What’s not funny: The Holocaust.


So, the 2000-year old, bag of silicone – who, by the way, I used to think was funny – Joan Rivers has stepped in it and even if she wants to claim that her humour was to remind people about The Holocaust – it’s not working for anyone with common decency and an understanding of what the Nazis did.

I was, still am and will always be deeply offended by her joke and by her unapologetic approach to this entire situation.  Perhaps she should don some swastika earrings to go with her little line of jokes.

And of course, now she’s rambling – what a shock – about how she had members in her family who were killed by the Nazis and maybe everyone going after her should just go worry about anti-Semites.

No, what we have to worry about is people like HER — she’s the reason Holocaust survivors fear what will happen once they’re all gone: no one will be able to directly refute the Holocaust deniers.

And for the record: some moments in history should be off limits to anyone who makes a living being funny. Period.

I’m not going to give her any more of my time except to say three  things — (1) I hope E! pulls the plug on the bitch; (2) KARMA! and (3) good luck finding a Chevra Kadisha! Yes, Joan – you’re dead to me.

Jack Russell Terrier Snarling

This week was one of the most intense weeks and I had to hold on tightly to all of my lessons learned in the past few months of therapy. If you’ve not had to deal with anyone from the entitlement generation … let me just suggest that you AVOID them at all costs – no matter the line of work your in and no matter their age!

I had several spontaneous moments of anger – reference my friend just above – and had to take that proverbial ‘chill-pill’ to gather myself and smile to say: “I’m sorry. You actually do not get everything you want for what you want to invest.  This is, in fact, the real world and entitlement isn’t policy.”

And do you think they “got it”?  ::: Can you hear me laughing? ::: If not — I’m laughing.  I’m seriously hoping that this group is just a generation because if they’re not … I’m packing up and moving to Italy to live in Tuscany just outside of Florence. 🙂

Other than those few moments of unequalled insanity, I had a good week.  I love the people I work with closely — they are such a good source of happiness – no matter how downtrodden the current clients we have might be. I am ever grateful for them and others with whom I’ve worked with in the past.


My grandmum is holding her own; however, she’s been sleeping a great deal and they’ve begun administering morphine.  I am making no assumptions at this point; however, my visit last week will be my final memory of her and thankfully, it was a good one.  I love her deeply and do not want her to suffer anymore. 😦  I know that death isn’t final and I will see her again; however, that doesn’t lessen the sadness.

I’m not sure what I plan on doing at weekend … there are choices, but the most appealing one seems to be: NOTHING. The house is spotless. Laundry needs to be done; however, that can wait until the last minute of sunlight tomorrow.  I guess, I do owe TiVO a look-see — since I’ve yet to watch anything recorded since Monday evening.

Obviously, I’m going to blog, tweet and do all of the things I like to do, but as for really investing myself in any projects or anything work-related — not happening! 🙂  And, I prolly need to catch up with my WordPress Reader of all the blogs I follow … now, that sounds like a plan — and perhaps, a Will & Grace marathon later? I’m liking the sound of that … 🙂

And on that note … hope everyone’s weekend is off to an awesome start and now, I bid you adieu until tomorrow’s entry …



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