Whispers in the wind …



So, just when I think – believe, actually – that all is well … well, you know that Murphy’s Law thing. Writing is extremely therapeutic for me and so, here I sit. I think (crossing fingers) that everyone goes through a couple of years of just pure uncertainty. You know – where you lose your trust in people, questions things and people around you and just feel like you’re in this haze. One thing I know for sure, this is my life … and I’m happy that it’s mine – most of the time.

Our world has changed greatly in the past few years.  It seems that what used to be unthinkable for people to say and do is now readily okay and accepted by the younger, self-entitled generations.  And yes, I’m a liberal, but I’m no fool to think for a moment that these are the “winds and tides of change sweeping across this planet” … no, this is the result of political correctness at its finest and the lack of responsibility instilled in these generations coming up.  I’ll never be accepting of these generations and their failure to follow and honour basic tenets of life … respect, trust, hard work and compassion.

People have asked me about my thoughts on what happened in Ferguson, Missouri.  And my sole responce has been:  Because of the colour of my skin, I’m unable to comment because I have no experiences that would qualify a responce from me.  I have plenty of thoughts about what happened there, but the one thing that has stood out from all of it: stereotypes have been reinforced again.  What’s happening in the US and in our world is that people are having to rely on stereotypes because the majority of those in these stereotyped groups aren’t speaking out about the actions being committed by the minority in their communities.

Of course, the colour of my skin means my thoughts and opinions are of no value.  And like one of my friends said recently because she was pummeled verbally for speaking up, “I can’t have an opinion because I’m white, but I’m expected to speak up and out for the same people who drown me in their racism. I’m done with all of it and I can see why so many people are beginning to draw lines in the sand again.”  Of course people can shake their heads and say what she said was wrong, but these are, unfortunately, the current whispers in the wind.

I wish there was some magic wand that cure all of the mistrust among the many groups of people on this planet, but until the majority who seek the real truth and peace stand up and drown out the racist, misguided, hateful rhetoric – there will never be any real and true understanding of how things could be.

I have been really busy as of late.  I got sick at the start of August and I’m still battling the remnants still!  Alexa had her surgery yesterday and all turned out well. She’ll never know the burden of those twice-a-year, three weeks long lady moments.  She was mad at me yesterday, but she’s better today.  Still dealing with the effect of the meds on her bathroom systems … YUCK!

And for the record, Fox News – really? What a divisive channel.

So, that’s it for today … need to go spoil the princess! 🙂





2 thoughts on “Whispers in the wind …

  1. Whispers in the wind, tells me we will always have these stereotypical issues to confront and challenge our minds and spirits. That said, I don’t think we can stand down in situations that deep down we know we can have some effect….good post.
    Stay well.

    • It’s not about standing down at all. It’s simply about not allowing the stereotypes to drive what we feel toward others. There is plenty that we can do that doesn’t involve becoming mired down in senseless rhetoric and being made to feel that the colour of our skin is a limitation in what we can or cannot do in volatile situations. Sadly, many people are raised – in the world – to think about their race, religion before thinking about the human race – if the world could get past that … it would be something to witness!

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