This message brought to you by …

The Olympics rule my telly … I’m obsessed with them.  The opening ceremonies took a moment to get into, but once I realised it was the history of the UK, well – that just made it all the better.

Of course, I’ve seen the entire ceremonies — not the NBC version that cut out key parts like the 7/7 attack and other key elements — for the record, NBC’s statement that they are “tailoring this to an American audience” is a travesty to broadcasting … what if the BBC had only covered the 9/11 attacks on NY focusing on the Britons who died in those attacks?

Let’s talk about one of the biggest issues I saw from the very start – after the opening ceremonies debacle … Listening to Brandi Chastain talk during the US vs Columbia Women’s Soccer Match … she literally bad-mouthed the US team — not once or twice, but a handful of times … a team that, by all accounts, will be the better women’s team from the US than any other teams from the past – including Chastain’s team.

Constructive commentary versus Chastain’s critical commentary is all over the web now … she sounded incredibly anti-American — aren’t the Olympics a time to bolster your country and cheer for them?  Let’s face it: NBC has made some really bad choices in whom they’ve called upon to call events. In fact, NBC is just faltering across the board.

NBC isn’t a broadcast leader anymore … they’ve faltered greatly, for a long time,  and they continue to do so when they cut out live events for the sake of the primetime “buck” from adverts they run – I knew that one of my favourites, Michael Phelps, garnered fourth place in the 400 IM hours before it was broadcast because I watched it LIVE … it’s asinine to think that people will wait around to watch things that have already happened … and especially if it’s scheduled to run between 8.00 PM – 11.oo PM and to top it all off: NBC News Nightly reported Phelps loss during their LIVE 6.30 PM national newscast. Need I say more? Someone or some group of people at NBC are getting PINK slips soon.

And that, my lovelies, was my soapbox moment on NBC and their sucking ass in broadcasting the XXX Olympiad London 2012; however, we’re not done with the Olympics — remember, I’m obsessed? 🙂

The face of disbelief shown around the world … yes, that’s Michael Phelps after finishing fourth in the 400 IM … his team mate and friend, Ryan Lochte took the race by storm and well, apparently two others rounded out the top three.  No, I’m not bashing Phelps … I’m stunned, as well.  Do I cheer for Lochte?

Yes, but I want to see Phelps win what he needs to win to mark his place in history. I think this loss has one huge advantage for Phelps now … he’ll be looked at like the underdog — the “he doesn’t have what it takes any more” and well, you know the huge fan and media backlash of utter and sheer disappointment. Am I disappointed? Greatly, but let’s see what this loss does for him and see if he just reinvents himself before our very eyes!

Did anyone catch Abby Wambach being sucker punched by Columbia’s Lady Andrade (and if it weren’t her first name I’d be using the word very loosely) ?  If you didn’t, you can catch the video (someone videoing a tv, but it’s pretty clear) above.   Andrade caught up – from behind and to the right of Wambach, and balled up her right hand and punched Wamback square in the right eye.

None of the officials saw the attack and allowed the game to proceed until the head referee realised that, apparently, there was an injury to Wambach.  Andrade said they “ran into each other” and that it was “an accident” … I’ll be extremely pleased when FIFA steps in and “sucker punches” Andrade with some well-deserved punishment for her thuggery on the field.

I think Abby said it best: “It’s interesting – you think about yourself and what you would do on the street if somebody were to sucker-punch you,” Wambach said. “And you have all of the lists of things that you would probably do to retaliate, but this is Olympics and I can’t risk getting a red card, I can’t risk getting a yellow card. We like to call it ‘ice’ – stay ice cold. They’re trying to get me to retaliate, and I’m proud of myself for not doing that.”  Good on you, Abby!

My week became markedly better and that was without a visit to sit with my therapist and talk.  I always find it amazing how many people think that therapy is something for people who are “crazy”, “depressed”, “whacked” … substitute any word you like. Going to sit with someone and talk things out is no different than going to a massage therapist — who works to relax muscles.

A therapist does the same thing for the brain, emotions — let’s face it: our minds and emotions can become tight just like our bodies.  I’d suggest that everyone visit a therapist when they’re going through a rough patch — it really does help and can be very insightful as long as you’re open and honest with your therapist.  This message brought to you by … 🙂

I have a list of a bajillion things that need to be done, but I have no desire — yes, that lazy streak continues!  However, I do have a couple of things that must be taken care of today — and I’ll get to them, but I won’t promise or swear to it! 🙂  Hope everyone has a great rest of the day — be prepared for a picture post! 🙂