Life and its brevity …

I’m still confused, upset and angry about Little Rob’s death.  It is and will always be senseless to me. Period. End of discussion. I’m not mad at God; however, I’ve been repeatedly asking, “Why?” for the past 18 days.  What I do know is that I do not want to hear the following “comforting” phrases again: “Time heals all wounds”, “Everything has a reason”, “This is a part of God’s plan” … for the record, none of those are comforting – in the least for me and I’m quite sure for my family. 

I just don’t understand why good people have to be called to heaven when there are bad people running rampant and thriving … I cannot get past that – at least not right now.  I know that God’s love is surrounding our family and once the sting is gone — it’ll be evident just how much love God has sent our way. 

I’m still numb … something like this isn’t like getting sick.  At least when you’re sick, you have a general idea of when things are going to get better — this just doesn’t seem to have any “better” in sight.  If you pray — please pray for our entire family — we need peace about this entire situation — even an ounce of peace would be so helpful – especially for Little Rob’s parents – Robbie & Veronica.