List … this list shan’t be completed anytime soon, but it’s started … finally.


Anyone who faithfully follows knows how much I love my Florida State Seminoles and well, college football in general.  I must admit I was glad FSU didn’t play yesterday … I desperately needed time to catch up on things.  I did catch glimpses of games as I was endlessly scrolling through my HD channels … lots of upsets yesterday.  It’s going to be an interesting year and hopefully my Garnet & Gold boys are paying attention!

I love how hard FoxTV is pushing their new series … Gracepoint and I took to Twitter to share this with the network:


But, I’ll play nice for anyone who watches it … at least they brought David Tenant over to be the lead for Gracepoint as he was in Broadchurch.


This idea of being tolerant of Islam has officially worn thin on me.  It’s amazing how the majority of Muslims remain silent on all fronts; however, they want the US and other powers to take care of the radical elements within their OWN religion. Why haven’t they spoken up in the hundreds of millions?  Why are groups like ISIS, Hamas and others getting millions upon millions of dollars to support their campaigns of terror?

I can no longer be tolerant of a religion that has over a billion followers and the majority says NOTHING about the murder, terror and hate the minority is carrying out on a regular basis. Let’s be real for a minute – they cannot even get along in their OWN religion — they blow up Mosques of those who don’t share their same view of Islam.

When was the last time you saw a group of Christians blow up another church because they didn’t agree with their theology?  It’s CRAZY that those who say they don’t agree with the jihadists want to say their religion preaches love and peace.  So, where are the millions who are standing up to these Islamic zealots who are stereotyping their religion?

Your silence is speaking volumes about how you REALLY feel about what these small groups are doing.  And one day, your silence is going to bring your religion crashing down because the rest of the world isn’t always going to be tolerant of what you seem to be okay with.

970654_519494374799615_1177278024_nAnd every single day, I am even more ready for Hillary Clinton to step forward, make a run for the White House and become the 45th POTUS.  I am growing weary of the path that President Obama is taking this nation down and the circus atmosphere the Republicans have created in Washington and across this nation.  The Democrats have their share of blame in some of this mess … I said it a long time ago: EXPERIENCE MATTERS and it’s been showing for the last few years in the decisions coming from the White House.  

People might say, “How can you be a Democrat and not support a Democratic President?”  That’s pretty easy … when the decisions of this President have consistently damaged this nation on the inside and the outside … when he and the other top cronies have attempted to affix all the blame on the Republicans without taking a look in the mirror, I can speak out.  I have NEVER been politically correct and I never will – just look at where being PC gets you in this world today. NOWHERE.  

I think a lot of good Democrats have lost their way and hopefully, they’ll begin to realise they were lead astray by ideology that was never truly a part of the Democratic platform. Anyone who is in politics should realise that it’s the Middle Class that is the foundation of this nation and when the Middle Class starts to fall apart, so will the United States.  

I know that Hillary Clinton understands that and knows that has to be a priority in order to rescue the US from this current downward spiral – she knew that back in 2008. And Republicans can scream, “Remember Benghazi” all they want … they just need to be reminded that the Republican controlled Congress cut hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for US Embassy, Consulate and Foreign Mission security in 2010.

And on that note … here’s one of my favourite excerpts from the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower:

081f5cd029a1e59cbced51ec49cfe6bcSo, with that in mind … it’s onward and forward for me … because I’ve decided to be infinite in my quest for taking up the challenge of living.

Peace and hugs – 



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