Yes, they’re baackkk!


So, my life has been insane as of late with ‘work’, Alexa (the 7 lb JRT) and life in general; however, I’m hanging in there … I’ve no other choice but to do so. 😉

I meant to scribble this past weekend; however, I decided to be 110% lazy and do nothing but what I wanted to do. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

One thing I did do is catch up on my TiVO … and I could ramble about all of that, but I’m more inclined to ramble about the return of Bates Motel. Yes, they’re baackkk!



Yes, having the knowledge of what the ultimate end of this storyline is … well, I’m still drawn into this entire series because it’s bleeding brilliant!  I’ve never been a casting agent for any telly show, but I believe (I can believe it even if you don’t agree!) they did an awesome job casting this series.

The premiere of the second season … it wasn’t a let down and it opened several doors and they’ve taken the rating up a notch and so, you get the little warning at the start up about it might not be suitable for young viewers … good on you A&E for taking the step!

And right out of the gate, we hear something that I love to hear, “YOU’RE A DICK!”  Yes, Norma Bates puts the head of the city council on blast with that one and then has a complete tirade in front of the holier-than-thou’s who seem to have forgotten that weed (and she points that out, too!) funds this entire city. Welcome to reality, people.

So, if you’ve never watched it … I’d say — start with season one and then figure it out for yerself — is it something that peeks yer interest or are you just raising your eyebrows — thinking, “What the hell?!”  At least yer thinking about it … 🙂

In just three days, I’m on holiday.  I will deserve every single day, hour, minute and second of it … I’ve not decided what I’m doing, but I know it’s not going to be anything that requires much thought!



The US, EU and Commonwealth better stand firmly against Putin and Russia with regard to the Ukraine.  The argument put forth by Putin and Russia – what, you expected some real, well thought out reason?  The minute his puppet is run out of power – the KGB mobster steps into the Ukraine claiming they’re in Crimea protecting Russians.  

So, here’s hoping that the powers that be stand up and send a strong and clear message that Russia and its bullying isn’t something that will be tolerated on any level.

With that – I’m off to enjoy the start of my evening … I’ll be glad when mid-day Friday arrives!  Until then – here’s to a great rest of the week …