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LOL. ROFL. ROFLMAO. 🙂  That’s so funny!!!  I wonder who that’s about?  I will confess that I do love only paying $1.89 for a large Vanilla Iced Coffee … at the who — it would definitely cost me $3.99 – so, yeah, my wallet definitely feels so much better when I don’t give that extra dollar and change + a tip ( yes, you SHOULD tip a good barista for a truly exceptional coffee drink — I used to be a barista and I took really good care of my loyal customers!) … I don’t drink coffee that much — I become way TOO ENERGIZED!

Okay, so I love my job … I truly, truly do; however, I am stressed out at the moment because I want need to say some things that need to be said, but I’m just holding myself back … I’m not perfect nor would I ever want to be perfect; however, I don’t feel like I tread on anyone’s territory and right now I feel like I should call out the Bryce Armed Forces to deal with the intruder(s), but no … I choose to remain quiet and pretend that things don’t bother me.  Yes, I’m venting, but I do NOT feel any better right now.  You see, being that I’m not perfect — it means that I hold things in and resentment grows to Defcon 5 status — what this means is that when I go off — there will, unfortunately, be casualties and prolly irreparable harm.  But, enough of that …

No place in the world that can compare!

The bigger and much better news is that I’m going to be back in NYC this coming Monday and I couldn’t be happier!  I will be there with family and friends … that means that I will be extremely happy in the crisp cool mornings … heading off to every single part of the City I can get to so that I can just breathe it all in … there are great places around the world; however, speaking from experience … there is NO PLACE like New York City!  I get all excited when I think about — so, I’ll have to stop typing about it here … there are other places I love as well — but I just have this huge emotional connection with the City … I think it has something to do with Carrie Bradshaw. 🙂

And let’s talk about Florida State’s nailbiter of a last-minute win over Clemson 16-13 … Dustin Hopkins nailed a 55-yarder with 3 ticks left to go!  That win was a really good win for our program who had lost the last two games in the last minute!  Now, we just need to handle our business against Maryland and Florida … and hope that one of the remaining three ACC teams that play NC State beats them and we’re on our way to Charlotte baby!

Okay, that’s it kids … ole TiVO is calling me … yes, I’ve some telly to catch up on!  Hope everyone’s week is going well …


Bryce & Miss Nica

“Ahhh, there she is … my date for the evening – New York City!  Doesn’t she look lovely!” – Carrie Bradshaw

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