well, I’m cheering for humankind! :)

Turbulence.  A word any flyer – frequent or novice –  does not want to hear a pilot rattle over an intercom on a commercial jet.

And if you have an experienced pilot, they usually know how to climb above what is causing the turbulence.  It’s like that in life … turbulence is something that we expect and it’s something we have to deal with, but once in a while … we have the ability to avoid it based on the choices we make in our lives.

Pilots fly above the turbulence – especially if it’s from a storm and we, too, find ways to fly above everything that is causing turbulence within our lives.  This week … well, I found a way to fly above the turbulence and there is nothing like having a good sense of peace. Finally. 🙂  We all have our battles, but it’s when we have hope that they seem to be better … and that hope sometimes comes from people that have no idea that they’re helping us in our journey.

This journey back to happy has helped me realise that it’s okay to be lazy “once-in-a-while”, but this is — well, I must admit … I’ve been nothing but lazy when I’m not working – as of late.  I think it’s time for me to start writing out those to do lists … they seem to work so well for me, but for now — I’m enjoying the ride — and I’m well aware that I have to stop doing ‘nothing’ — as it could become a habit! 😛

I’m so excited that the Olympics have finally arrived … I’m a huge fan of most sport, but mainly swimming, diving, volleyball, soccer and tennis.  It should be no surprise that I’ve loyalties; however, some lines must be crossed … I will be cheering for Tom Daly (UK), Michael Phelps (US) and Rafa Nadal (ESP).  Why wouldn’t I want my favourite athletes to win their sport in the Olympics?  Alas, not everyone feels that way — many would say: we must cheer whole-heartedly for our homelands … well, I’m cheering for humankind! 🙂  Cannot wait to see what the opening ceremonies look like (it’s being TiVOed) because I’ll not want to sit through commercials. 🙂

And now, I’m off to cook …  it’s time to try out this little recipe for Honey-Lime Chicken Skewers! Here’s to experimenting in the kitchen, raising a glass to the weekend and  watching lots of sport this weekend … compliments of the London 2012 Summer Olympics! Hear, hear! 🙂