Seriously. Amazing moments in life …

My day was … okay.  This really caught my attention. 😉

I don’t think there isn’t one of these that doesn’t truly apply to me in some shape or form … I’m not sure #9 is set in stone … it’s never too late.

I can tell you that #1, #7, #8, #11, #12, #13, #14 and #15 — happen to me frequently – moreso lately – and I ‘live’ for those moments … sleep – as many of you know, is my ‘best friend’ and showers — well, if hot water were free — my showers would last soooooooo much longer than they already do!

I talked to my cousin Robbie today.  I think the next time I’m going to tell him that it’s okay to grieve and that there is no timeline … that we’ll never really truly ever be able to ‘move on’.

I think it will be just survival mode until we’re all able to embrace the memories of Little Rob and have one of those amazing moments in which his memory touches our heart and makes us smile.

I hope everyone is having a good week thus far … all I know is that I have three days left and I cannot wait for 3.30 PM on Friday 🙂

Life and its brevity …

I’m still confused, upset and angry about Little Rob’s death.  It is and will always be senseless to me. Period. End of discussion. I’m not mad at God; however, I’ve been repeatedly asking, “Why?” for the past 18 days.  What I do know is that I do not want to hear the following “comforting” phrases again: “Time heals all wounds”, “Everything has a reason”, “This is a part of God’s plan” … for the record, none of those are comforting – in the least for me and I’m quite sure for my family. 

I just don’t understand why good people have to be called to heaven when there are bad people running rampant and thriving … I cannot get past that – at least not right now.  I know that God’s love is surrounding our family and once the sting is gone — it’ll be evident just how much love God has sent our way. 

I’m still numb … something like this isn’t like getting sick.  At least when you’re sick, you have a general idea of when things are going to get better — this just doesn’t seem to have any “better” in sight.  If you pray — please pray for our entire family — we need peace about this entire situation — even an ounce of peace would be so helpful – especially for Little Rob’s parents – Robbie & Veronica.