Pi, a Book Thief and Favourites


So, I’ve been on holiday this week … it started out in West Palm Beach and now I’m back home.  It was a great trip to see family and I had a really good time! They all loved little Alexa and she, in turn, loved them as well!  Whilst there I watched movies galore and even did some shopping with my sister … that means trouble! 🙂

Life_of_PiThe first notable film was Life of Pi ... a book I read back in 2002 and immediately loved. You’re not going to get any spoilers from me, but I will tell you the movie does a brilliant job of leaving it up to the viewer (as the book does, too); however, I will say that at the end of the story you will have a really good idea if you just remember the fleeting early moments on the ship.

I think Ang Lee did a great job with the book and I think most people would agree it only pads his resume with more kudos.  This is a movie that I hadn’t considered buying until I watched it with my sister.  I’m glad she ‘made’ me watch it! 🙂


No movie can ever match the book and this one is no exception; however, there was a genuine effort by its director, Brian Percival, to take the book to the next level.  It’s a mixture of a girl participating in daily Nazi life as a member of the League of German Girls whilst befriending Max, a Jewish boy who her adoptive family was hiding.

The book is written from the perspective of Death and so, the movie starts out with Death narrating and at various points throughout the movie itself.  The way this is carried out was quite clever in my opinion.  The storyline itself is one that is very powerful and I’d recommend if you’ve only seen the movie – pick up the book and read it. It’s worth your time.

I’m very particular about movies that I watch that deal with any level of the atrocities committed by the Nazis and the end result being that of The Holocaust.  This movie doesn’t directly deal with The Holocaust, but it shows how even the typical, every day German was exposed to the doctrinal brainwashing of the Nazis – no matter where you lived in Germany.

It was evident that Rudy idolised Jesse Owens, but was soon told by his father that he could no longer want to be Owens – a scene that shows just how vulnerable children were at the hands of what they were being taught and even what they sang each day in that of the Third Reich national anthem Das Lied der Deutschen. 

I own the movie because my sister bought it for me as a gift since I teach Holocaust Studies.  It’s a movie that, for all intense purposes, can be one shown to kids in the upper primary grades as a ‘starter’ movie for introducing them to the deliberate doctrine of hate, racism and so-called racial purity continually preached to the German people from the day Hitler and his followers seized control of Germany.

And of course, I know some of you are probably thinking and so, I give you – some but not all of … 



Mary Poppins


Under the Tuscan Sun


The Goonies


Fried Green Tomatoes


The Help


Billy Elliot 

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E.T.Annex%20-%20Garland,%20Judy%20(Wizard%20of%20Oz,%20The)_10 Beautiful Thing

Beautiful Thing


Bridget Jones’ Diary



2011-12-23_2039_001eat-pray-love-movie Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers


Get Reallost_boys_xlg Muriel's Wedding Pretty Woman 3

Pretty WomanSchool_of_RockSteel_Magnolias st-elmo-s-fire-original

St. Elmo’s FireThe Devil Wears Prada the-craft

The Craft


Uptown Girls


10 Things I Hate About YouV

V for Vendetta

And of course, I have to include my favourite movie ending of all time … 

And those are just a few … just think, I’ve more to share another time!  I hope everyone’s week has been going well — we’re almost at weekend which means I get to return to my world on Monday — it’s all good, I’ll be just fine; however, Alexa prolly will have some separation anxiety.

I’ve more thoughts to scribble down and so, I’ll be back at weekend! Until then, I am