“what could have been…”

One year ago today … we lost her voice and her unknown talent. Why are the mid-20s such a cursed age in the entertainment industry? Look up the list – it’ll make you think  “what could have been…” It’s been an Amy Winehouse day on my iPod. 😦  My first day back was … well, you can pretty much think about what it’s like when you’ve been on holiday and return to everything “piled” up … it was good to see people, but I didn’t really want to be there … at all.  I took one of my “little naps” … laid down at 3.18 for just an hour and well, it went on for longer than an hour … here’s to hoping it doesn’t keep me up all night long.

I caught up with RHoNJ … Loved watching Kathy call out Teresa on recipes in her cookbook that belong to other people but receive no credit.  It seems that next week Teresa is going to have the “hurt” talk with Kathy about the incident … here’s hoping Kathy puts the Guidice in her place. BAM! I’ll be glad when Graham Norton has new shows — tired of the repeats! And when is Sherlock coming back? I am seriously in need, here!  Of course, Leverage came back on last night, but I’ve yet to watch it … and of coursed, episode #3 of the final six of The Closer is on tonight … and am I rambling now? 😛

With all that being said, I’m done for today … but before I go – please meet my friend Lauren Cooper … she’s funny and she’ll make you laugh, laugh, laugh … at least I think she’s funny! 🙂