On the Warpath!

FSU 45 Miami 17 - the ass-whoopin' heard around Collegedom

What else could, would, should I talk about?  Well, actually, there’s NOTHING else I want to talk about more than my alma mater, Florida State University and our ass-kicking football team.  Granted, we lost to Oklahoma — which, for the record, is now being talked about in circles about being a contender for the BCS Championship game so long as they continue on their path … I think uh no, believe that FSU’s defense has returned from the nether regions … our offense is balanced with potent running and passing (although some say we could pass more; however, the point of the matter is that Christian Ponder has at least nine — count them … 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 … targets when throwing the ball and he’s pretty much on the money when he rips the air with a pass).

Since our loss at Oklahoma … we’ve allowed a total of 41 points to be scored in 16 quarters whilst scoring 144 … for the season … we’ve scored 220 points versus the 94 scored by our opponents.  The question I’m asked a lot these days is: “Do you think it would be different if FSU played Oklahoma now?”  To be honest, I think FSU woke up after getting our asses kicked by the Sooners, but again maybe we would play better now.  I don’t know the answer to that question … I just know that, for the first time in a very long time, FSU looks like the ‘old FSU’ — the FSU of the Bobby Bowden era (well, not the last five years!) … I think Jimbo Fisher has brought about a different approach whilst still respecting Coach Bowden (as anyone following him should do) and Mark Stoops — well, I loved Mickey Andrews, but lets face it — Stoops has brought back some fire in the D … and I’m loving EVERY single minute of it.

Am I predicting anything?  I believe that FSU can end their regular season 10-1 if they keep playing just like they are right now … I think Ponder will pick it up in the second half of the season as well … he was pretty well beat up at Oklahoma, but really seemed to be in great shape against Miami.

Speaking of Miami … that was the BEST WIN for FSU in a long time … it was great watch the O and D just hand it to Miami … after all their smack talking last week — they didn’t have much to say at the half and definitely after the game — in fact, those loud-mouthed, obnoxious, smack-talking, wannabe Miami fans left their house at the start of the 4th Quarter – I suppose they were all headed out to get drunk … I could hardly blame them. 🙂 

I’m happy to see that my Seminoles are on the warpath again! 🙂

Scalp’em ‘Noles,


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