Learning to let go…

Why can’t I be here … in the heart of London? Seriously.

Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of painful events within our lives.  In some instances, we’re able to let go of some of those events easier than others.  I was told by someone in the past few months that I wear my heart on my sleeve and that makes me “too emotional”.   For the longest time, I’ve allowed that comment to bother me until I had an ephiphany …  … in my life experiences, I’ve learned that people who don’t know how to wear their heart on their sleeves are those that have a simple approach to all aspects of their lives: cutthroat.   I guess that ideology works for people who just do not know how to deal with their emotions … I cannot imagine my emotions not being a part of the choices – personal or professional – that I make each and every single day of my life.  And one thing it makes them is: coldhearted.  I have no room within my life for people who have a heart colder than a block of ice. Period.

I think when people stop wearing their heart on their sleeves — they’re essentially determined, in most cases, to kill their ability to have compassion, understanding and – in short – a good grip on reality.  During some recent stressful moments in my life, I wrote this on my Facebook:   ‎”Do NOT mistake my kindness, compassion or lack of challenge, at times, as a sign of weakness – that would be a SERIOUS mistake on your part.” … that was me letting out some frustration, but now — I realise that was just me learning to let go.  I’m much better at it now, but I’m still learning how to do it without even thinking about it so that I don’t let things build up and turn into complete resentment.

Enough rambling on my part … I’ll be in the City in less than a month — enough said! 🙂  Hope everyone is having a great week … I’m trying! 🙂

Bryce & the ever lovable ~ Miss Nica

P.S.  I’m definitely in good company (re: wearing my heart on my sleeve) …

I wear my heart on my sleeve. – Diana, Princess of Wales  1961 – 1997