no matter how harsh that might sound.

So, sometimes you have to deal with the fact that some people just aren’t going to be a part of your ‘new’ life … and I’m okay with that – for the most part.  I’ve decided that it’s just easier to ‘walk away’ from the negative people in my life … I just, honestly, do not believe for one second that they could change.  And since I’m the one working hard to change my life — well, it is what it is … no matter how harsh that might sound.

My day was pretty great … everything ran smoothly, for the most part; however, I have so much that I must accomplish between now and Thursday – then I’ll be on holiday! 🙂  I’m excited about being away from the hustle-n-bustle of what I call my life. 🙂  I am going to a conference, but that will be relaxing and I hope to learn lots and lots and lots! 🙂

I’m really excited because The Closer returns tonight; however, it’s the first of the final six episodes and well, that makes me sad! 😦  I have really loved watching Kyra Sedgwick play ‘Brenda Leigh’ – the southerner from Atlanta … “Thank Yewwwww” really was her catch phrase from the very beginning.

Of course, these last episodes take us to a place where no true fan wants to go … we’ll find out who has been behind the betrayal of Brenda since the last season … something I think will shock us all.  I’m not really sure who it could be — I thought it was Chief Pope for a while, but I think that’s just too obvious — my guess is that it’s Sgt. Gabriel … I mean that would be shocking!?!? Right?

Other than that, I’ve spent the last couple of days going to town on my Pinterest account (you can find it here) … I don’t have a lot of followers, but that’s okay — the few I have, seem to love what I pin … and I love pinning!!! 🙂  So, that’s it for this Monday … I’m going to take a shower and settle down to watch Brenda Leigh and the gang … 🙂

Hope everyone has a great week! 🙂


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