Sorting things out …



How true that is … a friend with chocolate. 🙂

I do realise that I’ve been gone for a while … and as I stated – I believe (because I didn’t look back to see if I actually wrote what I’m about to say that I wrote), in my last post — that I was going on holiday and I’d return after the start of the new year.

I did and well, got sick upon my return and well, still not out of the woods – as they say – as of this posting, but I cannot – will not – shant lie in bed and sleep anymore … I love my bed, but I’m not in love with it right now.

Once I’ve recuperated, I’ll get on with the word wizardry … right now all I can think about are antibiotics, cough drops and Gatorade. Trust me — it’s a dreadful combination — alas, despite all this — life is, in fact, good. 🙂




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