we’re able to breathe again

113082640614257112_EiVN25An_cAre there really any words that one can say to a parent who loses their only child? I think that silence, tears and hugs are probably the best thing in situations such as this … A very dear, dear sweet friend of mine lost her only son – 19 – last week.  I admire her strength through this moment, but I know the journey is just beginning …

Thus, my lack of being here … death rattles my world when it affects the people I love and care for deeply.

I think believe that when you love someone – you love all parts of them and that includes their family.  The news hit me incredibly hard and I, who rarely am speechless, was utterly speechless.


I promise – what I want and need to say won’t take long – so: sit back, listen and contemplate.

For so many death is final; however, I don’t believe it to be final in any way shape or form.  Against “popular” opinion of there being no heaven, I disagree with ounce of my being – every single fibre.

What I imagine after death is … beyond description, but I will tell you it is beautiful and it inspires me beyond measure.  And no, I don’t believe everyone gets to go there.  There are far too many evil, self-serving and hateful people – who habitually live to reign their own brand of terror upon a few or many –  on this spinning planet.

And we never really lose those that go on before us … if we remember them as we knew them — their love continues to grow and protects us whilst we continue our journeys through life. And eventually, although not completely healed, we’re able to breathe again …


And it’s night four of Hanukkah … counting my blessings and those of my friends and family.

Much love,









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