So far, so good …

There is nothing like knowing you have time to yourself — away from the daily grind of work — although, I love my job, but I’ve been on overload for the past couple of months and at least I’ll be able to clear my head over the course of the next couple of weeks and be fresh once I return!  So far, so good  — it’s all been in super slow motion (knock on wood!) and I’m loving that every minute! 

I’ve yet to start my Christmas shopping … I hate crowds and rude people – so, I procrastinate. Blah.  I’ll get it done, but first I need to really get some things done around the house … and yes, I’m procrastinating about that as well. 😉  Yes, it is – once again – apparently Lazy Bryce Day, but not worry — I’ve got to get things spiffed up cause you never know who might show up! 🙂

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well … I’m off to be productive now – maybe.


Bryce and Miss Nica