Ahhhh, fall is right around the corner!

downloadIt’s FINALLY that time of year … I’ve been watching college football since Thursday night and it’s helping me be pretty happy.  Of course, FSU doesn’t play until Monday night – but I love college football!  Right now, I’m watching Alabama vs VA Tech … go Hokies!  Ahhhh, fall is right around the corner!


I took Nica – my JRT above [18 months ago] – to the vet two weeks ago and they tested her left and right.  They said nothing is wrong with her.  Fast forward to the present time and she’s lost more weight … and seems to be weak.  But she is eating and going to the bathroom … and still wagging that nub of  tail just as fast as usual.

I’m emotional about it.  I’m not ready for her to leave this Earth and I’m just hoping it’s because she’s older.  My friend Ryan told me that sometimes older dogs just begin to lose weight — and so, I’ve I switched her Blue Buffalo from adult to puppy food and I’m adding the Blue wet varieties now.  So far, she’s eating it and loving it.

So, I’m just going to watch, wait and see.  If you have a four-legged child – you know what this is doing to me.


Therapy has been good and I’ve had to realise a few things about my family relationships.  I’d assume everyone has heard the adage “Blood is thicker than water.”  Sadly, that’s not always enough.  The bottom line is that until someone you love recognises their problem(s) and makes a concerted effort to deal with them – you just have to walk away.  And when they use children as a weapon … well, you’ve crossed a line that only selfish, insecure people resort to doing.

I’m happy to say that I’ve lost no sleep over it — it’s sad — because I’ve done everything I can do to make it better.  I had to decide between staying connected to a miserable person or continuing on my journey back to my happiness — and my happiness is more important because I’m just willing to go through my down times anymore.


Of course, Rafa is back in New York for the US Open!  He had an incredible win on Thursday night over Rogiero Dutra Silva 6-2, 6-1, 6-0 and his even more impressive win over Ivan Dodig 6-4, 6-3, 6-3  this afternoon.   His approach to the hard court is drastically different and it was on display winning the 25th ATP World Tour Masters 1000 title in Montreal and winning the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati before heading to New York.

I believe he’s going to win it all and I’ll be right there for every match — losing my voice! VAMOS RAFA!

And then there’s the question of Syria.  I’m torn.  I don’t doubt that Assad ordered the chemical attacks on his own people (of course, I’d like to hear the results of the UN Report); however, I’m just not sure about the US going into Syria – alone.  The British have almost always sided with the US, but this time Parliament sent a resounding no to Prime Minister Cameron.

The bigger questions are:  What if nobody steps up to the plate to help Syria?  What if some sort of attack is perpetrated against Israel for US involvement (of course, Israel will resoundingly kick ass if Assad orders any type of weapons be fired, shot and/or pointed toward Israel)?

I don’t want to see innocent people to continue to die because a man – who says he loves his country – refuses to step down, but chooses to murder his own people.  And of course, the people around him allow him to keep doing these horrible things.

I just hope that whatever happens doesn’t turn into a bloodbath in the Middle East and that the people of Syria don’t become extinct because of one man.

And that’s it for me – right now!  I’ve got some college football to go watch! 🙂  I might post later this weekend!




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