life as we know it

The last two weeks have been incredibly insane and very exhausting. Yes, it’s been a “Karen Walker chugging Belvedere Vodka” kinda last two weeks; however, things will slow down and even out – finally. 🙂

So, this weekend has been nothing more than … house chores, blogging, tumblring, pinning and being lazy.  Today, I’ve decided will be a Will & Grace day. I do miss the that show and wish they’d bring it back.

That means I’ll be ordering Chinese and sushi to sustain me throughout the day!  Of course, I’ve still got the other little things to do this morning, but I’ll get them done pretty quickly!

When I watch it now, I always love being able to watch Megan Mullally transform her character – Karen Walker – into the one we all fell in love with!  That sarcastic, high pitched, in-your-face voice!  There’s only one other character from telly that I love as much and that’s Lauren Cooper from The Catherine Tate Show.

So, one of the things that I loved about Oprah was the favourites show — you know, the one where every audience member got Oprah’s favourite things!  Well, I’m not Oprah and I’m not giving you any of these things, but I figured if Oprah can share her favourite things, I can do the same!  🙂

So, here are a few of my favourite things! 🙂 By clicking on the images, you’ll learn more about them!


Alfred Sung's Hei

I love Hei by Alfred Sung … I still love Obsession, Aqua Herra and Chrome as well, but Hei is always my standby!


I’ve never really liked popcorn because of the hulls, but Pipcorn is extremely different and the flavours are out of this world!


This scrub is the BOMB … it comes from Sabon (NYC) and my favourite one is the Patchouli one!


The Hotel Collection at Macy’s … these linens are awesome!  This is my favourite design, but it’s currently on closeout, but there are lots of other designs!


Zirh is the BEST face care system for men … I love all of their products!  You can pick them up online or at Macy’s – Saks – Neimans – Dillards.


What is there really to say?  I love my iPhone 5 – everything. 🙂


The Tag Heuer Monaco V4 is just as cool as it looks!  I just like Tag Heuer watches in general.


There’s nothing like a Range Rover. Period. Although, I must admit my next favourite comes really close, but not close enough! 🙂


The Mercedes Benz ML550 … it’s pretty awesome!  So, there you go … just a few of my favourite things! 🙂

And with that being said, here’s to the rest of the weekend! 🙂  Until next time …




they walk among us.

You’re all in trouble now. Yes, I re-discovered a folder of gifs I had … and I’ve got them now and not afraid to use them. 🙂 Sometimes if they’re not moving – you just gotta click on them and they’ll wake up!

I was raised by two incredible parents – TRUE story.  And they continue to raise me indirectly to this very day and I’m not the least bit offended by their attempts to guide me even still.

I don’t think it matters how old you are … you could be 27 or 77 and if you’ve got the wisdom, common sense and ability to listen — you can still learn.

Thus the point of this entire rant.

I was raised to be nice, kind, humble, tolerant, et al.  But I’ve learned that – I’m sorry to say this out loud [as if some of you will mind] – but there truly are stupid people roaming the world.

Yes, I said it.  But you were thinking it!  Now, I’m not one to not give people a chance – even a second one – to make good with something they’re saying or doing; however, there has to be a line drawn somewhere.

This all came about today as I was listening to someone trying to justify why they thought – yes, thought – they were right.

The problem is they were wrong, wrong, wrong — WRONG. Period. Dead wrong.  I love :::sarcasm::: hearing people who talk to hear themselves talk and whilst doing so actually convince themselves of what they’re saying.  I must admit, I’ve been in denial about the stupid people.

The hard part is when you have to pretend to care and be nice in order to say, “I’m sorry but you’re wrong.” Not just wrong with part of it or even half of it, but ALL of it.  And the problem is they won’t LISTEN to reality. Okay, so the gif is over the top, but you KNOW it’s true.

My friend Joan, God rest her soul, talked about them.  Even Forrest Gump talked about them — “stupid is as stupid does.”  Where have I been? Seriously. Therefore, I submit to you that stupid people: They walk among us. 

And although I want to be nice, I’m not sure I can be nice to people who just don’t think before they say or do something — well, stupid.

And no matter what, I still try – very hard – to be nice without actually saying, “You’re stupid.”

If that rant made no sense – well … :::sigh::: 🙂


Today was such a bittersweet day.  We planted a tree in honour of our beautiful Joan for Earth Day 2013 .

We lost her on 6 October 2011 and that day is etched in my mind.

Joan retired in February 2011 to spend the rest of her life in retirement — spoiling her grandbabies and enjoying the time she had earned.  She discovered that she had stomach cancer in May and by October, well, she was gone.

She protected those closest to her until mid-July and then she called to tell each of us.

I still have her phone number in my phone and I cannot delete it.  I have three voicemails from her and I cannot erase any of them.  My precious, sweet Joan – I miss your hugs, smiles, laughter, wisdom and most of all your comfort when my world has become dark.

I still think of you often and miss you more than words can express. 😦

I think that’s all I can muster for today … I hope everyone has a great week!




I say what I mean and mean what I say

01b9e6b718bd1ab45c705e7a06909afbPrincess Diana’s death had an impact on me and I can remember it as if it just happened yesterday.  I didn’t know her personally, but my heart did.  I think anyone who made the decision, long ago, to live their lives open and without regret were kindred spirits with her.

I truly believe that those of us who are easy going and laid back are the ones who suffer more than others.  We take so much onto ourselves and feel as if we’re to blame for it (even when we’ve nothing to do with what’s being heaped upon us).

I’ve gotten much better – as of late – with realising it’s not always me.  I might bring some things upon myself, but what I’ve allowed others to pile on me for years has nothing to do with me and everything to do with their selfishness, unhappiness and fear.

The best part of therapy is knowing I can say whatever I want to say and that there isn’t judgement.  It’s a forum for me to say what I need to say — and one thing I know about myself is that I say what I mean and mean what I say.  You might think that’s one in the same, but it’s not – think about it and it will make sense if you’re not understanding it right now.

I’m glad that they caught the two men responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings — well, caught one of them, anyway.  I have no compassion for people who deliberately plan and carry out attacks meant to murder innocent people.  Death for these people isn’t good enough. Period.


And now, America is once again faced with another Islamic attack – radical or not — these hate attacks keep coming from the same religious group.  It seems to me that if these radicals are the minority — why aren’t the majority standing up to denounce them?  I’ve asked that question since 9-11 and yet, we hear very little from the majority — some speak up, but those remain the minority of the majority.

As my grandfather said long ago, “He who is silent is understood to consent.”  So, will the Islam majority speak up or will they remain silent?  So far, the majority have consented to every attack around the world murdering innocent people all in the name of Allah and let’s be clear: HATRED.

My faith has been hijacked for years, but I speak out daily against the ultra-right evangelicals who claim they have the right to judge people in the name of God.

I’ve had little-to-no-time to interact with TiVO … I’m sure I have a bajillion (not really – it just sounds cool) shows to watch!  I think I’ll be doing a lot of that today and tomorrow … since I plan on doing absolutely nothing – other than my basic chores that need to be done. 🙂  I’m into Golden Boy now … it’s a pretty good show and of course, The Graham Norton Show is back … and let’s not forget Elementary … and well, I could prolly ramble on and on, but I’m not going to do so!

Here’s to a great weekend … I’m sure I’ll have something to say later! 🙂

Love is the answer,